“Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films” (2014)

A movie review by ElRon

bad news joos

The “bad news Jews” trash your childhood.


Anyone who watched cable television or went to the movies in the 1980’s has undoubtedly seen or heard of the titles Cannon Films produced. “Electric Boogaloo” is a documentary about the control of the movie company by two Israeli cousins, Menahem Golan and Yorum Globus. The duo went on to oversee the production of a number of exploitation films throughout the 1980’s and gained a reputation for being shrewd, vulgar, and unpleasant.

One of their earliest productions was “The Last American Virgin” (1982) directed by Israeli born director Boaz Davidson. This was a remake of his earlier film “Lemon Popsicle” which became the highest grossing film in Israel. The film follows teenagers as they have sex with prostitutes, obsess over genitalia, and behave like rooting animals. The film culminates in a scene where the girl our nebbish protagonist is secretly in love with gets an abortion after she is impregnated by an athletic blond haired boy. The documentary discusses how this type of film may have went over well with “foreign audiences” but was found to be off putting to Americans.

The duo also takes credit for popularizing the breakdancing fad that was seemingly ubiquitous in inner cities and eventually suburbs. With “Breakin’” (1984) and “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo,” (1984) the idea of spreading “urban” culture to uncool white kids was realized only to be matched by the “wigger” phenomenon in the 90’s.

Action films were also a mainstay of the company; with movies such as “Death Wish III,” (1985) and “Invasion USA” (1985) the duo are credited with prolonging the careers of Chuck Norris and Charles Bronson. They found themselves in financial trouble after investing in the Sylvester Stallone arm wrestling movie “Over the Top” (1987) and Dolph Lungren vehicle “Masters of the Universe” (1987), which produced very little at the box office. This led to them eventually leaving the company in the 1990’s.

Electric Boogaloo

The documentary interviews directors, actors, distributors and others who worked with the two men. There seems to be a general contempt for the duo who valued volume of product over quality. Actresses, in particular, recall horror stories of being forced to act in scenes with un-agreed upon nudity and sexual situations. They eventually picked up the moniker “the bad news Jews” from those that shared this unpleasant experience. Violence, cheap nudity and sex, and even retarded jingoism were the order of the day for these films. I can’t help but be somewhat nostalgic and a little queasy after watching this. Israelis can make the worst babysitters.


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Nazi Captain America Was A Money Making Scam

Captain America is a character that is on and off again popular because, as far as I can figure, his books suck half the time. In the early 00’s, it was a gritty espionage series doing fresh things. Over the turn of the decade, they did a weird and boring sci-fi volume of Captain America. After that, Captain America’s Black friend the Falcon took over as a diversity hire and the book became really dumbed down.


After the latter two series running the book into the ground, what was Marvel to do with one of their flagship characters?


Secret Empire Face Rot


As it turns out, they took the blonde haired blue eyed super-soldier and made him what society has always told us a blonde haired blue eyed super-soldier always was, a Nazi. At least Marvel’s version of a Nazi. Cap through the machinations of old enemies became an agent of the super evil fascists, Hydra. Fascist Cap also encouraged suicide bombings because… don’t all fascists?


Nazi Captain America Agent of Hydra went on for a long while, it was a twenty-five issue series. The storyline culminated with the cartoonishly evil Captain taking control of the United States by bamboozling nearly every hero and trapping them behind walls… just like President Trump would but I digress.


There were so many books and issues of those books involved in the broader story and finale, it is hard to count them all. In total, I figure there was ~150. The book and the concept was made into a real cash cow by Marvel and their owners, Disney.


Anyway, I read the final storyline. It was an oh so special crossover event called “Secret Empire.” One of the parts that really hammered home to me how scary Fascists really are and the depth of the writing in these books is when Cap’s lieutenants started chanting about strength in a Board Meeting.


Secret Empire Goons

These Tough Guys Weren’t Even In It, They Made The Cover Though

After having finished the series, I was unsure why Fascists were evil and even why the Fascist Captain America could not have built his perfect world as he had planned. He wasn’t making grubby kids clean up to join the Cap Youth and he wasn’t hanging Blacks from trees.


Cap and Hydra did hunt down and lock up the beings known as the Inhumans. The thing is, there were two pages devoted to that story thread at the very beginning of the series. Seeing as I did not buy or read any of the books involved in the Inhumans thread and only read the main story, when they brought the Inhumans thread in towards the end of the series, I didn’t care.


If they were supposed to be a Jewish or Japanese or Soviet Gulag victim’s analog (I suppose Jewish), I can’t be expected to take that into account. I doubt it was a great or moving tale with a strong moral anyway as I have heard nothing about it. Furthermore, like the Japanese, maybe they were a real threat. The Inhumans pretty much all have powers. It’s kind of the X-Men story all over again.


As a matter of fact, Captain America I suppose Captain America could have made a better world as he was going to use a reality altering Super Weapon to set the world straight. How that can go wrong, I do not know. The super weapon, The Cosmic Cube alters reality based on the users vision.


Cool Cap 1200


Anyway, true to comics form, the story, a full 10 issues was pretty formulaic, boiler plate and did hardly anything else but than to set the world back to pretty much the way it was before the previous wielder of the Cosmic Cube turned Captain America.


If you were one to buy the complete storyline of Captain America The Nazi, each of the ~150 books probably averaged $4.50. That reader is probably more partisan now for it.


The author claims he was not trying to be partisan. I find that hard to believe as he can be found on Twitter being political pretty easily.


It is a shame that the legacy media is an oligarchy and in some cases an oligarchy without many competitors. Free speech, the free exchange of ideas and free markets do not happen under oligarchies.


Finally, while I am not sure whether this helps or hinders The Holocaust Story, the final battle has the Cosmic Cube’s projection of Captain America fighting the Fascist Captain America while repeating the mantra “Never Again.”


For Indoctrination, Shitty and Juvenile Stories, and  (((oligarchies))) trying to squeeze every last penny out of a ship they are tanking, Make Your’s Marvel!


“The Defenders” From Netflix Reviewed

Are we pretending this isn’t terrible?

Review by ElRon


Defenders 2



I was a fan of the first season and half of the Netflix show “Daredevil.” It had its flaws but was a relatable story of vigilante justice in a crime ridden city. Then Elektra showed up and it became red hot shit.  Supernatural elements came to the forefront and the avatar of the white man’s rage, Wilson Fisk, was essentially made into a bit player. I watched most of Jessica Jones (a coal burner who can punch real hard), some of Luke Cage (strong black man just wants to defend his neighborhood, of course) and barely any of Iron Fist (dopey Aryan who has yellow fever and can punch real hard). The inevitable superhero team came with this year’s “The Defenders.”


These types of shows/movies seem to take the worst elements of any given character, add in cheesy dialogue (because they never get along at first) and have them united in the third act to fight some big monster/monsters/immortal Asian gang. “The Avengers,” “Superman vs. Batman,” and the upcoming “Justice League” follow the same formula. It’s boring and seemingly made for adult toddlers and the developmentally disabled.


“The Defenders” is no different as the team comes together to fight “The Hand” led by Ripley from Alien. They crack jokes, beat up some people, and Elektra shows up as “Black Sky” to provide a romantic foil/antagonist for Daredevil and stink up the joint. It ends with “The Hand” being defeated and Daredevil seemingly killed in the process; but no, he’s alive, just like the last Superman movie. The action is very ordinary and special effects unimpressive.


Defenders 1


The modern iterations of comic book entertainment like to focus on the “everyday life” aspects of the characters. They drink heavily, engage in random promiscuous sex, and are shitty to their friends, neurotic, and selfish to boot. Gone is the wholesome idea of Superman and the American Flag, replaced by Jessica Jones banging Luke Cage after drinking shit tons of whiskey. Comics have been a “rootless cosmopolitan” creation from the start. It seems that any obfuscation of that message to the goyim has been completely discarded in favor of all out degeneracy. Where’s yenta Wonder Woman when you need her?


Editor’s Note: It sounds like another highbrow, high morality barn burner from Netflix. Be sure to subscribe today!


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Review “Girls” Season Six, The Final Season

by ElRon

Girls Group

The rootless cosmopolitan comes home to roost.


“Girls” debuted in April 2012 and aired its final show in April 2017 on HBO. A show undoubtedly born of well documented nepotism; the four main “Girls” characters consist of real life progeny of professional artists, a rock band drummer, liberal cum Neocon playwright/director, and a humiliated network news anchor. Ostensibly, the show follows these characters throughout their twenties as they navigate gentrified (White and Jewish) areas of New York and move from one toxic relationship to another without a visible means of financial support. What struck me about the final season was the acknowledgement of the consequences that being raised by liberal parents in a liberal city has.


Main character Hannah (played by Lena Dunham) is a writer that cannot hold down a job or boyfriend, and has a magical gay ex-boyfriend/roommate that encourages her degenerate behavior.   After a sloppy vomit-inducing one night stand (she does the vomiting) with a surf instructor, she decides to “grow up” and have a baby of dubious ethnic origin instead of an abortion.  With a mother addicted to wine and cannabis and a father who “came out” as gay and lives with another man; she relies on goyish best friend Marnie to help her raise her child and provide support.   Hannah openly acknowledges that years of being spoiled in her every whim by weak, directionless parents has left her wholly unequipped to be a mother.


Meanwhile, “girl” Jessa is a recovering addict who has “shacked up” with Hannah’s ex-boyfriend and shows no signs of developing into a functional human being. During a latter episode she has sex with a random stranger in a bar as a way of coping with feelings of jealousy. The previously mentioned Marnie is a struggling musician who has moved in with her mother and dumped her opiate addicted musician husband before agreeing to assist Hannah with her weird looking baby. Finally, “girl” Shoshanna has decided to disengage with her friends so she can pursue more successful avenues with her Anime boyfriend.


Girls Slob


Overall, “Girls” navigates the minefield of being a “modern woman” with plenty of degenerate behavior typical for HBO.  I commend it for offering no easy solutions for females raised in modernity; perhaps because there are none. Masochistic viewers may find the idea of aggressively unattractive Lena Dunham “hooking up” with seemingly good looking, if not well adjusted, men to be a hoot. Otherwise, give it a pass.


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KR Reviews: House Of Cards Seasons 1-4

House of Cards

House of Cards for all of it’s acclaim and star power is a show that really just got worse and worse season after season.

Kevin Spacey plays the main character and Jenny from Forest Gump was, I guess dusted off and plays his Wife. Spacey starts out as a well connected member of the U.S. Congress or Senate. He is somewhat of a megalomaniac.

In the first season on his journey to the top, Spacey makes contact with a Buzzfeed tier journalist. She’s young and he bangs her a bunch. That young journalist is also pretty prominent in the show and it adds some dynamism and hipness that the show desperately lacks after she is written out.

While Spacey is involved with extra marital affairs, he is also a cuckhold to his creepy worthless flit of a wife.

The sex doesn’t stop there though as Spacey is also a long time queer banging or or havng been banged (sodomized) by his college friend or Frat Brother. Spacey and the Wife also have an old time butt sex three way with one of the Secret Service guards.

The show sucks and as I said, it gets worse and worse. It is not all that memorable. I guess Spacey becomes Vice President in Season 2 then through subterfuge becomes President by Season 3.

One of the main challenges for Spacey and his team, aside from keeping all their crookedness a float is Russia. The way Russia and its President is depicted I’d say is cartoonish and pretty offensive to Putin.

There is really not much else to say about the show that except by Season 4, it is truly repugnant and grating. I am not sure who watches this crap. I did hear an interview between Charlie Rose and Spacey and Rose was praising Spacey and the show to the high, high heavens.

Spacey is also a member of Bill Clinton’s rat pack.

Don’t waste your time on this shite of a show.

Turok, The (Black) Dinosaur Hunter – He Hunts Dino Fascists bc Slavery

Turok the Dinosaur Hunter may not have been the most popular property but the property has been around in Sci-Fi Comics since 1956. Turok was definitely nothing to sneeze at. There have been several volumes of the book and more than two video games made. Turok could hold it’s weight.

In 1956, Turok was a simply a “feathers” Indian that lived in a land amongst dinosaurs. Later on in the 90’s, the character was upgraded to hunt with fancy weapons and hunt more often. He was younger. In the beginning of August, a company that seemingly cannot hold its own weight, Dynamite introduced a new version of Turok.

It seems like not many stories can mind their own business any more, regardless of the format. They ned to interject theselves into the real world and do so with an agenda. It’s pretty awesome that in the age of ever increasing identity politics that we get a classic character so updated for the times. The Black Turok is now fighting against slavery and serfdom. Is he fighting against slavery and serfdom in the Middle East where Black are still slaves to Arabs?

Black Turok  actually is fighting “Fascist” dinosaurs. The kicker though is that the Fascist dinos dress exactly like Nazis. The Nazi dinos have both armbands and collar tabs.

Honestly, I was going to review this book but seeing there’s also normalized hot man on dino action in the first few pages, the above is enough.

nigger turok


KR REVIEWS: “Nightwing: The New Order #1”

Dick Grayson was the first Robin. In developing the characters of The DC Universe, Dick Grayson became Nightwing. Nightwing: The New Order is a comic that takes place on it’s own. In other words, it does not take place in the DC Universe proper.

Nightwing Cartoon

A lot was setup in issue one. A decent amount of world building was done. The world is one where Dick Grayson depowered most of the metahumans – DC Comics heroes and villains. Some need to be drugged and a few are rogue and out and about.

The reason why the Metahumans have in one way or another been depowered is addressed in a very shallow manner. Batman is dead and Dick was his heir. It is not clear what role if any Batman or his death played in getting rid of and suppressing powers.

Alfred on the other hand is still kicking and probably working with the resistance. He is creepy and advocates for all Metahumans, good or bad in the clichéd careless and bourgeois manner a lot of people used to advocate for LGTB Rights. He uses the exact words and phrases. I’m not sure why those lines were scripted.

Alfred’s advocacy comes on the heels of an escape attempt by the infamous light manipulator and serial rapist, Doctor Light. Many of today’s readers probably won’t remember that Light was one of the baddest bad mutherfuckas in comics like 10 years ago. He has been in comics since the first Justice League, I think.

Dr. Light

The comic was fun up until a little before Alfred comes in but, what Dick Grayson is, does, and did is portrayed as “Fascist” and so the pile on begins after Grayson and his role is fully introduced. And the pile on, as with Alfred is pretty weird and clichéd too.

There are a few other plot points that I’ll leave off in case anyone actually does read the book. “The New Order” is a 6 part series that I will review again in total so long as it doesn’t shrink my balls or make toxicity of my masculinity.

Art and Color: B+

Writing: C+

Story: D

Nightwing The New Order