The Catholic Church is Being Destroyed From Within and Without

The Pope is No Longer Christian and Not Very Much Interested in Christianity


Those in the no will tell you that the Catholic Church lost it with the enaction of Vatican II after World War II in 1965. From what I can tell though, there is a slouching and a sliding, an ongoing transformation into something that is no longer Christian. Since John Paul II, the Catholic Churches purpose has largely been Ecumenicism and, Communion and Equality with other religions as well as Social Justice. Watching over the past month, The Catholic Church, it’s Leadership, has demonstrated and acted in ways that should send their Parishioners running.

Just this Friday, 4/28/17 in Egypt, the Pope made a telling statement:

“Let us say once more a firm and clear ‘No!’ to every form of violence, vengeance and hatred carried out in the name of religion or in the name of God,” he said in Italian in a speech at a peace conference at Al-Azhar University, the premier seat of high learning among Sunni Muslims.

Allah is not God the Father and God the Father is not Allah. There is surely no way a man can become Pope and not know this.

For Easter, The Pope asked forgiveness for the Catholic Church and more:
Pope Francis, presiding at a Good Friday service, asked God for forgiveness for scandals in the Catholic Church and for the “shame” of humanity becoming inured to daily scenes of bombed cities and drowning migrants.
Why bring up these now decades old Church Scandals, Scandals committed by the garbage that runs the Church. Is this not a clear sign to get out? At the same time he tells pretty much everyone that they should be ashamed by the actions of Muslims and Invading Economic Migrants becoming a daily problem. This man and the who’s who of his organization should be non-platformed if not worse.
Finally, here in NY, specifically in Manhattan, the Catholic Chapel that was used on 9/11/01 as a shelter is closing down. In light of the above two quotes, I feel like this is a good thing. However, it could have been used as a good P.R. outreach tool. The story with the closing of the Chapel is that the Arch Diocese of that area negotiated a plan that almost certainly would lead to the Chapels closing. This was known a month before Easter. The Chapel was unable to fund itself in less than a month and it’s closing was announced on the news on either Holy Thursday or Good Friday.
Again, this is demoralizing, incompetent and basically saying we don’t care by the Hierarchy. I guess the bright side is that some of the non-Christians, unbelievers will be helped. Maybe that money will help bring subhumans to our shores.
When the pedophile sex scandal was going on it sure seemed like some stories were specifically broken before key holidays by the media. Now, 10-15 years later, The Catholic Hierarchy are actively seeking partners now to further destroy what was a stalwart Western Institution and the souls of men.

Amy Schumer On the Cover of “InStyle’s Beauty Issue”

In a World that wasn’t the Devil’s and therefore the Jews, Amy Schumer wouldn’t exist but, it is and she does. She is famous for a lot of things, not the least that she is the niece of NY Senator and Liberal Cockroach, Charles Schumer. If Amy’s show, Inside Amy Schumer (now on hold) was the American Government, Chuck Schumer would be way in there, responsible for some terminal illness. The problem is, Chuck Schumer is way up in the American Government and a sure marker for it’s terminal illness for real.

Amy, being pretty high in the entertainment world, like her Uncle in the Government is another sign of disease. Said disease is unavoidable with Jewish infestation. It is self-destruction through self desecration, Cultural Marxism. It is a progressive disease.

Back in the 00’s, there was girl’s night out. This was parodied and memed out into the culture on Chapelle’s Show as an excuse for female debauchery. I have seen girls night out. I made it into one. I have to assume it was more tame than if I hadn’t been there. My then girl embarrassed herself with the drink and with the “ego” the drink gave her.

As I see it, the rise of Amy Schumer came from girl’s night out. Her show, the part’s I’ve seen were making fun of and pushing the extreme’s of “girl’s” or more appropriately, a drunken whore’s night out.  There were some points in Pop Culture that foreshadowed Schumer’s style of Comedy. No matter how depraved it was, Amy Schumer was popular and still is for some (((reason))).

Amy Schumer is an intersectional character in these dark days because she is also overweight. Fat Women and Fatty Enablers have been liking to see fat women in Men’s Magazine’s for a few years now effectively making the unhealthy admirable. I think Kate Upton, while incredibly beautiful, was the line of demarcation between skinny and fat. No woman excepting for rare outlier cases should be considered for men’s entertainment or serious modelling. Amy Schumer is one that should not be considered for modeling. Amy Schumer is not only too fat and Jewish but, she is also pretty weird looking. She almost looks like her face never developed into an adults face.


The fact that people like me and writers at the DailyStormer are writing to address this issue with the fatties is not a good one. The Jew and his enablers are always lowering the bar somewhere. This month, Amy Schumer is on the cover of the “InStyle” Magazine: Beauty Issue. Ms. Schumer is featured in a pool, at night floating or stroking on her back in a white bathing suit.

How many hours did it take and how many exposures were made and how much airbrushing did it take to make her look palatable?

The last I saw her, she was on a commercial in a duct tape S&M looking outfit, looking fatter than ever. How was she “InStyle.” Her flagship commercial for beer with fellow Jew, Seth Rogen, also failed. She is clearly not “InStyle” being it was  cancelled. There was also an article where she blamed the AltRight in some way for her falling out of grace with the general public. If that is the case, she is clearly not “InStyle” as we on the AltRight are still relatively unknown.

It may just be that “toxic white male masculinity” is on the rise and always in style. Hopefully it is a sign that our people are waking up and the ground fertile for us to spread our ideology.

Spread it, Dump on Her and Her Ilk and Hail Victory!!!


Note: If you get the magazine, you can find out what Amy’s 19 Favorite things are…Wow

Full Sodom and the Coffee Colored Babel

Women’s Suffrage gave way to Women’s Liberation. The Bra Burning of Women’s Liberation led to feminism. Jews showed the Gentile Women along the way from the begininning. Now women are trying to literally become men and be Mothers and Fathers at the same time.

Our History here in the States has been a never ending liberalization. When I say liberalization, I mean degeneration. The Constitution is bullshit. It is largely to blame for our ills. Lovers of Freedom and the Constitution like (((Mark Levin))) and other prominent Conservatives who have jumped on the American Exceptionalism Badwagon are cultists. 10 years ago someone like Sean Hannity was against the gays. Now, Sean Hannity is on their side and wants them on his.

This country is always fighting, always slipping more and more towards a Utopian Free-For-All exactly because we have those that dig their heels in where the Constitution and Flag stands proud always fighting those who hate the country. Those that hate the country can broadly be called Cultural Marxists.

The problem is that the Conservatives who draw their line in the sand never defend it, not enough. Their weapons are largely rhetoric and reason. They don’t see or don’t care that the defensive wall that they think is holding the “savages” at bay is really just sliding backwards.

The other thing they don’t understand or don’t care to understand is that for all their talk and all their rallies, direct action is needed. Lynch Mobs used to provide that action. Police of a higher moral standard used to perform that action. Now, skinheads and the Based Stickman provide that action.

Things are coming to an end. Liberalization cannot go much further before we are a full blown Sodom. The race realism needs to go mainstream if we Whites are going to survive as a nation. The Jew needs to go or be broken. Trump will not do enough. We need to band together.

The money men always need their money. They will slow the process of Full Sodom. Generational Bias has to be worn down too for Full Sodom to come upon us yet. My guess is by the time the Millenials are dead Full Sodom will be here.

We must do everything we can to prevent Full Sodom and a coffee colored Neo-Babel.

I commend all those that work toward our goals but,

we need more people doing more.


12 M 4

Faggy Comics

It was not until 1992 when the first homo comic character came out of the closet. It’s name is Northstar. Comics had a “Code Authority” back then, I wonder what happened to that. Northstar is a Canadian and the writers wanted to give him the AIDS. A comic book billed as the Canadian X-Men obviously needed AIDS, and a faggot.

Northstar was an ancillary character and actually didn’t do much from his introduction in 1979 until it was “cool to be gay.” The Character is pretty much a one trick pony. He is also known as the first faggot comic to get married. Not only did the faggot marry, it married some type of colored billionaire.

Since 1992, there has been an explosion in Sodomite comics characters. In 2015, Comic Book Resources, a blog and print paper, celebrated 57 Sodomite comics characters. A lot of the queers are new but surprisingly, there are a few they retreaded. More men than women too so it seems.

Notably, a young Iceman was brought into the future with the rest of the 60’s X-Men in a story by a Jew. I wonder if the Jew has some pedo tendencies. Assumedly, the Iceman stayed in the future so as not to cause some homosexual singularity.

The Catwoman is also now a Sodomite as well as a Batwoman who was one of the earlier Lesbo characters. She was marketed as the Grown-Up Woman Lip Stick Lesbo. Another old staple is Mystique from the X-Men who seems to be dating a teenager.

The big joke to all this is that most of these GRIDS characters did not exist until they started making the movies. Kids see the movies, like the truer to lore characters and some pick up the comics. Now, there’s a fag in every other book or so it seems. There must be with all the crossovers.

These fucks plan this shit. They knew they were going to make the Northstar character gay before it was made public. According to Wikipedia, the excuse they used to keep him away from women was that he always needed to work on his skiing…

Boycott and Pirate.

Don’t Look at this:

Illiterate Teachers in NY Wanted: Onward and Upward

To be a teacher, you need a Masters Degree. The fact that NY State is going to not be caring if a teacher is literate or not to me, sends up some serious red flags.

pepe retard

Maybe the whole “they’re deliberately dumbing us down.” is true and they are teaching our kids to be some type of Pavlovian controlled cog.

The story explicitly states that it’s being done for the goddamned coloreds too.

The Story from the NY Post:

State education officials plan to scrap a literacy exam given to prospective teachers and allow certification for some applicants who fail a performance assessment test — moves that critics warned will weaken the pool of candidates.

The state Board of Regents will likely vote early next week on whether to ax the Academic Literacy Skills Test, one of four exams that teacher wannabes have to pass for certification, officials said Monday.

The Regents will also consider changes to one of the other three prerequisite exams for would-be educators, the Teacher Performance Assessment, or edTPA.

Under that proposal, applicants who just barely fail the edTPA could still be certified based on other factors, including teacher recommendations.

The Rest is Here:

Niggers and Wetbacks need to go be stupid somewhere else.


The Occult as Degeneracy

Helicopter Rides

Harry Potter, Doctor Strange, and Dungeons and Dragons, popular, not popular and/or cultish stuff like this is for the most part okay. The trouble is, it plants seeds in the maladjusted. The seed could be planted in a child, teenager or adult. With the lack of family life and other meaningful structure, fantasy and magical entertainment can become a person’s raison d’etre. I know a grown woman, married even, who’s whole life is Halloween and Tim Burton’s “The Night before Christmas.” That’s bad enough but then there are the other innocuous yet stupid things people do such as cosplay which leads to shit like furries and other out there shit that atomizes society.

If you child is more worried about Gandolf shooting laser beams out of his ass than Grandma, that’s a big problem. If you are the parent of that kid and don’t care, you are an idiot and worse.

It may be that things have calmed down, the entertainers pushing spooky shit on kids, but again, the seed was planted in those who partook. At one point while the movie “Twilight” was big, passing by the Young Adult section at Barnes and Noble, every book and I mean every book that was featured prominently had to do with monsters and the like.

Now, 20 feet away from the Young Adult section is the Occult and New Age section. The young adult is eventually going to wander over there. I had friends who wanted and bought the “Satanic Bible” when they were 14 or 15. The author, (((Anton LeVay)))’s philosophy is pretty simple, indulgence. Unbridled indulgence will again lead to atomization, degradation and more bad stuff. Some that are into the Occult may say Satanism is low brow. There are definitely other routes to take. Having looked through a lot of them and now being a kind of incredulous consumer of Youtube videos of that genre, I can unequivocally say that 95% of that stuff is a scam. I suppose it could be a counter intelligence kind of product too. Whatever the reason for their being so many weird and Occultish products out there, I doubt one has ever helped somebody and again say if nothing else, it atomizes society.

I think in fact, those that watch those terrible conspiracy or spook videos and read those books on demon aliens and get wrapped up in it, could very well have been and maybe still be forged into an AltRight type.

Note: Many of these spook books and videos demonize The Reich and set the blame for everything on vague characters and actors. One of these actors are the Masons. I do believe the Masons and other Secret Societies, when the time comes do need to be shut down just as Glorious Fuhrer did it.

Tranny Pastor? Hol Up. Wat?

Tranny Pastor

Rev. S. David Wynn of Fort Worth, who identifies as a transgender male, speaks at a press conference of the Texas Believes coalition on Feb. 9, 2017. Wynn and other falth leaders from around the state gathered in Austin to help combat anti-LGBT discrimination bills proposed in the 85th Legislature. Photo Credit Bob Daemmrich for the Texas Tribune

The “man,” the “pastor,” at the podium as you should know by now from the caption was born a woman. A male to female tranny is one thing. I got over the disgust about them a long while ago. The media features them much more prominently. A female to male tranny gives me the hibi-jibis. It seems like it should be less bad than m-f but it isn’t.

Whether it’s m-f or f-m, it’s wholly unnatural. Physical aversion is a natural sensation if you encounter these people. From a Biblical standpoint, just for a man to go around in woman’s clothes or vice-versa was said to be an abomination by God Himself in, I believe, one of the Books of Moses.

This creature above judging by the old standards is some type of super-abomination. What’s worse, the homosexual, another abomination, in the New Testament was commanded to not so much as approach the Alter. Furthermore, women were not and are not supposed to be in the position of Pastor or Priest.

Religious tests aside, I think the real issue with trannies using the bathroom of their preference is probably more about the freaky women like the ones above with a beard, with body hair and balding. Women are, I think, more cruel in social situations, more apt to talk trash and more apt to clique up. They also do sometimes go to the bathroom in pairs to do more than just pee. Imagine that shitbird freak “pastor” woman walking in on girl talk. It would probably die just from embarrassment. One of the f-m its would be a lot more likely to be attacked too than some passive fruit wearing a dress.

That Pastor is down in TX. It made the news all the way up here in NY on news radio and cycled through a few times. Things are getting bad. There should be no Clergy in the above picture at all. None fighting for trans-rights. let alone a tranny Pastor should even exist.

All the people involved with these pro-tranny churches in any capacity are mentally ill. Everything about who they are and what they do are upended and backwards.