“New World Order Pledged To The Jews

Audio and Video recorded by me.

From the NY Times 10/6/1940:



☛✡ 🔯📌 THIS KEEPS GETTING CENSORED!!! 📌 ✡📜✍☛ Motherload of Jewish Lists ~ everything you ever/never wanted to know about Jews⤵ — Remember The 14 Words

Source: ☛✡ 🔯📌 THIS KEEPS GETTING CENSORED!!! 📌 ✡📜✍☛ Motherload of Jewish Lists ~ everything you ever/never wanted to know about Jews⤵ — Remember The 14 Words

KR REVIEWS: “Nightwing: The New Order #1”

Dick Grayson was the first Robin. In developing the characters of The DC Universe, Dick Grayson became Nightwing. Nightwing: The New Order is a comic that takes place on it’s own. In other words, it does not take place in the DC Universe proper.

Nightwing Cartoon

A lot was setup in issue one. A decent amount of world building was done. The world is one where Dick Grayson depowered most of the metahumans – DC Comics heroes and villains. Some need to be drugged and a few are rogue and out and about.

The reason why the Metahumans have in one way or another been depowered is addressed in a very shallow manner. Batman is dead and Dick was his heir. It is not clear what role if any Batman or his death played in getting rid of and suppressing powers.

Alfred on the other hand is still kicking and probably working with the resistance. He is creepy and advocates for all Metahumans, good or bad in the clichéd careless and bourgeois manner a lot of people used to advocate for LGTB Rights. He uses the exact words and phrases. I’m not sure why those lines were scripted.

Alfred’s advocacy comes on the heels of an escape attempt by the infamous light manipulator and serial rapist, Doctor Light. Many of today’s readers probably won’t remember that Light was one of the baddest bad mutherfuckas in comics like 10 years ago. He has been in comics since the first Justice League, I think.

Dr. Light

The comic was fun up until a little before Alfred comes in but, what Dick Grayson is, does, and did is portrayed as “Fascist” and so the pile on begins after Grayson and his role is fully introduced. And the pile on, as with Alfred is pretty weird and clichéd too.

There are a few other plot points that I’ll leave off in case anyone actually does read the book. “The New Order” is a 6 part series that I will review again in total so long as it doesn’t shrink my balls or make toxicity of my masculinity.

Art and Color: B+

Writing: C+

Story: D

Nightwing The New Order

They Say We’re Done, Re: Charlottesville

Today is the sixth day of (((media))) coverage spawned out of the Charlotesville Unite The Right Rally that was held on Saturday 8/12.

To be fair, some websites and communication systems are broken, busted up and gone. One of the stupid radio broadcasts this morning said Paypal and Amazon and other funding services were coming after us. We do have recourse though and we do have some infrastructure to circumvent the existing power structures.

To the best of my knowledge, the guy on our side who is most responsible for the present situation is a half a kike. I was friends with a Mischling Nationalist. He was a good guy.  The Mischling that National Vanguard brought in was a pretty ugly mutherfucker. From what I’ve seen, his features are not European.

My rule, and I hope my cohorts would agree is that no irl groups should accept an ugly half Jew especially no group like Vanguard.

Was it all that guys fault? Did he go psycho? I doubt it.

I do feel bad for him in that I heard on News Radio, again this morning, that TPTB are trying to lockout fundraising for the ugly Mischling’s defense.

I’m sure more videos will surface and we as a group should be saving them. I’m all for helpig the guy out right now partislly as kind of a Golden Rule thing. I did a month in jail with no target on my back. I can’t imagine doing 5-15 years or whatever especially under questionable circumstances.

As I said, I doubt we got the full story from (((them))). (((They))) wouldn’t let Trump tell the whole story. They say Trump now too is done. Bloomberg Radio, last night, said Trump has no more supporters except for the Alt Right.

This kind of talk is another tactic like taking down our sites. They seek to demoralize us, sway public opinion against us all the while destroying our infrastructure.

In NYC, they are also using the Charlottesville incident to remove monuments. I’d say they’re taking dow at least a half a dozen street signs, memorial placards and statues.

Remember how this all works though and do not despair. The media doesn’t report on the facts. I saw a new Mischling Charger video today. Trump usually wins but it may not be publicized and we for the most part do it for truth and survival.

They are the fat cats and kikes.

We are the tough and we’re getting going.

Get going and do something, something token if that’s all you can do and something legal.

Poop Swastika?

Alex Jones Settles Chobani Yogurt Lawsuit

What can you say about Alex Jones??? For New Year’s Y2K he reported that Putin was a Demon and was pretty much in the process of nuking us because, Putin was a Demon.

Jones evolves. He started as a hardline conspiracy, don’t take my bio-metrics kook where the government and shadowy figures were building a Prison Panet. Then Jones turned into a Paleo-Conservative and eventually pivoted to ride the “Ron Paul Revolution” to greater fame after years of milking ever greater conspiracies spinning out of 9/11.

Did you know TV warps your babies brain and irreparably? Nowadays, Jones doesn’t just push shit like that – which btw would mean almost all of our brains are irreparably harmed – he also sells a wide variety of supplements, one which will protect your baby or toddlers brain from TV Brain Damage.

Jones is still evoling, he has become somewhat of a civic nationalist while maintaining a conspiracy edge. He is also bigger than ever. It is a sad thing. Alex Jones has 2 million followers on Youtube. That is a whole lotta of people who need to wake up to reality. Jone’s followers need to wake up to Nationalism, The Jewish Problem and quite frankly the Alex Jones Problem – the fact that he made his empire on a bunch of bunk and acts as a gatekeeper for The Powers That Be.

The good thing about Jones being so big is that he can’t tell as big a lies anymore. That and maybe more people will slip past his gatekeeping. We counterbalance him and we know Jones is obviously some type of shill.

While we have a long way to go in liberating minds from Jone’s machine, a recent lawsuit illustrates how he may be kept in check.

Chobani sued Jones on April 24, accusing him of posting false and defamatory information alleging that the company was linked to an assault case involving refugee children that had nothing to do with the company and that Chobani was linked to an increase in tuberculosis in the area.

The case has been resolved pretty quickly. As of the time of writing this, it is not even a month later. Only weeks ago, Jones was all:

“Oh Chobani, get ready” and that he and his supporters were “never backing down.”

The bluster is typical of Jones and so is inaccurate reporting. Hopefully more people, people other than his Jew Wife but, maybe Jews will hold his feet to the fire. We need to too.

I would not be surprised though if Jones plays his games until Rome is but cinders.

Note: Chobani Yogurt, while Greek Yogurt is run by a Turkroach. Said Turkroach is working to befoul Idaho(Chobani’s Home) with  refugees and I assume immigrants. It is has also set up a non profit advocacy group for refugees and assumedly immigrants.


Terror, Long Island and the New Normal

Plenty of Western Leaders have now said that Terror is the “New Normal.” The thing is that by and large, the people who are committing the terror attacks are not Western. Yet, our Leaders, of whom a small sample are shown below announce and accept that “Terror is the New Normal.”

Terror the New Normal.png

Terror is now so much the New Normal that even halfway out of place places are stepping up security measures. For the Long Island Marathon this year, as a precaution, those responsible for security are using Jersey Barriers and have erected quite a long wall of them.

Why? Running your car into crowds has become all the rage in Europe. Some of these terrorists even like to get out of their vehicles and shoot or stab once their vehicles come to a stop.

The Nike Burka got a lot of play. It seems like the Anti-Sand Nigger precautions will be all the rage for quite a while.