Nazi Captain America Was A Money Making Scam

Captain America is a character that is on and off again popular because, as far as I can figure, his books suck half the time. In the early 00’s, it was a gritty espionage series doing fresh things. Over the turn of the decade, they did a weird and boring sci-fi volume of Captain America. After that, Captain America’s Black friend the Falcon took over as a diversity hire and the book became really dumbed down.


After the latter two series running the book into the ground, what was Marvel to do with one of their flagship characters?


Secret Empire Face Rot


As it turns out, they took the blonde haired blue eyed super-soldier and made him what society has always told us a blonde haired blue eyed super-soldier always was, a Nazi. At least Marvel’s version of a Nazi. Cap through the machinations of old enemies became an agent of the super evil fascists, Hydra. Fascist Cap also encouraged suicide bombings because… don’t all fascists?


Nazi Captain America Agent of Hydra went on for a long while, it was a twenty-five issue series. The storyline culminated with the cartoonishly evil Captain taking control of the United States by bamboozling nearly every hero and trapping them behind walls… just like President Trump would but I digress.


There were so many books and issues of those books involved in the broader story and finale, it is hard to count them all. In total, I figure there was ~150. The book and the concept was made into a real cash cow by Marvel and their owners, Disney.


Anyway, I read the final storyline. It was an oh so special crossover event called “Secret Empire.” One of the parts that really hammered home to me how scary Fascists really are and the depth of the writing in these books is when Cap’s lieutenants started chanting about strength in a Board Meeting.


Secret Empire Goons

These Tough Guys Weren’t Even In It, They Made The Cover Though

After having finished the series, I was unsure why Fascists were evil and even why the Fascist Captain America could not have built his perfect world as he had planned. He wasn’t making grubby kids clean up to join the Cap Youth and he wasn’t hanging Blacks from trees.


Cap and Hydra did hunt down and lock up the beings known as the Inhumans. The thing is, there were two pages devoted to that story thread at the very beginning of the series. Seeing as I did not buy or read any of the books involved in the Inhumans thread and only read the main story, when they brought the Inhumans thread in towards the end of the series, I didn’t care.


If they were supposed to be a Jewish or Japanese or Soviet Gulag victim’s analog (I suppose Jewish), I can’t be expected to take that into account. I doubt it was a great or moving tale with a strong moral anyway as I have heard nothing about it. Furthermore, like the Japanese, maybe they were a real threat. The Inhumans pretty much all have powers. It’s kind of the X-Men story all over again.


As a matter of fact, Captain America I suppose Captain America could have made a better world as he was going to use a reality altering Super Weapon to set the world straight. How that can go wrong, I do not know. The super weapon, The Cosmic Cube alters reality based on the users vision.


Cool Cap 1200


Anyway, true to comics form, the story, a full 10 issues was pretty formulaic, boiler plate and did hardly anything else but than to set the world back to pretty much the way it was before the previous wielder of the Cosmic Cube turned Captain America.


If you were one to buy the complete storyline of Captain America The Nazi, each of the ~150 books probably averaged $4.50. That reader is probably more partisan now for it.


The author claims he was not trying to be partisan. I find that hard to believe as he can be found on Twitter being political pretty easily.


It is a shame that the legacy media is an oligarchy and in some cases an oligarchy without many competitors. Free speech, the free exchange of ideas and free markets do not happen under oligarchies.


Finally, while I am not sure whether this helps or hinders The Holocaust Story, the final battle has the Cosmic Cube’s projection of Captain America fighting the Fascist Captain America while repeating the mantra “Never Again.”


For Indoctrination, Shitty and Juvenile Stories, and  (((oligarchies))) trying to squeeze every last penny out of a ship they are tanking, Make Your’s Marvel!



Conspiracy: The Mandela Effect; It’s Bullshit

Biff Tannens

This Mandela Effect thing seems relatively new. You may have “experienced’ it.

The Mandela Effect is named after Nelson Mandela. It is supposedly a phenomenon that some people remember him dying in jail in the 80’s even though people now remember him dying a few years ago. A broader example of the Mandela Effect is that of a whole lot of people remembering  something that never was.  In the hot new conspiracy videos I’ve watched, examples of things that are remembered differently are the same in seemingly every video I’ve watched. In Back To The Future 2, Marty from the alternate timeline would be the “Mandela.”

Having watched more than several Flat Earth videos a while back, I can tell you that in all of those videos, all the speakers talked about the same aspects of Flat Earth and, gave the same proofs for Flat Earth. The only things those videos did different was give different explanations why we didn’t know the Earth was flat and/or attach different meanings to the flat earth “truth.” Add some or lose some, the proofs and basic stories were the same.

These Mandela videos are all very similar, and just as with the non existent dearth and diversity of information in Flat Earth videos, if you don’t buy what they are selling, you too will notice the similarities.

I guess I’ve watched three or for Mandela videos. Now I am wondering who is pushing these videos. I mean, four videos with strikingly similar content?

All of the videos were well produced, and half of them got into Christianity and quoted the same Bible verse. Three or maybe all of the videos went into C.E.R.N. Three went into mind control, they all went into time travel and it’s effects on the universe, some had Flat Earth and one was done by a guy who would be clinically considered mentally ill. He did touch on similar archetypes as another speaker though.


Why tho???

Does this stuff trigger people, tinge people’s personalities and infect their brains going forward? If it’s meant to keep people occupied, anyone who is paying attention is going to catch on, I think…

In closing, for anyone who thinks it is real, here’s an anecdote:

My Brother worked at a record store. Some guy came in looking for “Sex In The City.” The person who was helping the customer asked the customer if he meant “Sex And The City.” Asking that caused a big hub bub with the customer embarrassing himself.

The Show is called “Sex And The City.”

You can Google it as either.

My Brief Experience At The Scientology Office

I was roped into checking out Scientology one day when I was out walking in Boston. I walked regularly but I didn’t regularly pass the Scientology Office. I didn’t even really know what they were. Until entering the building I thought Scientology was one in the same as Christian Science. Christian Science is headquartered in a similar area of Boston. It has much more grand facilities.

I was a few years into college. I was voraciously into conspiracy topics and questions of the mind that overlapped with certain theologies – New Age Junk – stuff that the big proponents of should be prohibited from pushing. It was maybe a year after 9/11.

As I walked by the Scientology Building, one of the Scientologists was in front of the building. I didn’t know he was affiliated with anything. I did overhear a civil argument he was having with a young woman. The contention was whether medical science was legitamite. I casually agreed with him that it wasn’t. He turned his head to see me as I walked by. He then started talking to me.

I talked with the man for about five minutes. In that time he was able to convince me to “check out” what they had inside. I went in and sat down in what I guess you could call a waiting room.

There was a giant poster of the Founder of Scientology, El Ron Hubbard. Stacks and stacks of his book were there. The name El Ron is funny to me right now. I’ve learned several definitions for the name El. Superman is Kal El and the word has at least a few references to divinity.

Eventually, someone appeared, brought me to watch a movie. They had a little theatre that was cozy. The movie was some shit. Johnny(or whatever his name was) got hit real hard and knocked unconscious during a football game. Packed into an ambulence and still unconscious, the medics talked about how Johnny’d never walk again. At the hospital the doctors did too. When Johnny fially regained conciousness surprise, he couldn’t walk. He felt he could though.

I’m not sure who it was but Johnny met another fictional character who fictionally healed Johnny’s back with Scientology… lessons? You see, Scientology is an alternative to psychology but it’s a religion and not a religion(tax purposes). In the movies(Scientology movies), nice guys get their irrepairable spines fixed with it by other older guys who are Father figures. In real life, they suck kids and the vulnerable off of the street with hopes of extracting money with crap methodology and hypnosis. Rates start between two and three thousand dollars a session.

Celebrities are serviced for free and never were nor will be gay.

Al Gore Strikes Back

When the NWO (Nice World Order) arrives, all the statues of Italian Devil, Christopher Columbus will be torn down. In their place, we will erect statues to that tireless hero Albert Gore. Any and all South Park episodes referring to Manbearpig or with appearances by Al Gore will be destroyed. Most of us won’t have the electricity to watch South Park in our eco-friendly double-wide huts. Hut to hut searches will be conducted none the less.

You see, Al Gore giveth the internet thus Al Gore can taketh it away. The internet and much more, pleb.

Yea, Al Gore may have the personality of a wet noodle but we are just lowly internet fags who think reading both sides of the Global Warming argument can make it go away. Did you not hear the tale of how The Great Gore bested his accuser who had the gall to question Gore as to why Mars was warming as well? Well? Gore responded, boomingly that Mars was closer to the Sun. If you troglodytes can’t accept that, you will be put in re-education camps.

Lastly, if you hot shots thought you were going to get away with not seeing “An Inconvenient Sequel,” Al Gore has Paypal and big Bitcoin Traders in his pocket. He has access to your credit cards and the block chain. Your accounts will be deducted, not just for the price of a regular movie. No. For 3D.

World Economic Forum, WEF, in Davos, Switzerland - 18 Jan 2017
Mandatory Credit: Photo by GIAN EHRENZELLER/EPA/REX/Shutterstock (7898164y) Al Gore World Economic Forum, WEF, in Davos, Switzerland – 18 Jan 2017 Al Gore, former Vice-President of the United States, speaks during a plenary session in the Congress Hall the 47th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, WEF, in Davos, Switzerland, 18 January 2017. The rally was approved by the authorities. The meeting brings together enterpreneurs, scientists, chief executive and political leaders in Davos January 17 to 20.

Hucksters Are Bad Mm’Kay

At least once a day I take a break with some oddball stuff on Youtube.

To win this war, we will need to win the minds of a lot of everyday people. The thing is, the everyday people are drawn to the oddball stuff too and for the wrong reasons. Maybe the oddball stuff is entertaining. Maybe the oddball stuff has an affect similar to seeing a gory car crash. Maybe the fear instilled by some of the gatekeepers keep their viewers and patrons coming back enchanted in some weird Stockholm Syndrome.

We need to cleanse the minds of people brainwashed by misinformation by at least planting the seed. In many cases, I believe, deliberate disinformation is put out and for nefarious purposes. Both of the above types of information will send anyone who spends anytime on oddball or shill sites, those who are inexperienced >>>

Rabbit Hole Down the

These hucksters or disinformation artists can create nutters of varying degrees. False information is a terrible thing to believe in, especially nutter information. To believe in and talk about nutter information in our society can and will make people fear you.

If you listen to anybody on this list and think any of these commentators are super-serial or otherwise on the level, you need to reassess what you are doing and how you are thinking.

  1. Alex Jones is a shill
  2. David Icke is a shill
  3. Jim Marrs was a shill
  4. Jordan Maxwell is a fucking lying devil
  5. Michael Tsarion is the same
  6. Gerald Celente is an egotistical guene shill
  7. Paul Joseph Watson is a shill with low T
  8. Mark Passio is an impotent dork
  9. Walter Veith is a pompus kike
  10. Anyone on Infowars regularly is a shill
  11. Anyone who says it’s the Jesuits is fucking weird
  12. Anyone who says White People are the true Israelites is deranged and possibly dangerous
  13. Renegade Broadcasting is pretty odd
  14. Rebel Media is shit
  15. Astrotheology is a trick and you need to read your Bible more
  16. Texe Marrs hocks too many books
  17. Freeman is a dirty hippie huckster that always talks about the same shit

Stay away from the rabbit hole!

Rabbit W-AK

There are more of them people. I am sure.

We need to start doing everything we can to wake motherfuckers up.

There Is Another Black Sun Coming

The second Black Sun is coming along in a few years

Many people attach significance to signs in the Heavens. The Alt Right’s own Andrew Anglin dubbed this summer, the summer of 2017 “The Summer of Hate.” Anglin doing so did it somewhat tongue in cheek and for propaganda purposes but he was not entirely wrong. Unfortunately, those who are coming out ahead in Anglin’s “Summer of Hate” are the beasts of Antifa and POC.


Andrew Anglin, the most dangerous user on the internet,

Anglin was not the only person speculating on the meaning of the signs in the Heavans though.

There have been “Super Moons” and “Blood Moons.” There may be more of them to come. Immensly popular religious hucksters such as the Reverand (sic) John Hagee and “spooky” Christian (sic) Writers are spreading false prophesies to their followers. Most of these prophecies regard Israel.

The window is closing for these grand prophecies to come true. I do not believe that any of those prophecies will come true. These religious hucksters spread their ideas in seriousness to boost Israel and to ensure support for war.

Events like today’s eclipse bring all the creatures out of the woodwork. A relative unknown can have a hit video and boost their account. Someone like Alex Jones can get a nutter to shoot up a police station.

alex Messiah 1

If you’ve stumbled in and believe the above meme, consider and injectable anti-psychotic.

I watch the crazies on Youtube instead of passively watching TV. If the Youtube shitshow doesn’t put me to sleep, my brain remains active debunking the dopes and hucksters in real time. A good Youtube Channel/Video is really few and far between.

Sometimes, when you’re up to your neck wading through the muck of Jewtube, you can glean some interesting bits.

Some gook fake preacher I was watching was giving some really out there talk on the eclipse. I found out there will be a second eclipse in about seven years.

From Ars Technica:

2024 total eclipse

The country’s next opportunity to see a total solar eclipse comes in fewer than seven years, on April 8, 2024. This will be another major event for the United States, with some areas (i.e. Carbondale, Ill.) actually seeing their second total eclipse in just seven years.

The 2024 eclipse route:

2024 Eclipse

A lot of Americans won’t see that one too well.

According to Ars Technica, there will also be what is called an Annular Eclipse of the Moon in 2023. An Annular Eclipse makes the Moon look like it’s burning.

What does it mean? What does it mean?


The Ever Child-Like Adults Of America

What some stores carry is a reflection of the American spirit.

I was in a Barnes and Noble today. The place had more Graphic Novels and Manga racks than anything else besides fiction. My general rule is to never buy anything at that store excepting for a magazine but magazines are junk anyway.

The Barnes and Noble in question had lot on war but that was really the highlight of the non-fiction section. The most based books they had were from Adolf Hitler and Albert Speer. I don’t think much else was a primary source.

I consider most of the rest of the store junk. The value of Barnes and Noble’s wares in my mind is about as valuable as what conspiracy theorists have to offer on Youtube. In my assesment, what both merchants are giving you has to be sifted through and carefully weighed.

Knowledge is noteasily foun in a commercial bookstore.

These days, music is not easily found in a brick and mortar music store. The racks in the two stores I know take up less than half the space of the store.

In the stead of music, there is a poorly organized movie section that is just as sparse with titles.

What you can find in these music stores are knick knacks, fad items and candy. Personally, I would throw my money away before I became some weirdo with arrested development.

Music can be bad enough but now these places are lifestyle stores and they promote a lifestyle of adolescents.