Scrapping: There be Some Treasure in Them Streets

Everyone living in the right states knows about deposit bottles and many people have probably seen people collecting them. In my area, I’m right on the line with the barrio, some nights there can be more than one guy with a shopping per block. It’s dirty and those out there doing it must find it a shameful thing. Most wait until the cover of night to do it.

If you’re going through cases of water or soda, it’s probably a good thing to rinse your containers out and put them on the side. For every 20 you bring back, you’ll get a dollar. Those Mexicans don’t get your dollar either.

Returning your own deposit bottles is just getting your money back.

If you have and own a Pickup, SUV or Hatchback, you can actually make some money picking up stuff like washing machines. This morning I picked up a washing machine and a microwave without driving a quarter mile. If they’re 200lbs, they’re worth $8. With that and tooling around my neighborhood very close to my house, I picked up another $18 worth of the same kind of junk steel on Thursday.

So, without trying last week, I made $26 dollars. A few years ago, when the economy was coming out of The Great Recession, prices for junk steel was double. The prices for all other scrap metal was more too.

If you start getting down on this get down, aluminum is another thing that people will be putting out soon. You should see a lot of lawn chairs etc. Aluminum is worth 35 cents/lb here.

Copper and brass are the most rare of the street metals. Copper is worth about $1.80/lb right now and brass $1.20/lb. Air Conditioners are good too. Small modern ones can just be turned in for like $5. You might want to take apart the big ones which involves cutting the Freon line and creating a big Freon cloud. An A/C that is 100lbs is worth way more than $5 though.

Motors, lead and car and marine batteries are all worth money too.

This is obviously not for everybody and if you live with your parents, I doubt they’d want you setting up a workshop and storing metal… for however long.

Back when the prices were good and I was more interested in this, it wasn’t hard to make $3500 or more for the season. I could pay my car insurance and have $1500 to play with.

The Cryptocurrency Learning Curve: A Beginner’s Story

Bitcoin, Bytecoin, Litecoin, Etherum, Monero, Dashcoin

I have been trying to mine now since around the first of July. I had toyed with the idea before and looking back, despite this story, I should have started at least a year ago when I bought this computer.

I got a Best Buy ASUS exclusive. It had the newest i7 processor at the time and an I guess, mid-range NVIDIA Geoforce GPU. The GPU is a 940mx. I’ve seen it get up to 150 K/h per second so, I’ll assume it’s a 2GB. Admittedly, that is not a lot of processing power right now. If you figure a 6 or 4GB card was a lot last year, I guess it’s not too bad.

I’m not sure where I found it but, my first experiment with mining was with Bitcoin. I found an official Microsoft App that will mine with whatever the resources you have. It’s called simply Bitcoin Miner. At a low rate just using my CPU, the program mines at a rate of 3-5 K/h per second. If I let the program run 24 hours a day, I think I’d mine around 1000 Satoshis/day. The program requires you to reach 5100 Satoshis before you can cash out. Today that’s worth just shy of 14 cents.

I realized that I would be making very little money pretty quickly. In the back of my head though, I had the idea that I was going to buy some ASICs from Amazon and a Raspberry Pi. I went ahead and ran the numbers. What I found out is that even if I bought four brand new, newly released ASICS Cards, I still wouldn’t make any money. In fact, I’d lose money and never even recover my investment.

Those big boxes like AntMiner makes are out of my price range; the ones that won’t be obsolete by next year is out of my price range. Looking through Amazon and eBay though, people are still buying ASIC cards that only do a very small percentage of what is needed, cards that are essentially worthless.

So undeterred, I moved on. Surfing Youtube, I found out about NiceHash. It wouldn’t work for me but, I did find a coin I figured I could mine with my existing computer and with a cheap enough rig, Monero. I surmise that it’s not the most glamorous coin and before I invest anything, I will read about it and analyze it. I spent a day or three going through all sorts of programs. All of them kept turning off. I am unsure why.

I think a big part of the problem could be that I don’t know how to program the .bat files etc. It might not be though because I can’t keep Minergate from turning off.

Right now, I have a service ticket in with Minergate. I have also mined about .65 cents worth of coin since the beginning of July.

Wish Me Luck

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