Is it Me? Comics And Collecting Have Lost Their Magic

Comics were a huge part of my life. I got bored with them when I was a kid when the quality went to shit. That was during the 90s bubble. I picked them up again half way through college and I was more hooked than ever.

That second time I got into them, Infinite Crisis was just a few months away. I hunted down all the books that led into the series. If I remember correctly, Marvel was doing House of M at the time and was seen as the underdog. I still enjoyed both series.

The next thing I knew, all the Infinite Crisis books that I bought at a premium were worth a lot less. It was that I didn’t know what I was doing I told myself. I did enjoy the books. I traveled to different stores and figured out which ones to buy what at. A year later though I was caught with my pants down again.

I actually spent quite a bit of money on books. I did so like it was a bug and I got screwed. That second time, the experience I gained over the year and the lumps I took, smartened me up… but not that much. In addition to just reading books, I started to speculate on first appearances and such. I broke the bank again.

Soon enough, I realized trades were my friend and so was a pull list and Wizard Magazine and The funny thing is, after Wizard Magazine folded, it seemed like the comic book back issue market folded pretty quickly thereafter. There were no Wizard Picks to covet for the buyers and less hype for the sellers to sell into.

After about five more years, I became dissolutioned. Too many dead characters came back, too many new characterst and too many books came out and no more newish books were worth anything. Another thing and a big thing was that I was really into DC and they did the reboot. Marvel constantly issues new volumes too. And the biggest thing is that a big or even okay creative team never stays with a book they start. It gets run into the ground. IIRC, the last set of books to keep a writer on the longest were The Avengers/New Avengers with Jonathan Hickman.

The thing with Hickman though is that he was probably brought on to keep the quality up during the movies. The movies and Marvel/Disney trying to widen their audience were killers.

They should have never given hipsters comics and they should have never thought the movies could go on forever. I hear Marvel sales and maybe all sales are way down. I doubt the big two or the big three ever made that much extra money and abusing and or abandoning their base in an attempt to make money will come around to hurt them. It makes people sad and it empties comic stores when they would normally be half full.

It happened in the 90’s and the dive that is beginning will blossom soon.

Bane Comics 2


My Mining Life: Stage 2, Stable Mining, Minergate Sux, NiceHash



I’ve been dabbling in mining for about 3 months now. Starting out, I spent the better part of ten days trying different things.

My computer, a laptop is not the greatest rig to mine on. I must have tried like every software and, all of them turned off rather quickly on it’s own. After some updates and more reading and videos, I found Minergate.

Minergate seemed to be legit. I’d turn it on at night. It would run 20-30 minutes while I relaxed and fell asleep. After two days of waking up to the Minergate app not still running, I checked it by running it during the day.

Minergate is pretty shitty. On averge, it runs for about five minutes. What’s worse now is they made it so you have to confirm your email to login. In the past all you had to do was click start. I kept mining though, foolishly thinking I could mine while using my laptop. Logging in 3 times in a 5 minute time span is terribly mundane and demoralizing.

Good thing for me, the Minergate program’s alert system worked and I got the news to update. The update worked smoothly for about 10 minutes then the mining stats gave out. The newest version of Minergate now not only turns off all of the time but I have to look up my stats seperately.

I have mined enough of the “junk coin” Bytecoin on Minergate to where I can cash out. My Monero stake is only about a third of the way to the benchmark at which the company allows you to cash out at. Luckily(but not really) the Minergate phone mining app is stable, uh… mostly. I should only have to run the phone for 3-6 months before I can cash out.

On the brightside, the new NiceHash miner is working and stable for me. I can mine a decent amount with that program while my laptop is not in use.

I also downloaded the official Bytecoin setup and mine that if I am using my computer. While the Bytecoin may not be worth much, all the Bytecoins will soon have been mined. My hope is to make some walking around money from stacking Bytecoin now.

I have a little Microsoft App that I need to cash out and more importantly, I have proper rig components on the way. Next time I guess, I’ll blog on that and Burst, I’m trying to setup an old computer with Burst.

My Brief Experience At The Scientology Office

I was roped into checking out Scientology one day when I was out walking in Boston. I walked regularly but I didn’t regularly pass the Scientology Office. I didn’t even really know what they were. Until entering the building I thought Scientology was one in the same as Christian Science. Christian Science is headquartered in a similar area of Boston. It has much more grand facilities.

I was a few years into college. I was voraciously into conspiracy topics and questions of the mind that overlapped with certain theologies – New Age Junk – stuff that the big proponents of should be prohibited from pushing. It was maybe a year after 9/11.

As I walked by the Scientology Building, one of the Scientologists was in front of the building. I didn’t know he was affiliated with anything. I did overhear a civil argument he was having with a young woman. The contention was whether medical science was legitamite. I casually agreed with him that it wasn’t. He turned his head to see me as I walked by. He then started talking to me.

I talked with the man for about five minutes. In that time he was able to convince me to “check out” what they had inside. I went in and sat down in what I guess you could call a waiting room.

There was a giant poster of the Founder of Scientology, El Ron Hubbard. Stacks and stacks of his book were there. The name El Ron is funny to me right now. I’ve learned several definitions for the name El. Superman is Kal El and the word has at least a few references to divinity.

Eventually, someone appeared, brought me to watch a movie. They had a little theatre that was cozy. The movie was some shit. Johnny(or whatever his name was) got hit real hard and knocked unconscious during a football game. Packed into an ambulence and still unconscious, the medics talked about how Johnny’d never walk again. At the hospital the doctors did too. When Johnny fially regained conciousness surprise, he couldn’t walk. He felt he could though.

I’m not sure who it was but Johnny met another fictional character who fictionally healed Johnny’s back with Scientology… lessons? You see, Scientology is an alternative to psychology but it’s a religion and not a religion(tax purposes). In the movies(Scientology movies), nice guys get their irrepairable spines fixed with it by other older guys who are Father figures. In real life, they suck kids and the vulnerable off of the street with hopes of extracting money with crap methodology and hypnosis. Rates start between two and three thousand dollars a session.

Celebrities are serviced for free and never were nor will be gay.

Monero is Raging


It might be a good time to look into mining lesser known cryptocurrencies. There are many many currencies you can mine with a newish laptop or unused phone on a hotspot. The payoff is a lot less mining on the above said devices but you never know when one currency is going to pop.

I use Minergate. For me, it does not work all that well. I have to monitor it from turning off. I have no idea why it turns off and the Minergate Tech Support has yet to be able to help me out. The thing is, I cannot get any program to run for longer than a half an hour beside the Windows 10 Bitcoin App.

Mining Bitcoin on a PC or especially a phone is largely a joke. Someone who has a mining rig probably spent over $5000 on it. If they spent less, they would never earn a profit unless they get free electricity.

Mining Monerowith even a modest graphics card, you can currently make $10/month even after electricity. That is, assuming everything runs and stays running for just about 24 hours a day.

You can do your own calculations here.

Right now, mining Monero is still done with H/s. That’s Hashes per second. A better computer and even a phone can do those mining calculations. To make any serious money on Bitcoin, you’d need a deicated rig that can put out TH/S, Terrahashes/second.

The numbers go H, KH, MH, GH then TH. Each prefix added is another 1000 hashes more in the same duration.

The thing that makes Moneroso attractive compared to it’s closest analog which is LiteCoin is that to mine LiteCoin, you need to be all the way in the GH range. Equipment bought now to mine Monero – able to put out GH – only needs to put out hashes. That should dramatically extend the useful life of your dedicated graphics cards.

I hope to get some kind of dedicated rig up and running in a few months. The price of Monero doubled in the last two or three weeks to about $90.

I don’t really understand how Crypto is valued. To me though, there seems to be a lot of opportunity out there to make some type of profit even if it’s to only buy and hold coins worth a fraction of a cent.

Be warned, there are nearly 900 different coins out there. There is bound to be a reckoning.


The Charlottesville Experience: Thoughts and Commentary

Words by @NYC_Shitlord Who Attended the Charlottesville Rally

Unite The Right DS

It’s been a quite a long time since I’ve posted something big but the last 3 days were quite an adventure. Unite The Right (UTR) was the motivation I needed to kick off old habits and grow into a better man for our people. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

  • Lee Park:  Two close friends, another goy and I hopped into a taxi to get to Charlottesville. We got there an hour late and the place looked like a war zone. We passed through a whole band of leftists and /ourguys/, who were armed with shields let us through. When we got into the park it wasn’t like my group expected…

It was a mess going through the park with most of us not really knowing where the leadership was. We saw Cantwell trying to recover from a mace attack.  Riot cops told us that it was unlawful to stand on the park grounds so we ended up following the crowd. We were forced to leave. When we started moving the leftists started their usual shenanigans as we moved through the city to McIntyre park.

This was the start of most people getting lost and splitting into tinier groups without any coordination. There was some good banter and friendly faces both old and new as we made our way to the other park (as well as when we took a break with The Vanguard). When we arrived at our destination, most people were pretty tuckered out. The Vanguard goys in particular were as they were protecting people from leftists groups trying to pick us off.

After a while with most of the speakers gone save for Mike Enoch, Dr. David Duke, Azz, and few others we decided to hitch a ride with The Vanguard to chat and watch the news of the event. We appreciated the hospitality and protection they provided but we had to get our car(we parked it far away from the city). Afterwards we rested up, dropped of a friend and then hiking in a National Park. We got a lot done in two hours and so we decided to drive home back to Jew York.

  • The Good: This was an event that made history, but more importantly we made new friends and had a few reunions. The opportunity to stand side by side with our own race was 100% worth it. No pretty squabbles, personal grudges or infighting got in the way.
  • The Bad: The Whole event lacked any organization and most of the speakers never really has their chance to even say anything until much later in the day with all the chaos unfolding. It felt rushed, it needed more pre-planing. The cops, National Guard, and Antifa caused all sorts of trouble for our guys.
  • The Ugly: Some jackass with no scruples ended up driving a Dodge Charger through some leftists and a helicopter crashed within the area, it was a total shitshow. (Editor’s Note: The Driver of the Dodge Charger is suspected to be half Jewish. That driver is also ugly looking. If you’re going to have a mischling don’t take an ugly mischling).

Summary: UTR was a mixed bag but we won by showing that the government will shut down a peaceful assembly with violence just to shut us up. It felt like my litmus test to show I have the will to stand by my own without fear. To put the past, the drama, and ideological differences aside to forge a future for our people. And I went on a quite a hike scaling the rocks for a amazing view of the countryside.

Expanded Guide to Making Music From the Google Hip Hop Doodle

Yesterday August 11, 2017 Google had a Google Doodle with a game that showed the basics of mixing a beat with turntables. It was somewhat informative. If you are feeling creative, you could do the same thing mixing samples. You could do it in a different style… the Alt Right does need more media. We can’t relyon three or four Fashwave artists as we go forward.

Fashed Assemby 1

Sampling and using a drum track should not be a problem in terms of copyright issues. There are a lot of drummers showing off or vlogging lessons. Get your drum track from them.Finding someone with a kit that sounds good or to your liking and a drummer that can play well live micced up well.

To me, the biggest issue is coming up with the sound. What makes things even more difficult in mixing a track is that no more than two or three notes so they can be legally be ripped from an existing song. I think the guys who really made it big have had the patience and the talent for putting songs together in this manner.

I have Audacity which while feature rich is still missing a lot of features that would make the process a lot easier. This is where a midi keyboard and MPC would be clutch.

The two other basics you’ll need to know is how to change the time signatures if need be and the ability to loop.I’m excited to try this out. It’s kind of the next step in making the most of the program. Just be advised, the process while technically pretty easy, it is tedious find the sounds. Think outide the box though.

The head nigger in charge of doing this from turntables and breaking beats is DJ Premire.

Here is a basic track that includes some experimental noise.

You can definitely make some funky shit with this sampling the whole spectrum of White Music.

Scrapping: There be Some Treasure in Them Streets

Everyone living in the right states knows about deposit bottles and many people have probably seen people collecting them. In my area, I’m right on the line with the barrio, some nights there can be more than one guy with a shopping per block. It’s dirty and those out there doing it must find it a shameful thing. Most wait until the cover of night to do it.

If you’re going through cases of water or soda, it’s probably a good thing to rinse your containers out and put them on the side. For every 20 you bring back, you’ll get a dollar. Those Mexicans don’t get your dollar either.

Returning your own deposit bottles is just getting your money back.

If you have and own a Pickup, SUV or Hatchback, you can actually make some money picking up stuff like washing machines. This morning I picked up a washing machine and a microwave without driving a quarter mile. If they’re 200lbs, they’re worth $8. With that and tooling around my neighborhood very close to my house, I picked up another $18 worth of the same kind of junk steel on Thursday.

So, without trying last week, I made $26 dollars. A few years ago, when the economy was coming out of The Great Recession, prices for junk steel was double. The prices for all other scrap metal was more too.

If you start getting down on this get down, aluminum is another thing that people will be putting out soon. You should see a lot of lawn chairs etc. Aluminum is worth 35 cents/lb here.

Copper and brass are the most rare of the street metals. Copper is worth about $1.80/lb right now and brass $1.20/lb. Air Conditioners are good too. Small modern ones can just be turned in for like $5. You might want to take apart the big ones which involves cutting the Freon line and creating a big Freon cloud. An A/C that is 100lbs is worth way more than $5 though.

Motors, lead and car and marine batteries are all worth money too.

This is obviously not for everybody and if you live with your parents, I doubt they’d want you setting up a workshop and storing metal… for however long.

Back when the prices were good and I was more interested in this, it wasn’t hard to make $3500 or more for the season. I could pay my car insurance and have $1500 to play with.