Rant: The Vaster Wasteland

It is my contention that while we have access to more information than ever, we’ve never had access to more junk than ever. If “TV was a vast wasteland,” the internet is even vaster and more of a waste. If you’re on the internet chances are, you’re in it.


Wasteland 2


I think most people would agree. I also believe that there are plenty of different forces running counter-intelligence on us while we search for the truth. I have to say I think “they” fuck with us across a broad spectrum too and probably even in teams. I cannot and will ever be able to say how much junk information I have sifted through on Youtube, let alone everywhere else. There are so many basic bitch NWO videos, I couldn’t even count them.

If we go back to 9/11, a conspiracy most everyone can probably agree is a conspiracy, think how many conflicting stories there are and how many videos deserve to be combined.

The big problem is that plants have been on the internet from the beginning. It is my assertion that the big three are Jones, Icke and Marrs. Not that there isn’t a new generation with new tricks and honest people that just fuck up. One of Obama’s advisors proposed that the Government create fake conspiracies. I think they have been for a while.

I would recommend that anyone who wants to get to the actual truth take advantage of social media like Twitter and Voat for starters. Secondly, I would recommend that everyone read news they think they can see through and read primary sourced and books that are older than our ubiquious propaganda society. Whereas 1984 and Brave New World are on the tip of everyone’s tongues, H.G. Wells has at least two NWO books, New World Order and The Open Conspiracy. He seems to have been a weird guy.


The Open Conspiracy


Please don’t become waste among the waste. Don’t get caught up in the trends or be fed by the shills. Don’t get caught up in stuff that you are not going to incoporate in your worldview and do something with. Flat Earth videos all give pretty much the same proofs.

Social Media Platforms are going to be the only place that has some semblance to an oasis.


“Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films” (2014)

A movie review by ElRon

bad news joos

The “bad news Jews” trash your childhood.


Anyone who watched cable television or went to the movies in the 1980’s has undoubtedly seen or heard of the titles Cannon Films produced. “Electric Boogaloo” is a documentary about the control of the movie company by two Israeli cousins, Menahem Golan and Yorum Globus. The duo went on to oversee the production of a number of exploitation films throughout the 1980’s and gained a reputation for being shrewd, vulgar, and unpleasant.

One of their earliest productions was “The Last American Virgin” (1982) directed by Israeli born director Boaz Davidson. This was a remake of his earlier film “Lemon Popsicle” which became the highest grossing film in Israel. The film follows teenagers as they have sex with prostitutes, obsess over genitalia, and behave like rooting animals. The film culminates in a scene where the girl our nebbish protagonist is secretly in love with gets an abortion after she is impregnated by an athletic blond haired boy. The documentary discusses how this type of film may have went over well with “foreign audiences” but was found to be off putting to Americans.

The duo also takes credit for popularizing the breakdancing fad that was seemingly ubiquitous in inner cities and eventually suburbs. With “Breakin’” (1984) and “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo,” (1984) the idea of spreading “urban” culture to uncool white kids was realized only to be matched by the “wigger” phenomenon in the 90’s.

Action films were also a mainstay of the company; with movies such as “Death Wish III,” (1985) and “Invasion USA” (1985) the duo are credited with prolonging the careers of Chuck Norris and Charles Bronson. They found themselves in financial trouble after investing in the Sylvester Stallone arm wrestling movie “Over the Top” (1987) and Dolph Lungren vehicle “Masters of the Universe” (1987), which produced very little at the box office. This led to them eventually leaving the company in the 1990’s.

Electric Boogaloo

The documentary interviews directors, actors, distributors and others who worked with the two men. There seems to be a general contempt for the duo who valued volume of product over quality. Actresses, in particular, recall horror stories of being forced to act in scenes with un-agreed upon nudity and sexual situations. They eventually picked up the moniker “the bad news Jews” from those that shared this unpleasant experience. Violence, cheap nudity and sex, and even retarded jingoism were the order of the day for these films. I can’t help but be somewhat nostalgic and a little queasy after watching this. Israelis can make the worst babysitters.


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The Dawn Of The 21st Century – Through The Lens Of Francis Parker Yockey

An Essay By Mandi_R


Materialism and Consumerism

 “…Denying facts does not remove them, nor does changing their name change their nature.”-Francis Parker Yockey, Imperium (p.333)


  Francis Parker Yockey couldn’t have been more accurate in his description of our present phase of western culture. It has become even more mechanical and driven by an outward view of materialism and self interest, rather than driven internally by high ideals, faith, and genuine creativity. The materialism from the 20th century has since been amplified by time and nourished with years of propaganda and false notions of success. As a cultural unit, we have become completely dependent on it. What is it that feeds the belly of the monster in which we call materialism? Greed, selfishness, control, a thirst for power, and consumerism. Because of this, ‘Consumerism’ is a fitting word when defining the basis for the beginning of the 21st Century.

While Yockey had predicted much of the world in which we are living in today, there were a few things that he arguably misunderstood. In his sequel to Imperium, The Enemy Of Europe, he stated that Capitalism was dead. While Capitalism today is different than it was in America during the late 1940s, it is safe to say that it is alive and well. What better economic system is there for materialism and consumerism to thrive in other than a Capitalist one?

In today’s society, quantity supersedes quality. Duplication and replication is more important than creation and originality. Our consciousness, as a whole, is now limited by the rationalizations of the materialistic finite world which we have enclosed ourselves in. Science and technique is held at a higher value than religion, spirituality, and philosophy. “Victimization” is demonstrated more and more everyday leaving Heroism to be wiped away and cleared from the minds of the masses.

We live in an era where the less that one contributes to society, the more they are rewarded for it. This inevitably puts an enormous amount of strain on the working/middle class. This burden on the middle class is getting unbearably worse while the amount of people on welfare grows exponentially every single day. Exactly why would the lower class minorities contribute when there is absolutely no incentives or benefits for them to gain by doing so? Say, for instance, that a single mother with 3 children and a low level of education gets a full time job making minimum wage. She will actually receive less money than if she were to just not work at all. People are not only getting financial support from the government for their lack of contribution, but they are actually getting higher rewards for the least amount of effort. The result of this is that it causes more and more people to become dependent on the system and leaves less room needed in order to make the necessary and vital changes to it.


Cultural Marxism:

“Liberalism is a most important by-product of Rationalism and its origins and ideology must be clearly shown.”-Francis Parker Yockey, Imperium (p.208)

“Another important by-product of Rationalism is Democracy. The word has many meanings, and in the First World War it…was declared synonymous with Liberalism.”(p.224)


Francis Parker Yockey stated that Marxism played a key role to the 20th century’s rise of capitalistic materialism. He implied that, while it was somewhat bound to the 20th century, that it would at the same time help to shape the new and forthcoming era. It has become quite evident that classical Marxism is not just a recent part of a past which helped to shape our present, but that it has in an ideological sense, adopted a life of it’s own. It has evolved into various new forms and has managed to spread almost world-wide. The core concepts are still the same, yet the methods in which it is distributed into the minds of the masses are distinctly different. It is now something reminiscent of its former self, and yet it uses a completely different means of application with a new set of ideals. It is quite evident that the propaganda has been placed in every advertisement, movie, billboard, and even the package design of certain consumer products. These beliefs stemming from the Jewish-founded Frankfurt school (founded during the period of Germany’s Weimar Republic) have re-written the former code of ethics in our society and replaced them with false notions of morality that we now call: political correctness.

Classical Marxism was about the “class struggle.” It was based on wealth, class, stature, and the “oppression” of the lower/working class who were seen as “victims” to the “privileged” bourgeois class. Classical Marxism has now become Cultural Marxism.

Cultural Marxism, while still containing the undertones of classical Marxism, is not only based on a “class struggle,” but also based on the idea of a “racial minority struggle.” Instead of it being restricted solely by class, it heavily relies upon race and culture in order to effectively distribute illegitimately falsified beliefs into the minds of the people. This has successfully created so much anger and hatred toward the white majorities. Today’s Marxist propaganda aims to provoke these minority groups into “rising up” and defeating the “dominant” culture of the West.

Marxism is the new religion. It has become the underlying force behind the course of action in which our societies are currently driven by. The Subversion tactics that have been implemented in order to allow for cultural Marxism to take root and that fuel the operations in our current society, are clever in such a way, that many Europeans and European-Americans now feel guilty simply for existing at all. So naturally, many people subconsciously believe that it would be better to sell out their own people than to be called a racist, fascist, Nazi, or a sexist. There is a phrase that has been making its rounds throughout social media that is becoming more and more evident: “Multi-Culturalism is White genocide.”


Culture Pathology: Parasitism, Distortion, and Retardation

“A unit can either fight a REAL enemy, or it must lose.”

-Francis Parker Yockey, Imperium (p.195)


Culture Parasitism:

“Anti-Semitism is precisely analogous in Culture pathology to the formation of anti-bodies in the bloodstream in human pathology. In both cases, the organism is resisting the alien life. Both are inevitable, organically necessary, expressions of Destiny.”

-Francis Parker Yockey, Imperium (p.391)

Culture parasitism is when a group from one foreign culture migrates and embeds itself into another dissimilar, foreign culture. Such two distinctly different cultures simply cannot assimilate. This is because every culture has its unique perspective. We see the world differently from one another. Neither culture is willing to compromise or give up their own beliefs for the other, nor should they. Because of this, it will become a competition determining which cultural force will grow strong enough to dominate and consume the will or influence of the other.

We can see the recurring trends all throughout history in which this type of culture-parasitism has resulted in the fall of entire civilizations. In Yockey’s Imperium, he explains that if the group is small enough, then It might not have a very large effect on the ‘host’ culture, and could potentially die off by being consumed and genetically diluted over time. On the contrary, if this parasitic group is large enough, then it will begin to change the ‘host’ from within, potentially causing irreparable harm to the cultural organism as a unit, resulting in a severe form of Cultural-illness or disease. It’s evident that miscegenation severely speeds up this process and causes a lose of both cultural and racial identity.


Culture Distortion and The Jewish Problem:

“The Jewish entity is a Cultural form-world of its own stamp, and can therefore never be assimilated by the Western Culture.” -Francis Parker Yockey, The Enemy Of Europe (p.58)

“The very fact of Culture-distortion presupposes the existence, in its inner purity, of the soul of the host-people. Distortion cannot destroy the host, but can only direct the energy of the host onto false problems, and into the direction of the interests of the parasite.” -Francis Parker Yockey, Imperium (p.534)


It becomes very clear throughout Yockey’s writings that his use of the term “Culture Distortion” is, in fact, synonymous with what today we might call “The Jewish Problem.” The truth of the matter is that most of the obstacles in which the West is presently facing, is not only brought about by Jews, but exploited and capitalized by them for their own benefit. From the subversive propaganda in the mainstream media and the false History taught in Western schools to the usury committed by the world bankers and traders. The main group who benefits from this is that of the Jew.

In The Proclamation of London 1949 Yockey states: “Between him and his Western host-surroundings there was no inner connection. He looked upon all Western developments with an even eye, the eye of the calculating spectator who seeks solely his own advantage” He then adds, “With the coming of materialism, capitalism, democracy, and liberalism, a great wave of excitement went through the Jewish world.”

The most valuable tool a cultural distorter has is complete and total control over the media. For it is he who controls the media, who creates the public opinion and, in turn, directs the masses to gravitate towards whatever direction he so desires. It is no coincidence that the majority of the mainstream media outlets are mostly owned and/or operated by Jews. Another useful asset to the distorter is to have power within the government. While this could be accomplished with enough elected officials in congress or the senate, it is generally seen in the infiltration of the judicial system. With that said, it is a little known fact that Jews are over represented in every branch of the government.

They are also over represented in the Federal Reserve banking system. (AKA the private system that operates separately and independently from our government, and yet…controls our monetary system in its entirety).

Being the capitalist government that it is, the lobbyists tend to have an extensive amount of power when it comes to forming new policies. Where there is money, there is power and incentive. Most “gentile” politicians are too weak-willed to turn away that kind of temptation. Just look at the major influence brought about by organizations such as HIAS, ACLU, ADL, WJC, SPLC, and B’nai Brith. They are all either Jewish organizations, or largely operated and funded by Jews.

In this current year alone, there are two separate bills being pushed that are superb examples of this. There is the Israel Anti-Boycott Act (S.720) and then there is the Combating European Anti-Semitism Act of 2017 (H.R.672/S.198).

(SEE: http://congress.gov for more information on the Bills)



“In this period of history (18th & 19th Centuries), America and Jewry form a Symbiosis. The head of the organism is the Jewish entity, the body is America.”

-Francis Parker Yockey, The Enemy Of Europe (p.59)


When a cultural organism (or part of which), such as America, grows sick with an inner disease-like illness, it is referred to by Yockey as Culture-Retardation. In a healthy culture that is full of high ideals and vitality, it would be very difficult for it to fall subject to culture distortion. In The Enemy Of Europe, Yockey explains that Symbiosis is formed when a Cultural-Parasite/Distorter is successful in its attempt to embed itself within its host, eventually fusing with it. This allows it to become a dominating force over the now-weakened host over a certain period of time. If a culture wasn’t already sick with culture-Retardation, then this would not be possible.

He felt that the worst enemy and the greatest threat to Europe was, in fact, American Jewry. He often used ‘American Jewry’ interchangeably with ‘The Washington Regime.’


 Mandi R


Creating Depth: A Higher Meaning Within Our Culture

“If a unit is not fighting for itself, it is fighting against itself.” – Francis Parker Yockey


Yockey had such a unique way of defining simple terms. Terms and ideas that today’s society would define in material or mechanical ways, he defined in a philosophical manner which provided so much more depth to their meaning. Heavily inspired by Oswald Spengler, Yockey viewed culture as an organism. Like every living organism, he believed that each culture has a gestation period. It has a birth or beginning,  rising growth, a fall of decline, and an end. Every culture is born, destined to grow, only to wither and decay after it inevitably meets its fate in death.

Is it possible that it could then be replenished even once the decay has taken hold? Organic forms cannot be resurrected once the body has died and rotted away. And yet, when one cycle ends another begins. Could Western Culture be like that of a Phoenix? One who’s inner fire burns to ash…only to be reborn into the dawn of a new light?

Within the entire West, we HAVE to come to the realization that it was also greed and selfishness which has led us here. We must stop looking outward and start looking inward. That’s where we can find the means to rekindle the courage that we had once possessed but have somehow lost. It’s something that’s latent within us. A dulled flame that’s dimly lit, yet it’s still there waiting for a will that is strong enough to ignite it.

With this notion, I would like to create a new term for the ambitious, esoteric goals that we must set out before us. I will call it Culture-Metamorphosis. We may never be exactly as we were, but it’s possible that we can grow and evolve into something new. A new phase of Western culture that is perhaps even better than that of its former existence.

“The Defenders” From Netflix Reviewed

Are we pretending this isn’t terrible?

Review by ElRon


Defenders 2



I was a fan of the first season and half of the Netflix show “Daredevil.” It had its flaws but was a relatable story of vigilante justice in a crime ridden city. Then Elektra showed up and it became red hot shit.  Supernatural elements came to the forefront and the avatar of the white man’s rage, Wilson Fisk, was essentially made into a bit player. I watched most of Jessica Jones (a coal burner who can punch real hard), some of Luke Cage (strong black man just wants to defend his neighborhood, of course) and barely any of Iron Fist (dopey Aryan who has yellow fever and can punch real hard). The inevitable superhero team came with this year’s “The Defenders.”


These types of shows/movies seem to take the worst elements of any given character, add in cheesy dialogue (because they never get along at first) and have them united in the third act to fight some big monster/monsters/immortal Asian gang. “The Avengers,” “Superman vs. Batman,” and the upcoming “Justice League” follow the same formula. It’s boring and seemingly made for adult toddlers and the developmentally disabled.


“The Defenders” is no different as the team comes together to fight “The Hand” led by Ripley from Alien. They crack jokes, beat up some people, and Elektra shows up as “Black Sky” to provide a romantic foil/antagonist for Daredevil and stink up the joint. It ends with “The Hand” being defeated and Daredevil seemingly killed in the process; but no, he’s alive, just like the last Superman movie. The action is very ordinary and special effects unimpressive.


Defenders 1


The modern iterations of comic book entertainment like to focus on the “everyday life” aspects of the characters. They drink heavily, engage in random promiscuous sex, and are shitty to their friends, neurotic, and selfish to boot. Gone is the wholesome idea of Superman and the American Flag, replaced by Jessica Jones banging Luke Cage after drinking shit tons of whiskey. Comics have been a “rootless cosmopolitan” creation from the start. It seems that any obfuscation of that message to the goyim has been completely discarded in favor of all out degeneracy. Where’s yenta Wonder Woman when you need her?


Editor’s Note: It sounds like another highbrow, high morality barn burner from Netflix. Be sure to subscribe today!


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Conspiracy: The Mandela Effect; It’s Bullshit

Biff Tannens

This Mandela Effect thing seems relatively new. You may have “experienced’ it.

The Mandela Effect is named after Nelson Mandela. It is supposedly a phenomenon that some people remember him dying in jail in the 80’s even though people now remember him dying a few years ago. A broader example of the Mandela Effect is that of a whole lot of people remembering  something that never was.  In the hot new conspiracy videos I’ve watched, examples of things that are remembered differently are the same in seemingly every video I’ve watched. In Back To The Future 2, Marty from the alternate timeline would be the “Mandela.”

Having watched more than several Flat Earth videos a while back, I can tell you that in all of those videos, all the speakers talked about the same aspects of Flat Earth and, gave the same proofs for Flat Earth. The only things those videos did different was give different explanations why we didn’t know the Earth was flat and/or attach different meanings to the flat earth “truth.” Add some or lose some, the proofs and basic stories were the same.

These Mandela videos are all very similar, and just as with the non existent dearth and diversity of information in Flat Earth videos, if you don’t buy what they are selling, you too will notice the similarities.

I guess I’ve watched three or for Mandela videos. Now I am wondering who is pushing these videos. I mean, four videos with strikingly similar content?

All of the videos were well produced, and half of them got into Christianity and quoted the same Bible verse. Three or maybe all of the videos went into C.E.R.N. Three went into mind control, they all went into time travel and it’s effects on the universe, some had Flat Earth and one was done by a guy who would be clinically considered mentally ill. He did touch on similar archetypes as another speaker though.


Why tho???

Does this stuff trigger people, tinge people’s personalities and infect their brains going forward? If it’s meant to keep people occupied, anyone who is paying attention is going to catch on, I think…

In closing, for anyone who thinks it is real, here’s an anecdote:

My Brother worked at a record store. Some guy came in looking for “Sex In The City.” The person who was helping the customer asked the customer if he meant “Sex And The City.” Asking that caused a big hub bub with the customer embarrassing himself.

The Show is called “Sex And The City.”

You can Google it as either.

The Biggest Reason The Movies Didn’t Make As Much Money This Week

The impression I got today was that the movies out this year weren’t as good as last year’s.

Last Year’s Comparable Weekend:

BO 2016 Top

This Year’s Comparable Weekend:

BO 2017

I’ll leave that to your tastes.

The biggest reason the gross for movies playing this weekend was about $40 million less than last year is that there were 52 more movies playing this time last year.

BO Gross Labor Day

It doesn’t mean the movies are getting any better though.

Source: Box Office Mojo

KR Reviews: Taylor Swift’s Creepy Assed Degenerate Video

The Official Video for Taylor Swift’s new single, “Look What You Made Me Do” is pretty much repulsive.

What I know about the song in general is that the music and the vocal aspects are both tight and well done – the girl can definitely sing. The best thing about this official video is the Taylor Swift’s legs, and face.

Glamorously Devilish is generally what the the video is though.

The video is definitely not Alt Right as I joked in this review: Taylor Swift’s Alt Right “Look What You Made Me Do”

The video has Occult aspects which are going to spur tons of videos like those guys over at Vigilant Citizen and Vigilant Christian make. The sad thing is, I have yet to see a video by anyone who is a self proclaimed decoder of the Occult make a video decoding the Occult in a way that wasn’t in part laughable or nonsensical.

The other problem with this video – for those who have yet to succumb to degeneracy – is gaggle of fags dancing in cut off tops with Taylor towards the end of the video.

The big quote that came out from Swift in regards to the single was something like “after she does (creates) one thing, she moves onto the next. To me, that’s uncomfortably similar to how The Grand Whore, Madonna works. Taylor Swift is still young but, like most performers is moving into territory that is going to trip up many of her young fans.

Through the video, Miss Swift seems generally pissed. Maybe the reviews and the fighting between her and other stars are things she really takes personally. There are at least two scenes where past iconic versions of herself fight with each other adding to the strangeness.

The first such instance revolves around a scene where a Taylor on a three sided cross has her iconic selves fighting to get up to her:

Taylor Cross 2

Throughout the whole video, it’s as she’s showing off as the bad girl. Maybe she is standing at a T for Taylor instead of a Masonic Brazen Serpent Cross or some such but, this symbol below is a well know Occult Cross used down through the centuries.

Brazen Serpent Cross

I’m not trying to be that guy who doesn’t know what he is talking about but this video is definitely a spin on rebirth as a bad girl. In the opening scene, Taylor rises from the grave. In the second major scene, Taylor is on a very opulent Vatican Style Throne being served by a serpent while wearing a serpent choker.

Notice the serpents wrapped around the throne:

Taylor Snakes

What does all this shit mean? Why are there tons of costume changes and other versions of Swift fighting amongst themselves? IDK. Like I said in the beginning, most everything about Tay Tay in the video is glamorously devilish excepting mostly short scenes or scenes that tease.

Speaking of teases, it took me a second to realize Swift was dancing with a bunch of raging homos in crop tops who probably all fucked each other in between takes. The fags iirc danced pretty feminine too.

I’ll spare you the pictures of those freaks and leave you with the Official Video:


If anyone can decode this video, I’d be impressed.

I think my eyes and writing on it were fair.

Note: I think her voice while speaking is pretty fucking baudy for a woman. IDK if I could date a girl with a voice like that.