And Tyrone Said: Let My People Crime

Some, a lot of big cities like NYC and LA are Sanctuary Cities. There is a trend going on in these large cities to loosen laws, particularly laws that people of color break more, way more than any Whites or Asians. Not only are laws being loosened to benefit citizen P.O.C. but, since Trump, they are being loosened to benefit illegal aliens.

Gone are the days when Jesse Jackson declared he’d be scared if he heard and then saw another negro walking behind him. These days, with its Commie Mayor and a plethora of colored Public Servants, many of darkie criminals are being given a slap on the wrist in N.Y.C. This does not bode well, not for White People or bode well for anybody. This loosening of Laws has intensified in N.Y.C. since Trump was elected.

It came to pass yesterday, that high functioning State Legislature trained negros introduced a bill in the New York State Legislature to decriminalize subway turnstile jumping.

“State Sen. Jesse Hamilton (D-Crown Heights) and Assemblywoman Tremaine Wright (D-Bedford-Stuyvesant) will propose the measure during the next legislative session.”

Hear me my fellow White Devils!

Those legislative Negroes are heroes:

“a report issued by Hamilton’s office said… “In 2016, almost 92% of those arrested for fare evasion were people of color… Many spent at least one day in jail, records show.”

Even though they can spend up to a year many News Outlets mention that.

Tens of thousands will not go to jail. Nor will they have criminal records under the relaxed laws. They will be let off easy under the proposed new law/laws and will have a lot more leeway in what they can do with their futures. Maybe a one will rob your Mother’s purse at her job where he works with her. Pot decriminalization too may mean that that pothead Jose who marries your pos daughter is more likely to be around to give her three kids and then leave for parts unknown, because:

“No one should face the nightmare of arrest, a criminal record, loss of housing or deportation over fare evasion, Hamilton said during a press conference Tuesday morning on Eastern Parkway and Franklin Ave. in Crown Heights.”

There is no reason POC do this shit other than that they are poor and constantly beaten down. We have the wrong paradigm; racists we are.

If you were them, would you want to pay a subway fare or buy one of those dank and fancy new blunt raps or a 22oz? Furthermore, if you were a nigger, would you want to help contribute to the White Man’s World?

Ain’t a nigga entitled to a 40 and a blunt in 2017?

I have to assume you’re all going to agree. After all, Jay-Z came from Bed-Stuy and he’s not only a baller but also, shot caller.

The scumshits in NYC are gearing up and insulating themselves for the race war, they are building the garrisons. This is a cycle. We’ll see how far they go this time.


All quotes are from this NY Daily News Article


With Friends Like These…

Roddy Duterte is not the friend of the Alt-Right.

Rowdy Rody Duterte, the man has become legendary because of his policy on drug dealers in his home country, The Philipines. Duterte has been portrayed as a Shitlord by some in the Alt-Right because of his bombastic rhetoric. Duterte has even seeped into Alt-Right culture with t-shirts and the like.


And so a little background from, SCMP:

“Duterte won May’s election in a landslide after a campaign dominated by his pledge to end crime within six months, promising to do so by unleashing security forces with shoot-to-kill orders.”

I don’t recall any announcements at the end of last year declaring that on such and such a date, crime had ended in The Philippines.

As most of you well know, Duterte set citizens against his drug dealing and drug addict citizens. Some have used Duterte’s brutality along with his loud mouth to springboard him into the Alt-Right mind, SCMP:

“If you know of any addicts, go ahead and kill them yourself,” Duterte told a crowd of about 500 people.Duterte also vowed to kill drug traffickers, using foul language he promised in recent weeks to “tone down” as president. “These sons of whores are destroying our children. I warn you, don’t go into that, even if you’re a policeman, because I will really kill you,” said Duterte, 71.”

I say it’s rightfully Duterte’s Country to govern now. He is going to do what he wants and that the U.S. Government should not concern itself with Duterte’s Drug Policy

Having said that and knowing Duterte is some kind of Shitlord, a recent comment of his has made has made me rethink my position on him. It has made me question why some in the Alt-Right have been quick to hype this man up and promote him as vigoursley as they have.

I wonder how many people know that The Philippines is a Communist Country. Are Communists Human? For all the talk of RWDS, this man has actual Communist Death Squads. Duterte and his government are basically anathema to what we want.

Communists have always been our biggest enemies, Communists are crazy. Yet, he has been promoted.

The real kicker on this guy though is that just recently, he said he would not come to the United States and that, The United States is lousy. This screencap from the Denver Post sums it up.

Duterte Lousy

Trump gave the guy a pass when he was first elected. Giving Duterte a pass makes sense considering that The Philippines are in the Chinese Sphere of Influence. The thing is, has Duterte gone over to the Chinese side already? It seems like it. Duterte is not on our America’s side or Trump’s. Is his Communist Country going to fight with us against somebody, The North Koreans, especially now? What even goes on over there in The

Is his Communist Country going to fight with us against somebody, The North Koreans, especially now? What even goes on over there in The Phillipines?

The big question is, why is the Alt-Right going to tolerate and admire or promote a Gookling Communist who runs his mouth against the homelands of many of us?

If you really have a hard on against drug dealers and or users, there are other shirts like “Kill Your Local Drug Dealer” and other heroes to admire.


Noose Joke on Black Not Well Received

Manhattan, the great “Melting Pot,” you may have heard of it. It has the White Mayor with a Black Wife who used to be a lesbian. Supposedly, major crimes are down and minor offenses like scrawled swastikas are on the rise.

At the Ottamanelli Butcher shop on Bleeker St., one of the Ottamanelli’s offered a noose to a Black delivery driver.

“If you ever have any stress, just put it around your neck and pull it. I could even help you with it,” Ottomanelli allegedly told the 36-year-old deliveryman as he laughed, the Daily News reported.”

This delivery driver seems kind of soft. He claims he was the victim of other insensitive talk before at the butcher shop in question. This time, his feelings were so hurt, he filed a police report.

Police are investigating, they have opened a Hate Crimes Task Force Investigation. The delivery driver is not going back. The 50 year old Butcher Shop has other Blacks coming and going the Butcher doesn’t know what the problem is.

Blacks always have a problem with something. Have you ever been behind one at a drive-thru???

Shoahed: Never Again is Now

The Jews, Eternal Victim, The Chosen, Better Than Us:

While the seasoned and renowned Counter-Semite Team at The Daily Stormer did call the rape storm of  anti-semetic antics, namely the bomb threats, as they saw them correctly, Jewish Hoaxes against their own, some of us still wanted to wait while the jury was out before calling anything. The Heroes at the Daily Stormer were indeed right though. Now, no sooner has the case of this traumatic bludgeoning been solved, our attention is turned to a new case: Middle and High School Swastikas.

This is as if the Joker, who really was unmasked as Bruce Wayne was caught and now Harley Quinn is out there on the loose. Check out this screencap:


These stories are just from NY alone and a with all almost no time researching such a thing.

The latest acid on the face of Jews was reported yesterday as a yet unknown culprit in a Westchester Middle School scrawled a Swastika in a boys bathroom. No picture has been shown but, the goodish reporters, the ones with all the resources at not just CBS and the Jewish Daily Forward have covered the story.

The Magnanimous Jew…I’m just talking about one in particular, Town Supervisor, Robert Greenstein found the Swastika in the School on Sunday and really just chalked it up to kids being kids.

No report on why the Town Supervisor Greenstein was in the School on a Sunday morning.

Mr. Greenstein knows, like Hitler did, that you have to get the kids young. He is calling on community leaders to sell tolerance and quell ignorance.

Thanks Jews


The Clintons live in this School District

They Came Here for Better Life

Brentwood, NY. It’s on Long Island. At this point in history it is overrun by Mestizos. They all came here for a better life, right? They’ve got tons of soccer fields and the town/city is home to Entenmann’s , which is a maker of cake and cake snacks. It was mentioned on Seinfeld once. My guess is the factory store takes SNAP.

Brentwood and maybe five miles North of it and five miles South is solidly Mestizo or minority inhabited. In fact, Brentwood is probably the area that contains the most Mestizos on all of Long Island.

You might meet someone from there and they’ll tell you they’re from there. They want you to think they’re ruff and ready or, some such. It may have a few nice sections but, I really have no idea. Come to think of it, the vibrancy some of them brought spilled out into some towns east of there too.

The fact is, most White people aren’t going to know much more about the area.

Anyway, 10 MS 13 Gang Members, all here illegally were just arrested today after a 2-3 month search.

At least some of them were involved with murdering two colored high school girls in the middle of a neighborhood with bats and machetes. What cost the two colored girls their lives? Some type of verbal and online argument.

I don’t think we need that type of culture here. Soccer is something else we don’t need and, these Mestizos, these little Mestizos, a whole lot of their properties look like shit too. They can all murder each other somewhere else.

Local MSM Story Here:

MS-13 Gang Members Arrested In Connection With Brentwood Teen Murders

4 Times Deported

They used to say the “streets are paved with gold” here in America. Now some jagoffs may give you a hard time just for calling the U.S., America. That may not be a bad thing as our neighbors immediately to the south here on the continent are a borderline Narco-State and our Northern Neighbor is run by a cuck. What the rest of the Nation-States to our south are, are anyone’s guess. They can’t be too good since their citizens are steadily moving here, to the U.S. to indulge themselves in our wealth.

Coming into our Country illegally makes you one time the criminal. If you make yourself a criminal on the regular once you are here, there really can be gold in the streets both figuratively and literally depending on where you are. Most of these illegal immigrants are here looking for the path of least resistance. Cut a lawn, butcher some cattle, rob a house and make some cash.

Julio Nivelo, aka Mark Vargas works a little bit harder to make his illegal American Dream and it payed off.

All day, all along the streets in Manhattan, trucks are loading and unloading. If you are an opportunistic thief and find pattern in the who, what, and where of the truck activity, you can make more than a pretty good living quickly filching and fencing valuables off of the backs of trucks.


Julio Nivelo is like a real life troll excepting that he repeatedly invades your country to exact his toll. No one gives a shit about his native Ecuador.

Nivelo is believed to be 53 and about 5’5″. Amazingly, in his biggest known heist yet, he was able to walk off with 86lbs of Gold Flake from an armored car. He walked the pale of gold about a half a mile on camera.

His latest crime spree took place between May and August. Nivelo is believed to be in California and is suspected in numerous other “off the back of a truck robbery.” Nivelo is a career criminal. He has been deported 4 times since 1994.

He has successfully evaded law enforcement on this and other matters since August even with what must be minutes of CCTV footage.