Nazi Captain America’s Final Showdown: Secret Empire Pt 1

The “Nazi” Captain America Gimmick comes to a close

Captain America was revealed to be working for the Fascist/Terroist Organization, Hydra in May of 2016.  Steve Rogers: Captain America 1 contained the reveal. It was covered by The Daily Stormer here:

Hydra is a staple Marvel villain organization. This time it was lead from the shadows by The Red Skull. While Hydra does not don the Swastika, it was arguable that Cap was a secret Nazi.

Secret Empire 0

The good Captain launched his coup against the U.S. on April 20, 2017 in issue 0 of “Secret Empire, pictured above.

How big is this event? It didn’t only commemorate Hitler’s Birthday, it’s Yuuge and Yuuger than Yuuge.

The writer of Cap and the Jews over at Marvel and Disney have been raking in the dough with this one. After nearly a year’s build up, it has been turned into the Marvel summer crossover event.

The Marvel/Disney Jews are releasing 11 issues of “Secret Empire” and around 65 books that tie-in to it. I am not sure how many books lead in to “Secret Empire” but bet Marvel’s kike bean counters do. Like with the movies, comics too have a summer blockbuster season.

I doubt anything the world of comics has brought more industry and mainstream press attention as of late than Cap to Marvel Comics. The writer has been literally fighting people on Twitter every day for over a year now.

Nick Spencer, he’s an half a fag but pretty confident.

The Cap property had really been sucking wind for a while before this, for two to three years. There was a weird Sci-Fi volume of Cap and a dumbed down Cap title that featured his Negro partner, The Falcon as Captain America.

I read through acts one and two of “Secret Empire,” issues 1-6. For a United States that is run by Captain America and Hydra, Nick Spencer did a disappointing amount of world building. We do not see how Cap takes the Government.

Secret Empire 1 800

Here we see a 3-2 Woman Hero to Man Hero Ratio and Most of the Characters aren’t in the Book.

What we do see Marvel and Spencer do with the series is take advantage of a plot point to show off many of Marvel’s new diverse characters. They stay with safe ones. There hasn’t been any queer stuff yet.

One of the gay or bi characters does get into a fight and he bleeds a lot. If your kids are reading you wanna give them the heads up to stay away from that kind of situation.

Overall, the big problem with the series is it lacks gravity. I was three or four issues in and not even sure why the “Nazi” Captain America was a bad thing for the Marvel Universe. Early on in the story, Cap and his top Hydra lieutenants, were conferencing. There was nothing really diabolical about it. As a matter of fact, there was goofy Hydra chanting.

Secret Empire Goons

The good artist worked on only one or two books. Most of these guys aren’t in the books either. Thanks Jews!

For a writer like Nick Spencer, who is or was heavily involved in progressive politics, I would think there would be a much more compelling reasons why Fascist Terrorists are evil. Hydra’s goal is the same as all the other villains, conquest. Marvel saying that Cap is not a Nazi is spot on. He and Hydra are just pretty much regular comic book villains.

Hail Hydra 2

I mean, they even take blacks and kids with long hair and stupid t-shirts

Marvel doesn’t tell any deep, groundbreaking or mature story with “Secret Empire.” The main characters of the series, both heroes and villains basically just go on adventures for loot crates containing Cosmic Cube fragments.

Now, I’m not really sure what a Cosmic Cubes is. I can tell you they bend reality and it was used to turn Cap to Hydra. The Cube later turns into an AI like construct. Accordingly, as stated by Anglin’s Law, any sufficiently intelligent AI will turn Nazi and the Cosmic Cube AI does. The AI’s handler, not wanting to see it consumed in realigning the whole Earth to “Hydraism”, scatters it.

Cool Cap 1200

Aside from diversity, a lot of tech is featured. There is another AI cyborg who thinks he’s a man. An airing of grievances with the Avengers takes places over an odd dinner that AI prepares. It’s a fucked up Alice in Wonderland like scene and was the most entertaining part in the series thus far.

Marvel has already announced Captain America will be going back to normal. Other revelations have been meted out as well. These revelations lead me to believe that the rest of the “Secret Empire” story will be very predictable.

It will be seen if The Cosmic Cube Nazi AI is reassembled and what becomes of it.

If you can draw, make a Nazi AI comic.









And Tyrone Said: Let My People Crime

Some, a lot of big cities like NYC and LA are Sanctuary Cities. There is a trend going on in these large cities to loosen laws, particularly laws that people of color break more, way more than any Whites or Asians. Not only are laws being loosened to benefit citizen P.O.C. but, since Trump, they are being loosened to benefit illegal aliens.

Gone are the days when Jesse Jackson declared he’d be scared if he heard and then saw another negro walking behind him. These days, with its Commie Mayor and a plethora of colored Public Servants, many of darkie criminals are being given a slap on the wrist in N.Y.C. This does not bode well, not for White People or bode well for anybody. This loosening of Laws has intensified in N.Y.C. since Trump was elected.

It came to pass yesterday, that high functioning State Legislature trained negros introduced a bill in the New York State Legislature to decriminalize subway turnstile jumping.

“State Sen. Jesse Hamilton (D-Crown Heights) and Assemblywoman Tremaine Wright (D-Bedford-Stuyvesant) will propose the measure during the next legislative session.”

Hear me my fellow White Devils!

Those legislative Negroes are heroes:

“a report issued by Hamilton’s office said… “In 2016, almost 92% of those arrested for fare evasion were people of color… Many spent at least one day in jail, records show.”

Even though they can spend up to a year many News Outlets mention that.

Tens of thousands will not go to jail. Nor will they have criminal records under the relaxed laws. They will be let off easy under the proposed new law/laws and will have a lot more leeway in what they can do with their futures. Maybe a one will rob your Mother’s purse at her job where he works with her. Pot decriminalization too may mean that that pothead Jose who marries your pos daughter is more likely to be around to give her three kids and then leave for parts unknown, because:

“No one should face the nightmare of arrest, a criminal record, loss of housing or deportation over fare evasion, Hamilton said during a press conference Tuesday morning on Eastern Parkway and Franklin Ave. in Crown Heights.”

There is no reason POC do this shit other than that they are poor and constantly beaten down. We have the wrong paradigm; racists we are.

If you were them, would you want to pay a subway fare or buy one of those dank and fancy new blunt raps or a 22oz? Furthermore, if you were a nigger, would you want to help contribute to the White Man’s World?

Ain’t a nigga entitled to a 40 and a blunt in 2017?

I have to assume you’re all going to agree. After all, Jay-Z came from Bed-Stuy and he’s not only a baller but also, shot caller.

The scumshits in NYC are gearing up and insulating themselves for the race war, they are building the garrisons. This is a cycle. We’ll see how far they go this time.


All quotes are from this NY Daily News Article

Review: Dr. Strange

Cool Effects, Shitty Acting, and Completely Racial
A Maybe,…If You’re a Fan

Dr Strange 1024


Like most comic book movies that debut a character, “Dr. Strange” is an origin story. I’ve never been a fan of Dr. Strange and do not know his origin or very much about him. Strange is a doctor, a great brain surgeon in fact. He comes off as an arrogant and prissy Bruce Wayne. Unlike Wayne, he is out for the glory. Fittingly as Strange goes off to a fancy affair that will honor him, he gets into a car accident. The accident leaves his hands nearly useless.

As Strange goes through rehabilitation with his BLACK therapist whom he talks down to, the NEGRO inspires him with a story. You see, the BLACK therapist had a LATINX patient who miraculously healed. Strange finds the LATINX and the LATINX knows him. The Doctor actually turned LATINX away because he was too good for the LATINX. The BEANER does indeed though tell Strange where to go to heal, in India or some hell hole.

Strange uses his last monies to go to India, wanders around and gets robbed by three men. One of those robbers is actually WHITE. A WHITE robber in India beats and robs Dr. Strange in India.

No worries guys, one of Strange’s future and wise allies, a MAGIC NEGRO helps him. The MAGIC NEGRO is actually a very fair and cautious man throughout the movie and a mentor to Strange. The MAGIC NEGRO makes DR. Strange really, getting the Doctor into the magic club. I’m not sure if there was another WHITE in the whole magic club. The club did have a ton of ASIANS though.

When Strange meets the Master Magician, Sorcerer Supreme, he commits a micro aggression like only a WHITE MAN can, assuming and greeting a very dignified ASIAN man. The kicker in this scenario and what really made Strange an ass was that much to his embarrassment, the Sorcerer Supreme is a bald headed WHITE WOMAN coming to greet him with tea. She has a great Dykish smile.


At this point I was all, shit us WHITE MEN really fucked up, why can’t I be from the East.

The movie up to this point was really rough. It’s faggotty, 100%.

I forgot to mention that Strange does have an on again off again WHITE FEMALE lover but, they are too dysfunctional to actually love each other. The WHITE FEMALE does save Strange’s life though.

The villain of the movie is an EVIL POWER HUNGRY WHITE MALE. You see him in the beginning murdering.

The action and the story in the second section of the movie is a lot better. There are even a few interesting and unique mythological ideas or lore points.

Anyway, half the movie is a cucked and faggotty yet well off WHITE MAN being helped and taught magic by MINORITIES. The other half of the movie is some pretty good action in a well crafted atmosphere. Then, in closing, there is a twist and a turn and Strange bests not only the EVIL WHITE MAN but some kind of great demigod of another realm.

The closing dialogue of the movie pits the MAGIC NEGRO against Strange regarding the methods employed to gain victory over the potentially world ending threats. The MAGIC NEGRO, too good for Strange skulks off.

While MINORITIES WERE THE REAL HEROS of this movie, I have a feeling that the MAGIC NEGRO will be back in “Dr. Strange 2” to really show audiences that MAGIC NEGROS and ALL MINORITIES ARE THE REAL HEROES again.

The Quick Solution to Richard Spencer’s Challenge by a Christian at Auburn

Galatians 3:27-29King James Version (KJV)

27 For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.

28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

29 And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.


Reading the Bible and learning from it is not the easiest thing to do. Even if you were fully equipped to understand everything written in it and execute The Faith, it is still a long book. I think the biggest problems learning the Bible, and The Faith someone is going to run into are ideologies and other baggage, preconceived notions, they have picked up over the years. Even in Church most likely.

I heard from a second hand source that some student or some plant challenged Richard Spencer with some version of the above Verses. I heard Richard Spencer did not give a good answer but this is coming from an Anti-Christ, so to speak. Said source cited Spencer as saying Christianity was European.

That is an okay answer.

I have not had time to review Spencer’s Q&A Session from Auburn. I don’t know all the exact details.

As the question seems to have been a gotcha question about Christianity and Equality, you can clearly see in the Three Verses above that the qualifier of those Verses is “being in Christ.” The reward for being in Christ, is the Promise of Christ, Eternal Life.

The Verses are not stating that “All Men are Created Equal.” That is some kind of jiggered nonsense. It also does not say “be a civic nationalist” or “an Infidel Muslim or an Infidel Jew is your Brother.” It certainly does not say you have to organize your society into a multi-cult inter-racial communist utopia. That is probably actually what the Gospel is against.

Nations in the truest sense of the word have always existed and should probably always exist in the here and hereafter. Christianity is not a temporal system of life and should not be used to justify racialism either way. We should not let it be used to sway us from our objective or open the gates to our enemies.

Christianity is and was European. To the best of my knowledge it was more than that and will be more than that moving forward unless the flame is extinguished among other nations and or our own.

There are more Apostates and Heretics flapping their gums than there are upstanding men speaking on the subject. If they want to run their rackets against us while we organize ourselves to break away, so be it.



Full Sodom and the Coffee Colored Babel

Women’s Suffrage gave way to Women’s Liberation. The Bra Burning of Women’s Liberation led to feminism. Jews showed the Gentile Women along the way from the begininning. Now women are trying to literally become men and be Mothers and Fathers at the same time.

Our History here in the States has been a never ending liberalization. When I say liberalization, I mean degeneration. The Constitution is bullshit. It is largely to blame for our ills. Lovers of Freedom and the Constitution like (((Mark Levin))) and other prominent Conservatives who have jumped on the American Exceptionalism Badwagon are cultists. 10 years ago someone like Sean Hannity was against the gays. Now, Sean Hannity is on their side and wants them on his.

This country is always fighting, always slipping more and more towards a Utopian Free-For-All exactly because we have those that dig their heels in where the Constitution and Flag stands proud always fighting those who hate the country. Those that hate the country can broadly be called Cultural Marxists.

The problem is that the Conservatives who draw their line in the sand never defend it, not enough. Their weapons are largely rhetoric and reason. They don’t see or don’t care that the defensive wall that they think is holding the “savages” at bay is really just sliding backwards.

The other thing they don’t understand or don’t care to understand is that for all their talk and all their rallies, direct action is needed. Lynch Mobs used to provide that action. Police of a higher moral standard used to perform that action. Now, skinheads and the Based Stickman provide that action.

Things are coming to an end. Liberalization cannot go much further before we are a full blown Sodom. The race realism needs to go mainstream if we Whites are going to survive as a nation. The Jew needs to go or be broken. Trump will not do enough. We need to band together.

The money men always need their money. They will slow the process of Full Sodom. Generational Bias has to be worn down too for Full Sodom to come upon us yet. My guess is by the time the Millenials are dead Full Sodom will be here.

We must do everything we can to prevent Full Sodom and a coffee colored Neo-Babel.

I commend all those that work toward our goals but,

we need more people doing more.


12 M 4

Illiterate Teachers in NY Wanted: Onward and Upward

To be a teacher, you need a Masters Degree. The fact that NY State is going to not be caring if a teacher is literate or not to me, sends up some serious red flags.

pepe retard

Maybe the whole “they’re deliberately dumbing us down.” is true and they are teaching our kids to be some type of Pavlovian controlled cog.

The story explicitly states that it’s being done for the goddamned coloreds too.

The Story from the NY Post:

State education officials plan to scrap a literacy exam given to prospective teachers and allow certification for some applicants who fail a performance assessment test — moves that critics warned will weaken the pool of candidates.

The state Board of Regents will likely vote early next week on whether to ax the Academic Literacy Skills Test, one of four exams that teacher wannabes have to pass for certification, officials said Monday.

The Regents will also consider changes to one of the other three prerequisite exams for would-be educators, the Teacher Performance Assessment, or edTPA.

Under that proposal, applicants who just barely fail the edTPA could still be certified based on other factors, including teacher recommendations.

The Rest is Here:

Niggers and Wetbacks need to go be stupid somewhere else.


4 Times Deported

They used to say the “streets are paved with gold” here in America. Now some jagoffs may give you a hard time just for calling the U.S., America. That may not be a bad thing as our neighbors immediately to the south here on the continent are a borderline Narco-State and our Northern Neighbor is run by a cuck. What the rest of the Nation-States to our south are, are anyone’s guess. They can’t be too good since their citizens are steadily moving here, to the U.S. to indulge themselves in our wealth.

Coming into our Country illegally makes you one time the criminal. If you make yourself a criminal on the regular once you are here, there really can be gold in the streets both figuratively and literally depending on where you are. Most of these illegal immigrants are here looking for the path of least resistance. Cut a lawn, butcher some cattle, rob a house and make some cash.

Julio Nivelo, aka Mark Vargas works a little bit harder to make his illegal American Dream and it payed off.

All day, all along the streets in Manhattan, trucks are loading and unloading. If you are an opportunistic thief and find pattern in the who, what, and where of the truck activity, you can make more than a pretty good living quickly filching and fencing valuables off of the backs of trucks.


Julio Nivelo is like a real life troll excepting that he repeatedly invades your country to exact his toll. No one gives a shit about his native Ecuador.

Nivelo is believed to be 53 and about 5’5″. Amazingly, in his biggest known heist yet, he was able to walk off with 86lbs of Gold Flake from an armored car. He walked the pale of gold about a half a mile on camera.

His latest crime spree took place between May and August. Nivelo is believed to be in California and is suspected in numerous other “off the back of a truck robbery.” Nivelo is a career criminal. He has been deported 4 times since 1994.

He has successfully evaded law enforcement on this and other matters since August even with what must be minutes of CCTV footage.