“Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films” (2014)

A movie review by ElRon

bad news joos

The “bad news Jews” trash your childhood.


Anyone who watched cable television or went to the movies in the 1980’s has undoubtedly seen or heard of the titles Cannon Films produced. “Electric Boogaloo” is a documentary about the control of the movie company by two Israeli cousins, Menahem Golan and Yorum Globus. The duo went on to oversee the production of a number of exploitation films throughout the 1980’s and gained a reputation for being shrewd, vulgar, and unpleasant.

One of their earliest productions was “The Last American Virgin” (1982) directed by Israeli born director Boaz Davidson. This was a remake of his earlier film “Lemon Popsicle” which became the highest grossing film in Israel. The film follows teenagers as they have sex with prostitutes, obsess over genitalia, and behave like rooting animals. The film culminates in a scene where the girl our nebbish protagonist is secretly in love with gets an abortion after she is impregnated by an athletic blond haired boy. The documentary discusses how this type of film may have went over well with “foreign audiences” but was found to be off putting to Americans.

The duo also takes credit for popularizing the breakdancing fad that was seemingly ubiquitous in inner cities and eventually suburbs. With “Breakin’” (1984) and “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo,” (1984) the idea of spreading “urban” culture to uncool white kids was realized only to be matched by the “wigger” phenomenon in the 90’s.

Action films were also a mainstay of the company; with movies such as “Death Wish III,” (1985) and “Invasion USA” (1985) the duo are credited with prolonging the careers of Chuck Norris and Charles Bronson. They found themselves in financial trouble after investing in the Sylvester Stallone arm wrestling movie “Over the Top” (1987) and Dolph Lungren vehicle “Masters of the Universe” (1987), which produced very little at the box office. This led to them eventually leaving the company in the 1990’s.

Electric Boogaloo

The documentary interviews directors, actors, distributors and others who worked with the two men. There seems to be a general contempt for the duo who valued volume of product over quality. Actresses, in particular, recall horror stories of being forced to act in scenes with un-agreed upon nudity and sexual situations. They eventually picked up the moniker “the bad news Jews” from those that shared this unpleasant experience. Violence, cheap nudity and sex, and even retarded jingoism were the order of the day for these films. I can’t help but be somewhat nostalgic and a little queasy after watching this. Israelis can make the worst babysitters.


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The Biggest Reason The Movies Didn’t Make As Much Money This Week

The impression I got today was that the movies out this year weren’t as good as last year’s.

Last Year’s Comparable Weekend:

BO 2016 Top

This Year’s Comparable Weekend:

BO 2017

I’ll leave that to your tastes.

The biggest reason the gross for movies playing this weekend was about $40 million less than last year is that there were 52 more movies playing this time last year.

BO Gross Labor Day

It doesn’t mean the movies are getting any better though.

Source: Box Office Mojo

Review: Dr. Strange

Cool Effects, Shitty Acting, and Completely Racial
A Maybe,…If You’re a Fan

Dr Strange 1024


Like most comic book movies that debut a character, “Dr. Strange” is an origin story. I’ve never been a fan of Dr. Strange and do not know his origin or very much about him. Strange is a doctor, a great brain surgeon in fact. He comes off as an arrogant and prissy Bruce Wayne. Unlike Wayne, he is out for the glory. Fittingly as Strange goes off to a fancy affair that will honor him, he gets into a car accident. The accident leaves his hands nearly useless.

As Strange goes through rehabilitation with his BLACK therapist whom he talks down to, the NEGRO inspires him with a story. You see, the BLACK therapist had a LATINX patient who miraculously healed. Strange finds the LATINX and the LATINX knows him. The Doctor actually turned LATINX away because he was too good for the LATINX. The BEANER does indeed though tell Strange where to go to heal, in India or some hell hole.

Strange uses his last monies to go to India, wanders around and gets robbed by three men. One of those robbers is actually WHITE. A WHITE robber in India beats and robs Dr. Strange in India.

No worries guys, one of Strange’s future and wise allies, a MAGIC NEGRO helps him. The MAGIC NEGRO is actually a very fair and cautious man throughout the movie and a mentor to Strange. The MAGIC NEGRO makes DR. Strange really, getting the Doctor into the magic club. I’m not sure if there was another WHITE in the whole magic club. The club did have a ton of ASIANS though.

When Strange meets the Master Magician, Sorcerer Supreme, he commits a micro aggression like only a WHITE MAN can, assuming and greeting a very dignified ASIAN man. The kicker in this scenario and what really made Strange an ass was that much to his embarrassment, the Sorcerer Supreme is a bald headed WHITE WOMAN coming to greet him with tea. She has a great Dykish smile.


At this point I was all, shit us WHITE MEN really fucked up, why can’t I be from the East.

The movie up to this point was really rough. It’s faggotty, 100%.

I forgot to mention that Strange does have an on again off again WHITE FEMALE lover but, they are too dysfunctional to actually love each other. The WHITE FEMALE does save Strange’s life though.

The villain of the movie is an EVIL POWER HUNGRY WHITE MALE. You see him in the beginning murdering.

The action and the story in the second section of the movie is a lot better. There are even a few interesting and unique mythological ideas or lore points.

Anyway, half the movie is a cucked and faggotty yet well off WHITE MAN being helped and taught magic by MINORITIES. The other half of the movie is some pretty good action in a well crafted atmosphere. Then, in closing, there is a twist and a turn and Strange bests not only the EVIL WHITE MAN but some kind of great demigod of another realm.

The closing dialogue of the movie pits the MAGIC NEGRO against Strange regarding the methods employed to gain victory over the potentially world ending threats. The MAGIC NEGRO, too good for Strange skulks off.

While MINORITIES WERE THE REAL HEROS of this movie, I have a feeling that the MAGIC NEGRO will be back in “Dr. Strange 2” to really show audiences that MAGIC NEGROS and ALL MINORITIES ARE THE REAL HEROES again.

Kids Choice Awards and the (((Redstone))) Pipeline

There is a Teen Choice Award’s Show and there is also a Kid’s Choice Award’s show. I guess when the kids and the teens get old enough, they are supposed to move on to the MTV Award Shows then the Grammy’s and the Oscars. I remember seeing a few of MTV Award Shows and that there was a buzz about them with people I knew in High School.

MTV is owned by the alleged pervert (((Sumner Redstone))) who was confirmed last year to have two girlfriends who were probably in their early 50s. Redstone is 93, it’s nothing too ostentatious, right?. Redstone, his Daughter and the two 50 year old’s he was dating were in the news last year squabbling about money.

The Kids Choice Awards is run by Nickelodeon which is owned by an MTV Umbrella which is in turn owned by Viacom. All of those companies are Sumner Redstone’s.

                      Sumner Redstone

Needs two bitches. Brainwashes and debases children. Jewish.

Note that the Teen Choice Awards are a Fox Production. Monopolies are no good, even if they are Jewish run 🙂

Redstone, for his part, through Viacom does own all sorts of MTV Channels, all sorts of BET Channels, The Country Music Channel, several other Nickelodeon Channels, VH1, Comedy Central and a slew of other shit. Depending on how much TV a child watches, by the time said child is 25, they may have been reared mainly on Viacom which is the parent company of all of Redstone’s above holdings.

The Jew definitely wears many masks and Redstone needs one.

As for the Kid’s Choice Awards, here are some notable winners.

  • (((Ellen DeGeneres))) film “Finding Dory” won ten awards and Ellen herself won additional two or three…mothers lock up your daughters. Finding Dory also featured Disney’s first Trans Character, a trans stingray.
  • 21 Pilots and The Suicide Squad Soundtrack won the music categories which seem appropriate for the rootless cosmopolitan dolts Viacom will help produce.
  • The Best Movie Award was the gender bending Ghostbuster flop that has as one of it’s keywords on IMDB “feminism.”


Looking over the website all the promos have probably over 50% colored kids. I always thought this Nickelodeon shit was kind skeevy, I never watched it. Rug Rats might have been cool, idk.

People talk about oh, this child star and that one turning out shit. Above is a basic albeit outline as to why.

Raven Simone started under the tutelage of Bill Cosby, the man with the pudding pops and ludes, moved onto her own show on Nick and now that nigger twat is spouting off on The View.

Don’t let your children be a part of this system and don’t let them be Black.







Emma Watson WTF

Emma Watson was Harry Potter’s female classmate in those movies. There were 8 of them movies. She hasn’t done much since, not in terms of movies. She’s a pretty attractive girl/woman and like many movie stars, she’s a complete retard trying to get others to give themselves an unholy lobotomy.

Emma Watson is Progressive. Emma Watson is a feminist who looks to be working on a Masters Degree. She also was a Woman’s Ambassador to the U.N. At the U.N., she launched something called HeForShe. HeForShe has a slick website but I’m not sure what HeforShe does. I think it’s supposed to make men faggier and more cucked and turn women into something their version of unnatural.

Emma Watson is now starring in a live action movie adaptation of the Musical which started out as a cartoon movie, Beauty and the Beast.

Emma Watson’s adaptation of Beauty and the Beast has one thing that the others did not: some type of homo-erotic scene. Why shouldn’t it? Emma Watson is obviously very hip, sheek, and elite. Why wouldn’t it lead adolescent boys down the garden path to anal fisting, it’s 2017.

To Promote Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson did an interview and photo shoot for Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair looks to be a terrible magazine. I’m not sure I would read the article about Ms. Watson even under duress. I heard there were nude photos of her in the magazine. There was a controversy. I can assure you though, all Emma Watson exposed was some underside cleavage.

At first, hearing about this nudity controversy, I thought it was about signalling to the little kids that that star they’re gonna love in the Beauty and the Beast movie is a whore and that’s okay. That’s not the signal.

The pictures of this girl who may in fact be beautiful, idk, are worse than androgynous. She looks outright like a fucking pufter in some of them photos. She has some quaffed up man’s haircut that actually looks like a version of the Fashy Haircut. The pictures are bad, and they’re creepy. If Ms. Emma Watson is signalling something, it’s that she’s not just a pretty girl but with some hormones, if she starts soon, she might be able to pass as a young twink.

What’s funny and what I think what makes these actors and actresses even more mental than they already are is that they get flack from some other fucktards. In Emma Watson’s case, they and the media picked up on it too, said she wasn’t a feminist because she exposed the underside of her breast even though if she didn’t have that breast exposed, someone flipping through the magazine might not know the sex of the person in the picture.

The Vanity Fair Pictures are here: http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2017/02/emma-watson-cover-story

Anne Hathaway Women’s Empowerment

How do these people get power?

Anne Hathaway, of Catwoman fame and of a slew of other shitty movies somehow apparently became the U.N. Women’s Ambassador. I wonder, did the dykish hair cut she was sporting for a while get her in? Did the fact that she gave up her Christian Faith because it rejected her faggot brother give her a leg up on the position?

On International Women’s Day, Hathaway gave the Keynote Speech to those assembled at the U.N. The Speech was well organized, well written and well spoken. What it was about was more progressiveness. Specifically, now that most Western Countries are offering paid Maternal leave for new Mothers, and Trump will be working to make that policy a reality here, Hathaway would have us look to give men this paid leave.

Men doesn’t just mean the biological Father. No, it means fags who somehow get their hands on kids too.

When it comes to the biological Father, Hathaway does cite studies that prove x, y, and z positive effects. The very overt overtone in her speech though is that women still need to be liberated. Hathaway’s poor Mom couldn’t be a career woman because she took care of her three children. Worse yet, she was underappreciated and under compensated. Alternatively, Mothers who do go on leave can’t get ahead in their career because they’re breeders 😦

Hathaway also drops the name of Emma Watson, another Feminist Whore and that Feminist Whore’s Project, HeForShe. Judging by what is said about it, it seems to be some type of women clawing up the backs of men to attain material success and temporal power on par with the most powerful of men.

Women like this are visibly albeit slightly deranged. The cognitive dissonance shows through. Some women it seems understand they have the ability/gift to bear birth and put more weight on that aspect of their being. Others like Ms. Hathaway seem to maybe know they can’t have it all yet persist in trying to rearrange what was natural, what was once society into something perverse and ultimately dangerous.

Hathaway’s U.N. Speech:

Are you Entertained?

As an older Millennial, long term enemy of degeneracy and dedicated AltRight Traveller, I find it very hard to find some entertainment to unwind with. In the last 6 months I think I found 3 movies to enjoy:

  • Blood Father With Mel Gibson
  • The Informant With Brian Cranston
  • Parts of Imperium with (((Harry Potter)

Keeping up with the general news gets easier the longer you do it, especially now that the Presidential Election is over. I used to think Twitter was somewhat like a video game but it too has become a lot less exciting now that the Election and Election Run-Up is over.

I have given up on comic books which were good through most of the the 00s. Near the end of the 00s though, it became obvious that the gays and the multicult was being pushed in an industry that was once considered All-American albeit Jewish.

TV sucks. My theory is that at any given time, there is no more than two or three good shows on the thing per Season but more likely per year. I think the last good shows that was on there were:

  • Fargo S1
  • True Detective S1
  • Breaking Bad

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is usually pretty good and I hear good things about The Man in the High Castle.

I guess the other traditional form of entertainment are video games. They are pretty much all the same though.

So what are the problems with entertainment? Well, the media is pretty much under (((Ethnic Monopoly))) control. A show like House of Cards which was never really good but had some high spots in the first season quickly degenerated into a show showcasing serious degeneracy including, open relationships, faggotry, cuckoldry, faggot cuckoldry and race mixing and more. The acting on the show also went way downhill and the characters became caricatures of themselves. One of the big problems is that the (((producers))) are always pushing unhealthy propaganda and always pushing the limits of how far they can go with it.

The AltRight making it’s own entertainment has been successful and made Cable TV even with the cancelled, “MDE Presents, World Peace.” We, The AltRight, has somewhat of a presence on Youtube as well. We have a fledgling music scene and a few upstart multimedia producers.

A big challenge for the movement is to make more and more professional entertainment OC. The stress that comes with the nature of the world we live in, especially for those of us who live in more pozzed parts of the country would be better mitigated with more cultural outlets and/or escapes for our travellers.