Maxine Waters: Nigga on Another Planet

Maxine Waters: if you’ve seen her or heard her, you know her. Back around the time of President Trump’s Inauguration, she called Trump and his Administration a “Bunch of Scumbags” justified with quite a conspiracy theory. You can see that here:

According to Maxine at the time, Trump was going to be the lynch pin that rebuilds The Soviet Union. Even the Anchor looked at this woman like she was an amusement.

To the matter of the day, below Maxine tells us that FOX News is “a sexual harassment enterprise.” This time, they didn’t stick with the split screen view of Chris Hayes next to Maxine Waters. He showed signs of incredulity and they cut to Ms. Waters. She shakes and jives and obviously isn’t very smart. You can see it in her vacant nigger eyes.

She talks about sending men to jail now for sexual harassment and shows very little grasp of what went on and what the laws are regarding speech.

Luckily we are not in Africa where these nit wits rule over the Whites, running everything into the ground.

Here too in this story is the obvious question of left vs right and pushing boundaries. I guess Maxine is more of a distraction for the normies and a mouth piece for the loons. She did receive quite a bi of radio air time over both of these self made stories.

If she were more niggerish, we could make a spectacle out of her…she may be one to watch though at least if she breaks more towards lolcow status.

Gibson, Hacksaw Ridge Review *No Spoilers*

Like many movies that are original these days, Hacksaw Ridge was based on a true story. The movie was directed by Mel Gibson, his first as Director in a while. The movie as a whole was done really well and for a war movie, it’s protagonist was a really different kind of hero.

When the meme of Gibson and Vince Vaughn was making the rounds, sourced from the 2017 Oscars Meryl Streep meltdown, I wasn’t sure why Vaughn and Gibson were seated together. As it turns out, Vaughn was one of the main characters in Hacksaw Ridge. Unlike Vaughn in True Detective Season 2, he was excellent in his serious role in Hacksaw Ridge.

Hacksaw Ridge 2

Vaughn comes into the story about a third of the way in. Before his entrance, we see the main character, Desmond Doss in his childhood and and in his teenage years. The opening third serves as a showcase of sorts for the motivation of Desmond joining the Army.

The movie is ultimately about Doss’s character – his mettle in his convictions. The story is mostly told though through his experiences in the military which were grueling and which he was decorated for. The assault and counter assault scenes upon Hacksaw Ridge were fierce, artful, bloody and graphic. Hacksaw Ridge was on Okinawa.

According to Wikipedia, the battles on and for Okinawa were some of the bloodiest in the whole Pacific Campaign. Okinawa is very close to mainland Japan and the Allies planned to use the island as an airbase to strike the mainland. In the movie, it was said it took seven or eight assaults on the ridge to take it. That was with Naval Ship Gun support. Due to the ridge’s near vertical nature, the battle was fought on the ground with nothing but Army Infantry.

If you are a fan of Fuhrer Mel’s past works or military movies, this film will not disappoint. It has a little something different than most military movies, and a twist.

Hacksaw Ridge

Battle of Okinawa Wiki:

Amy Schumer On the Cover of “InStyle’s Beauty Issue”

In a World that wasn’t the Devil’s and therefore the Jews, Amy Schumer wouldn’t exist but, it is and she does. She is famous for a lot of things, not the least that she is the niece of NY Senator and Liberal Cockroach, Charles Schumer. If Amy’s show, Inside Amy Schumer (now on hold) was the American Government, Chuck Schumer would be way in there, responsible for some terminal illness. The problem is, Chuck Schumer is way up in the American Government and a sure marker for it’s terminal illness for real.

Amy, being pretty high in the entertainment world, like her Uncle in the Government is another sign of disease. Said disease is unavoidable with Jewish infestation. It is self-destruction through self desecration, Cultural Marxism. It is a progressive disease.

Back in the 00’s, there was girl’s night out. This was parodied and memed out into the culture on Chapelle’s Show as an excuse for female debauchery. I have seen girls night out. I made it into one. I have to assume it was more tame than if I hadn’t been there. My then girl embarrassed herself with the drink and with the “ego” the drink gave her.

As I see it, the rise of Amy Schumer came from girl’s night out. Her show, the part’s I’ve seen were making fun of and pushing the extreme’s of “girl’s” or more appropriately, a drunken whore’s night out.  There were some points in Pop Culture that foreshadowed Schumer’s style of Comedy. No matter how depraved it was, Amy Schumer was popular and still is for some (((reason))).

Amy Schumer is an intersectional character in these dark days because she is also overweight. Fat Women and Fatty Enablers have been liking to see fat women in Men’s Magazine’s for a few years now effectively making the unhealthy admirable. I think Kate Upton, while incredibly beautiful, was the line of demarcation between skinny and fat. No woman excepting for rare outlier cases should be considered for men’s entertainment or serious modelling. Amy Schumer is one that should not be considered for modeling. Amy Schumer is not only too fat and Jewish but, she is also pretty weird looking. She almost looks like her face never developed into an adults face.


The fact that people like me and writers at the DailyStormer are writing to address this issue with the fatties is not a good one. The Jew and his enablers are always lowering the bar somewhere. This month, Amy Schumer is on the cover of the “InStyle” Magazine: Beauty Issue. Ms. Schumer is featured in a pool, at night floating or stroking on her back in a white bathing suit.

How many hours did it take and how many exposures were made and how much airbrushing did it take to make her look palatable?

The last I saw her, she was on a commercial in a duct tape S&M looking outfit, looking fatter than ever. How was she “InStyle.” Her flagship commercial for beer with fellow Jew, Seth Rogen, also failed. She is clearly not “InStyle” being it was  cancelled. There was also an article where she blamed the AltRight in some way for her falling out of grace with the general public. If that is the case, she is clearly not “InStyle” as we on the AltRight are still relatively unknown.

It may just be that “toxic white male masculinity” is on the rise and always in style. Hopefully it is a sign that our people are waking up and the ground fertile for us to spread our ideology.

Spread it, Dump on Her and Her Ilk and Hail Victory!!!


Note: If you get the magazine, you can find out what Amy’s 19 Favorite things are…Wow


Everything is out of order. The bigs, the majors, those who hold the highest influence over us and our country men want that disorder.

Who is responsible? Jews, WASPs like David Rockefeller, opportunists, and other evil men and women.

Our religion is withering, turned into something ugly and unhealthy.

Our traditions are largely gone as are a lot of our families.

The average person sits in front of the Sewer that is Television for a third of their day. There seems to be only a cross-section of men and women waking up to some political realities as time goes by and the pendulum swings.

Our land and our heritage is being sold out to immigrants who might as well be outright invading and raping everything. These immigrants will replace our elderly for a bargain and continue to de-industrialize and transform our once apex of a country into the third world.

What could the end-game be and why would somebody want something so rotten. How do they expect to control it?


Bane Rise

Even If You’re Raging Against Trump, You May Not Want to Eat Those Oreos

Big talking Trump made a point on the campaign trail to say he was boycotting Oreo Cookies. He said that nothing was more American than Oreos and was upset that they were moving Oreo production south of the border. Unlike other statements by Trump, for example against Carrier, his statement against Oreo yielded no fruit.

Regardless of the number of jobs lost here in what are now former cookie plants and regardless as to whether Trump was telling the truth about enjoying Oreos and now tossing them aside as a Mexican product, there is another issue as to why you may not want to eat them: Genetic Engineering.

In the past few weeks, I have had Oreos and Pop Tarts. Both foods are made by Nabisco. On the packaging of both the sweet treats it says in small lettering but quite boldly, Made With Genetic Engineering.

There is a lot of talk about numerous reasons why you should not eat genetically engineered foods because of both health and ecological reasons. To the truth of those claims, I do not know. The people who designed the foods probably don’t know either. What I believe is true is that sometimes GMO foodstuffs contain human or other foreign DNA.


Noose Joke on Black Not Well Received

Manhattan, the great “Melting Pot,” you may have heard of it. It has the White Mayor with a Black Wife who used to be a lesbian. Supposedly, major crimes are down and minor offenses like scrawled swastikas are on the rise.

At the Ottamanelli Butcher shop on Bleeker St., one of the Ottamanelli’s offered a noose to a Black delivery driver.

“If you ever have any stress, just put it around your neck and pull it. I could even help you with it,” Ottomanelli allegedly told the 36-year-old deliveryman as he laughed, the Daily News reported.”

This delivery driver seems kind of soft. He claims he was the victim of other insensitive talk before at the butcher shop in question. This time, his feelings were so hurt, he filed a police report.

Police are investigating, they have opened a Hate Crimes Task Force Investigation. The delivery driver is not going back. The 50 year old Butcher Shop has other Blacks coming and going the Butcher doesn’t know what the problem is.

Blacks always have a problem with something. Have you ever been behind one at a drive-thru???

Review: Look Who’s Back

#Kemperor – Review: Looks Who’s Back

I’ve had “Look Who’s Back” or “Er Ist Weider Da” in German for quite a while, at least 6 months. I only opened it an started watching it with my Dad yesterday. Having seen the trailer and fanfare for it a while back, I thought it looked great.

Asking around, one person told me that it wasn’t that based. Don’t believe a person who tells you that. If you personally have watched it and think that. I would ask you to reconsider. I think the issue you may be having is some of the vague and  or non-committal language used in the end. The language used is open to interpretation. If you use the rest of the movie and plot points to interpret what I suspect the filmakers left vague so as to be unharrassed, it is clear that “Look Who’s Back” is a ProHitler and ProWhite movie. Just watch the credits if you don’t believe me.

The biggest problem with this movie is that there is a narrator throughout the whole thing. There are no  subtitles for the narrator and I really hope she wasn’t putting Hitler or the audience down throughout the whole movie. If that was the case, my pleasure in the movie would be ruined. Anyone who does not speak German though is not going to know the difference.

The movie has it all, a lot of comedy, some dramatics and a White Nationalist message. The plot is good and as I have said, it is ProHitler and ProNationalist. I think my favorite part of the movie was the man on the street bits a la Borat. The actor who played Addy doesn’t really look like him  – he’s much bulkier. The man’s dialogue and absolute authority while delivering it was another big highlight of the film.

In “Look Who’s Back,” Hitler is a star who appeals to most everyone, and he only becomes greater every time he falls. The message of the film is that Hitler was right and we are not going anywhere.

I do not know much about the makers of this film. The Blu-Ray Jacket is in German but I do know that “Look Who’s Back” should be seen by everyone on the AltRight and can be use as a redpill for those who are making their way here.

Note: an Easter Egg that I don’t want you to miss is that the “Satanist” Family, they’re kikes.

As an import, the phsyical copy is expensive. This movie was on Netflix at one point and may still be.