KR Reviews: House Of Cards Seasons 1-4

House of Cards

House of Cards for all of it’s acclaim and star power is a show that really just got worse and worse season after season.

Kevin Spacey plays the main character and Jenny from Forest Gump was, I guess dusted off and plays his Wife. Spacey starts out as a well connected member of the U.S. Congress or Senate. He is somewhat of a megalomaniac.

In the first season on his journey to the top, Spacey makes contact with a Buzzfeed tier journalist. She’s young and he bangs her a bunch. That young journalist is also pretty prominent in the show and it adds some dynamism and hipness that the show desperately lacks after she is written out.

While Spacey is involved with extra marital affairs, he is also a cuckhold to his creepy worthless flit of a wife.

The sex doesn’t stop there though as Spacey is also a long time queer banging or or havng been banged (sodomized) by his college friend or Frat Brother. Spacey and the Wife also have an old time butt sex three way with one of the Secret Service guards.

The show sucks and as I said, it gets worse and worse. It is not all that memorable. I guess Spacey becomes Vice President in Season 2 then through subterfuge becomes President by Season 3.

One of the main challenges for Spacey and his team, aside from keeping all their crookedness a float is Russia. The way Russia and its President is depicted I’d say is cartoonish and pretty offensive to Putin.

There is really not much else to say about the show that except by Season 4, it is truly repugnant and grating. I am not sure who watches this crap. I did hear an interview between Charlie Rose and Spacey and Rose was praising Spacey and the show to the high, high heavens.

Spacey is also a member of Bill Clinton’s rat pack.

Don’t waste your time on this shite of a show.


Tay Tay On Trial

A douche old guy probably touched her and wants money.

Taylor Swift is the favorite and official Pop Princess of the Alt Right. For all I know, she may be the favorite Pop Star of the entire world.

Taylor 1

Is She Divine?

One thing that is for certain is that Andrew Anglin got some kind of cease and desist letter for having incorporated Miss Swift into some stories that for all I know may or may not have been true.

She is ours yet still tho.

Taylor being ours is what makes telling this story so hard. I have had to hear about a gross indignity Tay Tay endured back in 2013 coming to a head. I’ve had to hear about it every time I turned on the radio yesterday.

The story so far from AOL:

“Swift alleged that Mueller put his hand up her skirt and grabbed her bare bottom when they took a photo together during the pre-concert fan meet-and-greet”

Maybe you can do that to a mutual crush if you’re both crushing hard but, you don’t do that to Tay Tay. You certainly don’t do that to Tay Tay when you’re just some random guy/old man. People generally don’t do that unless they’re a colored.


Odd looking and purportedly niggerish

Who is this Mueller? Is he some sort of degenerate country bumkin who’s Mom still dresses him?

“At the time of the alleged incident, Mueller was a radio DJ for country music station 98.5 KYGO in Denver on the Ryno and Jackson morning show, going by “Jackson.” He was invited to the June 2, 2013 meet-and-greet as part of his job, and that is where the alleged groping incident took place…
… He was terminated from his position on June 4, 2013, two days after the alleged incident with Swift. KYGO claims Mueller was fired for violating the morality clause of his contract after it says it independently determined that he lied about the incident, changed his story and inappropriately touched Swift.”

It’s likely that Mueller is just one more of these deranged DJ’s who make you want to bang your head into the wall. I’ve tried to strangle some right over the airwaves. Mueller is about 55 years old compared to Taylor’s 27 years.

Now while the alleged incident happened back in 2013 and Mueller was fired shortly thereafter, he took two years to decide to sue Miss Swift. He is going after her for $3 million dollars which is the sum he figures he could have made if he was not fired. He was making $150k as a DJ.

Mueller is straight up calling Taylor a liar. Why would she lie about that? Why would she lie about him? Taylor gets dudes. She doesn’t look like Adele or that girl who’s “all about that bass, bout that bass…”

adele middle aged woman

Adele looks like a middle-aged Mum

“Mueller… claims that Swift and her team got him fired for no good reason… Mueller sued Swift on Sept. 10, 2015”

“Swift countersued Mueller one month later for assault and battery… She is asking that attorney’s fees and costs be paid for by Mueller along with compensatory damages to be proven at trial. Swift says she’ll donate any money won from the lawsuit to “charities dedicated to protecting women from similar acts of sexual assault and personal disregard.”

“The trial is expected to last nine days; likely until Aug. 17.” It started yesterday, Tuesday, August 8th.

If you are in the Denver area you might want to go check things out at the Court House. According to CNN, “To accommodate Swift’s fans and other onlookers, the court designated 32 seats in the courtroom for the public.”

Faggy Comics

It was not until 1992 when the first homo comic character came out of the closet. It’s name is Northstar. Comics had a “Code Authority” back then, I wonder what happened to that. Northstar is a Canadian and the writers wanted to give him the AIDS. A comic book billed as the Canadian X-Men obviously needed AIDS, and a faggot.

Northstar was an ancillary character and actually didn’t do much from his introduction in 1979 until it was “cool to be gay.” The Character is pretty much a one trick pony. He is also known as the first faggot comic to get married. Not only did the faggot marry, it married some type of colored billionaire.

Since 1992, there has been an explosion in Sodomite comics characters. In 2015, Comic Book Resources, a blog and print paper, celebrated 57 Sodomite comics characters. A lot of the queers are new but surprisingly, there are a few they retreaded. More men than women too so it seems.

Notably, a young Iceman was brought into the future with the rest of the 60’s X-Men in a story by a Jew. I wonder if the Jew has some pedo tendencies. Assumedly, the Iceman stayed in the future so as not to cause some homosexual singularity.

The Catwoman is also now a Sodomite as well as a Batwoman who was one of the earlier Lesbo characters. She was marketed as the Grown-Up Woman Lip Stick Lesbo. Another old staple is Mystique from the X-Men who seems to be dating a teenager.

The big joke to all this is that most of these GRIDS characters did not exist until they started making the movies. Kids see the movies, like the truer to lore characters and some pick up the comics. Now, there’s a fag in every other book or so it seems. There must be with all the crossovers.

These fucks plan this shit. They knew they were going to make the Northstar character gay before it was made public. According to Wikipedia, the excuse they used to keep him away from women was that he always needed to work on his skiing…

Boycott and Pirate.

Don’t Look at this:

“St Patrick’s Day Parade for Everyone”

Faggot Infiltration

The New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade is one of the oldest and largest civilian parades in the country. The NYC or Manhattan St Patrick’s Day Parade people held out against the homos for a time. Unfortunately, in 2014, the parade people, in order to not be political, caved and allowed the sodomites in.

There are at least three other Patty parades in Greater NYC. There are two in Queens and one on Staten Island. Until the 90’s when the homo propaganda was everywhere, faggots who were open about their faggotry trying to be in any of these parades were not a big deal.

Unfortunately today, the only Patty Parade in the area that doesn’t allow the faggot to do whatever they want marching in the parade is the Staten Island St. Patty’s Parade. Gays are allowed to march but they are not allowed to fly their colors or banners.

When it comes down to it, you really can’t do much more. The current Mayor of NYC and former(?) communist, Bill DiBlasio always boycotts the Staten Island Parade. Muh AIDS sign…


The Anything Goes Parade:

The Queens “St. Patrick’s Day for Everybody Parade,” held in Springfield has emerged as the social justice parade. As with the Jews, the world is not enough for SJWs. This parade pushes the boundaries. Looking over the organizers, they all look like shitlibs. One of the honorees in the parade is a dead(good riddance) Butt Pirate Priest. The organizers want everyone there, everyone. If a snack bar should go up, it should be there. The guests of honor are a disabled woman famous fighting for disabled rights…and Phil Donahue, loud mouth degenerate Bread and Circus Barker from network TV fame. They might as well have invited Jewboy Jerry Springer.

It’s great that those who were poisoned morally and spiritually by shows that were put on by those men as when they were children or younger families still want them in their lives. Everyone is just riding down that long slippery slope.

Ironically enough, the for Everybody Parade was mentioned periodically on the CBS880 FM Radio. They interviewed somebody, maybe a politician, whom I could not find online. The reporter asked whoever the POS was, and I paraphrase, “So, this is Trump’s home borough. Do you feel like you have to represent for him?” “No, I feel like I need to represent against him. Anyone that was here that was like him is gone and I’m glad. They’re no good.”




The Most Degenerate Christianity

It’s no secret if you have been listening to the current Pope that a lot of his Catholicism or Christianity has to do with Social Justice. A Social Justice Message from Churches is most likely not going to be a Christian Message. “For the poor will always be with you.”

Like the Deists that were around the time these United States were founded, men cleverly cloak their non-Christian ideas and ideals in Christian rhetoric.

Unfortunately for Catholics, many of their leaders, and in fact their top leadership are working for Social Justice. As powerful as the Pope is and as many of his laypeople he can move further into the Social Justice/Cultural Marxist Mindset, there are still other people working the Cultural Marxist Con within Christianity.

I guess the Anglicans allow fags but,  it gets worse. Back when Russia banned Homo Propaganda, propaganda videos of a “Church” with a bulldyke “Pastor” sending a sermon about faggot acceptance to Russia. That was a few years ago. They did it through Craigslist.

As it turns out, there is now a “Christian” organization based in Wisconsin buying radio ads on major stations here in NY advocating for the tranny bathroom rights Trump took away.

I got to hear some human garbage tell me trannies are made in God’s Image. That piece of shit then went on to quote Scripture. Another high-note of the rhetoric in the ad was the old faggot trick of equating Segregation to Chicks with Dicks hanging out in the little girls room.

The wonderful organization that is promoting degenerate or “Modern” Christianity is known as the Forgiveness Institute.


The above website is relatively relatively large. The Institute offers a large number of services. Where do they get the money? Why are they so Satanic?



You can register for their International Conference in Jerusalem.

We should no longer call these people liberal or left.


Eat da Pee Pee

When we heard “they eat da poo poo” from an African Minister, that Minister was trying to keep his children to away from homos. If that Minister is still at it teaching his country’s children, a shocking homosexual sodomy story took place  recently in the Bronx.

A homeless man was prostituting himself. He still had friends though. He prostituted himself out to a friend. His friend was an older man and probably on a fixed income. Not everyone can afford high end prostitutes like some members of our government or Tiger Woods.

Even though the old man knew the male prostitute for some time before engaging in some type of perverse sexual acts with him, the old man met his end in that encounter.

The prostitute, the alleged murderer, while he looked like a pretty happy guy being led out of the precinct by police, is reported to have become incensed and enraged by his friend the John. This led the homo-prostitute to allegedly strike the John over the head with a hammer then stab him up with scissors until that old John expired.

The Homeless Prostitute was not paid. It is unclear if he tried to find restitution in the John’s Apartment in his belongings. It is reported that the Homeless Homo Prostitute did come and go from the apartment for a few days so he had that as a plus.

Besides the brutal death that the John experienced, his member was removed post-mortem. The Homeless Homo Prostitute is also apparently some kind of cannibal as he planned to eat the penis. I don’t think the term necrophilia applies but news reports did not note whether the Old Faggot-Ass John had food in his apartment.

The Prostitute Never had a chance to eat the penis. He now faces Second Degree Murder Charges.




Most Degenerate Music Video Ever?

Die Antwoord – Evil Boy




Die Antwoord is a “Hip Hop” group from S. Africa. Not to lose sight of the physical White Genocide going on, there is also obviously a culturally driven one going on there too.

I don’t know how many erect penises there are in this selection.

Instead of going forward and advancing mankind, the Cultural Marxist/Jewish Culture seeks to bring everyone down and seemingly into the future in a primitive state. A future with technology, yet rampant with hedonism, heathenism and presumably superstition.

The group’s net worth according to Google is over 3.5 million. According to Wikipedia, Die Antwoord which started as a trio is now a duo.

Hard working degenerates, dicks and Jews = $$$

Here’s there intro from Wikipedia:

Die Antwoord (pronounced [di ˈɐntvoərt], Afrikaans for “The Answer”) is a South African raprave group formed in Cape Town in 2008. The group was formed by rappers Ninja and Yolandi Visser (stylized as ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER), and God (formerly referred to as DJ Hi-Tek). Die Antwoord’s image is based on a counterculture movement known as Zef in South Africa, and incorporated elements of the work of photographer Roger Ballen.


“Evil Boy”
(feat. Wanga)

Vuil-geboosted gang$ta (turbo-boosted ill)
Yooo evil boy!
Why is your incanca (penis) so big?

All the better to love you with!
No glove no love!
If you don’t believe me
Take your dirty hands off my umthondo wisizwe! (penis of the nation, pun on this)

Happy! happy! joy! joy!
Crush! kill! destroy!
Gooi! (bring it!) car-crash rap style!
Ah man that’s wild!
Evil boy rap time!
People gooi zap signs! (throw up offensive hand signs)
Full fuckin flex! fre$!
Mega-zef! go!

Everybody go ho! like a thundercat
I’m all up in the club in my underpants
No shirt on cos it’s fuckin hot!
Let’s go diplo pump it up!
Girls wanna say hello to me
From the zefside to the fuckin overseas
I’m looking at who’s looking at me
Looking at you looking back who can that be?
When I’m all up this
Bitch you know who the motherfuck it is
Roll through the club like a
Tikoloshe (little hairy african demon man with a giant horse penis)
Ninjas hung like a fokken horse
Yeah girl! I’m a freak of nature
Sign my name on your boob fuck a piece of paper
If you feeling me…cool…not feeling me…fuck off!
Wies jy? fokkol! umnqunduwakho! (who are you? no-one! fucking asshole!)


Mamelapa umnqunduwakho! (listen here, you fucking asshole)
Andifuni ukuyaehlatini! (I don’t want to go to the bush with you)
Sukubammba incanca yam! (don’t touch my penis)
Andi so stabani! (I’m not a gay)
Incanca yam yeyamantobi! (this penis is for the girls)
Incanca yam iclean! (my penis is clean)
Incanca yam inamandla! (my penis is strong)
Ndiyinkwekwe enkulu! (I am a big boy)
Angi funi ukuba yeendota! (don’t want to be a man)
Evil boy 4 life! yebo! (yes)
Evil boy 4 life!


Yo-landi Vi$$er so fancy like this dope ass beat
Rock the motherfuckin microphone with no panties
I’m a bad ass chick yo my black magic
Speletjies make all the boys go… damn that’s sick! (spells/little games)
Lie down on the bed boy lemme light the candles
Uh uh! don’t touch! yo-landi just too hot to handle!
Blind-fold you tie your hands up with the hand-cuffs
Even though you lying down, I can make you stand up
Spirits in the room tickle you like a sneaky prawn
Fuck a pen and pad I write my raps with a ouija board
Draw a pentagram on your chest wif my lip-stick
Visions in the mirror heavy zef futuristic
Lemme take your pants off let’s see what you made of
Go through your pockets no we not going to make love
Go through your wallet, woo! what alot of paper!
What a fuckin sucker! see you later masturbator!


I went from fokol to so fokken hot right now I’ll put you in your place (nothing)
Motherfucker skrik wakker we coming through pumping you full of bass (wake the fuck up)
Fok rustig eks apokaliptikal fucking you in the face (fuck chilling out, I’m apocalyptic)
Zef cherries tjoon my… spieg my fokken hol nat (zef girlies tell me to spit their bums wet)
Fuck everyone eyes on the prize when I go for the jugular
Surprise me or fokof and die if I remind you of how much you suck (fuck off)
Everyone’s so fokken so-so, yo we been sent to fuck you up zef techno mosh-pit gang$ta nommer een kind (number one child)
Everything you rap about comes true if you got some freakin balls but mind your tongue when you rhyme on the drum, gaan vra vir biggie smalls (go ask)
I gotta rock if you motherfuckin like it or not, yo
Is you ready for this ho$tyle take over? bow to the fokken master
My slang is banging I’m freaking the fuck out of myself, yo I’m my biggest fan
Cos buddy when you man down no fokken hands out when you really need a hand
Machine gun rapper, lekker budda-budda motherfucker, yo I’m bigger than
Koos kombuis se ma se fokken poes (koos kombuis’ mother’s vagina)

Na na na na na!
You can’t fuck wif this ou (man)
Blah blah blah! whatever!
Watch a million fuckin kids go…
Na na na na na!
Super fokken fris flow (fuckin’ buff)
Ninja, wanga and yo-landi vi$$er
Vs diplo