Black Monday: An Infamous Day For Global Markets; Next Downturn When?

Trump Surprise

I think President Donald J. Trump would be none too happy with an economic downturn.


Every incoming Presidential Administration in the U.S. has it’s own scheme for jobs, prosperity and the like. If implemented, those plans never seem to bear fruits for too long.

President Reagan, President Clinton and President Obama to differing degrees each entered the office of President with a problem economy. They each dealt with the problems in the economy differently and to varying degrees of success.

In particular, President Reagan entered into the Office of President with the problem of stagflation carrying over from the Carter Administration. Reagen fixed that problem and is widely lauded by at least Republicans and Conservatives even to this day.

Assumedly stagflation was an economic problem seen as impossible under the paradigm the Federal Reserve operated under to solve and Reagan did.

Even though Reagan was able to lift the economy up, the U.S. economy and the World Economy faced another massive problem before his tenure was up. The problem was known as Black Monday.

Black Monday was a world-wide downturn in the different stock markets. Yesterday, Oct 19, 1987 marked the 30th Anniversary of that stock market “Happening.” The Dow Jones Industrial Average(DJIA) in particular, fell more than 20% on that one day.


Black Monday Dow

As I was only a child when this happened and having gone to University that is generally well regarded in these modern times, I have only heard about this event in passing. As expected, Wikipedia doesn’t seem to know why Black Monday occurred either.

It doesn’t seem like many popular sources ever know why an event such as Black Monday and other like economic downturns occur. People though, whether professional or amateur over time usually like to claim they know what happened. Some of those same folks like to claim they see the next one coming.

What I know is that there is a “business cycle,” and that with the historical frequency of the peaks and troughs in our “business cycle,” we are overdue for another market correction/plunge as, they generally occur every five to seven years.

Blistering heights on some of the market indexes fell fast during the Great Recession. Wall Street seems to like Trump’s economic plan and tax plan. It is said by many that faith in those plans are are why say, the DJIA is just about at an all time high.


Thinking Emoji


Will Trump get his plans enacted?

Will they live up to their hype?

And, will they ever be enough to continue to the end of his term(s)?




The Bytecoin Experience: Easy, Low Power, Little Short Term Return, I’m Looking To The Future



I’ve known about Bytcoin now for a few months. I noticed it was a relatively quick coin to mine through Minergate. Bytecoin right now is mined with your processor. It is the same type of coin as Monero and Digital Note. The three coins are based on CryptoNote. Of the three coins, Bytecoin falls in the middle in terms of attractiveness.

Most of you probably know of Monero after it took off with two big bumps in the mid-late summer. Bytecoin has been around for three years and up until recently was worth next to nothing. Over a relatively short time this year, it shot up to .4 cents but it then dropped back to the .2 cent range. Currently it is just above .13 cents off it’s most recent lows.

To me, it is a wonder that people stuck with it as long as they did. Bytecoin had it’s 3 year birthday earlier this month.



Bytecoin Chart


As you can see from the chart, Bytecoin is still in a relatively valuable state. The problem is, it is hard to find information on this coin. Some people like myself believe the coin’s price will go up and I will tell you why in a minute. Other people, a few people on various forums claim that the coin is a scam. The thing is, hardly anyone who takes this position that Bytecoin is a scam has a reason why. The one person who said it was a scam and gave a reason,said he tried to buy some and lost his money in the process.

Another reason one or two people have given why Bytecoin is “worthless” or a “scam” is because there are “too many of them.” In the screenshot below, below the blue box, you can see how many coins are in circulation vs the max supply of coins.


Bytecoin Suppy

While there are a lot of Bytecoins, approximately .9934/1 or over 99% of the Bytecoins have been mined. I believe the stirring in the Bytecoin price earlier this year portends a greater move up by the time the max supply has been mined.

If you are interested in taking a chance with me and many others, Bytecoin Mining is relatively easy. I have a laptop with the newest generation i7 from Intel. If I mined for 2 days straight, I would get a payout of 100 Bytecoins before those 48 hours were up. Like clockwork everytime the counter hits 100, I get a payout. By this time next year or the year after, Bytecoin miners could have a nice little payout waiting.

The setup and program I have came from Bytecoin itself but you can see what you can do by checking in on the various pools. The program from Bytecoin comes with the wallet and miner… It also comes with the blockchain which seems to download negatively parabolic. Downloading the Blockchain is the biggest issue I have with the program.

You can get the program here:

And, no matter what youre’ mining, happy mining.


Nazi Captain America Was A Money Making Scam

Captain America is a character that is on and off again popular because, as far as I can figure, his books suck half the time. In the early 00’s, it was a gritty espionage series doing fresh things. Over the turn of the decade, they did a weird and boring sci-fi volume of Captain America. After that, Captain America’s Black friend the Falcon took over as a diversity hire and the book became really dumbed down.


After the latter two series running the book into the ground, what was Marvel to do with one of their flagship characters?


Secret Empire Face Rot


As it turns out, they took the blonde haired blue eyed super-soldier and made him what society has always told us a blonde haired blue eyed super-soldier always was, a Nazi. At least Marvel’s version of a Nazi. Cap through the machinations of old enemies became an agent of the super evil fascists, Hydra. Fascist Cap also encouraged suicide bombings because… don’t all fascists?


Nazi Captain America Agent of Hydra went on for a long while, it was a twenty-five issue series. The storyline culminated with the cartoonishly evil Captain taking control of the United States by bamboozling nearly every hero and trapping them behind walls… just like President Trump would but I digress.


There were so many books and issues of those books involved in the broader story and finale, it is hard to count them all. In total, I figure there was ~150. The book and the concept was made into a real cash cow by Marvel and their owners, Disney.


Anyway, I read the final storyline. It was an oh so special crossover event called “Secret Empire.” One of the parts that really hammered home to me how scary Fascists really are and the depth of the writing in these books is when Cap’s lieutenants started chanting about strength in a Board Meeting.


Secret Empire Goons

These Tough Guys Weren’t Even In It, They Made The Cover Though

After having finished the series, I was unsure why Fascists were evil and even why the Fascist Captain America could not have built his perfect world as he had planned. He wasn’t making grubby kids clean up to join the Cap Youth and he wasn’t hanging Blacks from trees.


Cap and Hydra did hunt down and lock up the beings known as the Inhumans. The thing is, there were two pages devoted to that story thread at the very beginning of the series. Seeing as I did not buy or read any of the books involved in the Inhumans thread and only read the main story, when they brought the Inhumans thread in towards the end of the series, I didn’t care.


If they were supposed to be a Jewish or Japanese or Soviet Gulag victim’s analog (I suppose Jewish), I can’t be expected to take that into account. I doubt it was a great or moving tale with a strong moral anyway as I have heard nothing about it. Furthermore, like the Japanese, maybe they were a real threat. The Inhumans pretty much all have powers. It’s kind of the X-Men story all over again.


As a matter of fact, Captain America I suppose Captain America could have made a better world as he was going to use a reality altering Super Weapon to set the world straight. How that can go wrong, I do not know. The super weapon, The Cosmic Cube alters reality based on the users vision.


Cool Cap 1200


Anyway, true to comics form, the story, a full 10 issues was pretty formulaic, boiler plate and did hardly anything else but than to set the world back to pretty much the way it was before the previous wielder of the Cosmic Cube turned Captain America.


If you were one to buy the complete storyline of Captain America The Nazi, each of the ~150 books probably averaged $4.50. That reader is probably more partisan now for it.


The author claims he was not trying to be partisan. I find that hard to believe as he can be found on Twitter being political pretty easily.


It is a shame that the legacy media is an oligarchy and in some cases an oligarchy without many competitors. Free speech, the free exchange of ideas and free markets do not happen under oligarchies.


Finally, while I am not sure whether this helps or hinders The Holocaust Story, the final battle has the Cosmic Cube’s projection of Captain America fighting the Fascist Captain America while repeating the mantra “Never Again.”


For Indoctrination, Shitty and Juvenile Stories, and  (((oligarchies))) trying to squeeze every last penny out of a ship they are tanking, Make Your’s Marvel!


North Korea Loves It’s Bitcoin, That’s Bad News For Some People But How Many?

It seems N. Korea is anti-social in it’s BTC dealings too. According to CNN’s  highly questionable article: “North Korea Is Trying To Amass A Bitcoin War Chest,” a handful attacks on South Korean Bitcoin Exchange employees have been reported.

While CNN cites a company called FireEye as having identified the hacking group as North Korean, if you read closely here, at the link provided by CNN, you will see that there is no naming of names. All anyone can say is that the hacking comes from the North.

CNN goes on further to mention the other hacks attributed to N. Korea including banks, Sony Pictures, the WannaCry ransomware attacks and a string of Bitcoin hacks between 2013 and 2015 in which Bitcoin then worth $88k was siphoned to North Korea.

Judging by CNN’s provocative headline and the militaristic intro in the video accompanying the piece, it seems CNN wants us to be at least afraid of the North Koreans.

Amassing a war chest may be on Kim’s mind but according to the story, I would surmise that they are only in the early stages and wonder how much military gear Kim’s regime could produce with even a million dollars of Bitcoin.

It is said that Kim Jong Un’s Father had the biggest movie collection in the world. Wouldn’t it have been just as interesting a story if Kim was a hacker himself and using hackers to build like an evil submarine/party yacht?

Kim Jong Un Bitcoins

Or am I missing something?


My Mining Life: Stage 2, Stable Mining, Minergate Sux, NiceHash



I’ve been dabbling in mining for about 3 months now. Starting out, I spent the better part of ten days trying different things.

My computer, a laptop is not the greatest rig to mine on. I must have tried like every software and, all of them turned off rather quickly on it’s own. After some updates and more reading and videos, I found Minergate.

Minergate seemed to be legit. I’d turn it on at night. It would run 20-30 minutes while I relaxed and fell asleep. After two days of waking up to the Minergate app not still running, I checked it by running it during the day.

Minergate is pretty shitty. On averge, it runs for about five minutes. What’s worse now is they made it so you have to confirm your email to login. In the past all you had to do was click start. I kept mining though, foolishly thinking I could mine while using my laptop. Logging in 3 times in a 5 minute time span is terribly mundane and demoralizing.

Good thing for me, the Minergate program’s alert system worked and I got the news to update. The update worked smoothly for about 10 minutes then the mining stats gave out. The newest version of Minergate now not only turns off all of the time but I have to look up my stats seperately.

I have mined enough of the “junk coin” Bytecoin on Minergate to where I can cash out. My Monero stake is only about a third of the way to the benchmark at which the company allows you to cash out at. Luckily(but not really) the Minergate phone mining app is stable, uh… mostly. I should only have to run the phone for 3-6 months before I can cash out.

On the brightside, the new NiceHash miner is working and stable for me. I can mine a decent amount with that program while my laptop is not in use.

I also downloaded the official Bytecoin setup and mine that if I am using my computer. While the Bytecoin may not be worth much, all the Bytecoins will soon have been mined. My hope is to make some walking around money from stacking Bytecoin now.

I have a little Microsoft App that I need to cash out and more importantly, I have proper rig components on the way. Next time I guess, I’ll blog on that and Burst, I’m trying to setup an old computer with Burst.

What’s Up With That Online Betting



Until very recently, I had not heard much about online betting except through a few advertisements.

I remember back before the Nasdaq Internet Stock Bubble burst, my Dad had invested in online BINGO. That investment turned out to be a disaster for him.

These days, there are plenty of places online to place bets. You can at least bet on a wide range of politics, sports and in ever more realistic online casinos.

Way back last year, if you got in at the right time, the odds of Trump for the win were very profitable for those who bet. Those winners made a lot of money.

Even still at this time, you can bet on Legislation and happenings that are more creative.

I was very tempted after the Trump win to bet on things I did not understand. When betting though, patience and knowledge are key.

After hearing on the radio many many times how bad McGregor was going to get slammed by Maywether, I looked around online as to what kind of bets I could make.

I wanted to bet on McGregror. I wanted to bet on the long shot if the payout was potentially yuuge. What I found though was that the odds really weren’t that great. $30 would win me $100.

There were plenty of super duper introductory odds of 40 to 1. In fact, these odds were offered for both fighters. There was a catch though, the catch was that those odds only counted on your first dollar.

On all this stuff, you can’t really win that much. Not over time. Occasionally, you’ll hear of a guy or meet a guy who can make his living off of poker. That seems to be the game with the best odds in the long run unless you can count cards and go undetected.

If you are a real political guy, someone like Twitter Celeb @RickyVaughn99, maybe you can make money on those books.

Whatever you do, don’t play the scratch off lotto cards for any length of time. I can tell you if you win $20 on $2 then play a little here and there for the rest of the month with the money you won, you are most likely going to have none of it left by the end of the month.

While I have to advise against most of the betting mentioned above, if you really are political, google that gambling. It’s pretty interesting.

Mining the last Bytecoins


I’m still a newb when it comes to mining. I feel I should load at least caged Linux onto one of my rigs in order for the one of the mining programs I use to actually work properly. I use Minergate and I feel it will work properly if I run the Linux version.

I could mine with NiceHash all day everyday. Their new software works well. ‘You set it and forget it” as that guy who used to sell his ovens on infomercials used to say.

The thing I don’t like about NiceHash is that you know what you are going to get for the day. The program gives you an estimate actually. With Minergate, you can mine about ten different Cryptocoins. Almost all of them are coins of low value.

When I started mining with Minergate, Monero was around $40. Now it’s hovering above $130. Between the excitement of gains like that and having enough capacity to mine Bytecoin for the long haul in concert with Monero, I like Minergate. I like the ability to choose the coins I mine.

I was looking over the charts today and I noticed that nearly all the Bytecoins in circulation have been found. As of today, August 30, 2017, there are 1.15 billion Bytecoins left to be found. The total amount of Bytecoins in existence is 184.47 billion. That means that only ~ .623% of the entire pot is left to be found.

After hovering around .005 cents for about two years, starting in April of this year, Bytecoin ran up to .4 cents on May 22. It has since dropped back down to about .25 cents.

It should be interesting to see what happens to my stack.

More research need be done on my part but I believe finding all the coins bodes well for the price of Bytecoin and those that hold Bytecoin especially since it is still very easy to mine.