1500 Year Old Jewish Illuminati Pyramid Art?

I am not sure when the “Illuminati” symbols of the eye and the pyramid became popular. I assume it was when “Pop Culture” became a thing. The pyramid and the eye, as seen below, were added to the dollar bill as part of “The Great Seal Of The United States” in 1935. What you see below is on the left side of the dollar.


All Seeing Eye Coin


Nobody in the Conspiracy Circles really talk about it other than to say it comes from Freemasonry and Freemasonry has mythical origins.

However, I did find an image that bears resemblance to the to today’s pyramid and eye on a copy of “Selected Writings From The Talmud,” the Babylonian Talmud.


Talmud Penguin


The Babylonian Talmud was the original Talmud. It was first developed while the Jews were in captivity in Babylon. As far as I know, this was the first time they codified the mixing of their religion and laws with another nation’s.

Amazon here, says that the picture is a piece of artwork in the pavement at a Synagogue called the Beth Alpha Synagogue. It has been there since the 6th Century.

What it means in the grand scheme of things, that will have to be further researched


Rant: The Vaster Wasteland

It is my contention that while we have access to more information than ever, we’ve never had access to more junk than ever. If “TV was a vast wasteland,” the internet is even vaster and more of a waste. If you’re on the internet chances are, you’re in it.


Wasteland 2


I think most people would agree. I also believe that there are plenty of different forces running counter-intelligence on us while we search for the truth. I have to say I think “they” fuck with us across a broad spectrum too and probably even in teams. I cannot and will ever be able to say how much junk information I have sifted through on Youtube, let alone everywhere else. There are so many basic bitch NWO videos, I couldn’t even count them.

If we go back to 9/11, a conspiracy most everyone can probably agree is a conspiracy, think how many conflicting stories there are and how many videos deserve to be combined.

The big problem is that plants have been on the internet from the beginning. It is my assertion that the big three are Jones, Icke and Marrs. Not that there isn’t a new generation with new tricks and honest people that just fuck up. One of Obama’s advisors proposed that the Government create fake conspiracies. I think they have been for a while.

I would recommend that anyone who wants to get to the actual truth take advantage of social media like Twitter and Voat for starters. Secondly, I would recommend that everyone read news they think they can see through and read primary sourced and books that are older than our ubiquious propaganda society. Whereas 1984 and Brave New World are on the tip of everyone’s tongues, H.G. Wells has at least two NWO books, New World Order and The Open Conspiracy. He seems to have been a weird guy.


The Open Conspiracy


Please don’t become waste among the waste. Don’t get caught up in the trends or be fed by the shills. Don’t get caught up in stuff that you are not going to incoporate in your worldview and do something with. Flat Earth videos all give pretty much the same proofs.

Social Media Platforms are going to be the only place that has some semblance to an oasis.

The Jewish Messiah


Jews Concerned


Before he was crucified, Jesus proclaimed that Jerusalem would be destroyed and that not one stone of the Temple would be left upon one another. That prophesy came to pass. The Romans by 70 A.D. did what Jesus said was going to happen. As it was also foretold, the Jews were dispersed to all the world. I think that happened some years later.

Just as Jesus foretold the destruction of the Temple, Daniel prophesied of the Jews return to Judah and Jerusalem and the coming of Jesus. He even spoke cryptically of the ultimate destruction of Jerusalem.

Daniel lived in Babylon. He was just in God’s eyes though. Other Jews however did not keep themselves justified. In fact, they started combing through the laws that were handed down and expanding them, reinterpreting them, stretching them, adding and taking away from them.

The unjust Jews in Babylon created a new tradition. They created the Talmud and over time, at least 32 volumes of new law were created from the four relatively small books of the law, the Torah.

Jews during Jesus’s time and Jews from the time of the Babylonian Captivity until now follow the Talmud. Each Jew follows it to a varying degree but, don’t ever let them tell you they follow the Torah. When they say that they are just shortening the answer because you don’t need to know and they’re not trying to convert you anyway.

Jesus didn’t care for the keepers of the new tradition, He also said that those under their tutalige become twice the child of hell for their lessons. If you think about that number and transformation over time, you should watch your step.

The Jews had had it bad for a while. At this point though, they are doing so well that I believe if you ran the statistics, those statistics would point to something else, something extraordinary going on.

The Talmud with all it’s laws and wisdom has truly elevated the Jew. The power they have is too much to list.

They got the land they claim is theirs back. They have “Christian” Preachers proclaiming and fooling 10s of thousands of Americans into thinking the return of the Jew is some kind of miracle. In reality, some kind of deal was struck by Jews for the land in 1917, during WWI. It was called the Balfour Declaration. It set aside the Holy Land for the Jews eventhough it was currently held by one of the war’s belligerents, The Ottoman Empire.

What’s funny about the Balfour Declaration was that the Germans, The Ottoman’s and the others of that alliance were winning… by a lot.

Well, it must have been a miracle because soon after the Jews secured the Balfour Declaration from Britain, Woodrow Wilson was persuaded to send the U.S. to the war. Unfortunately, passenger ship sailed into hostile waters even after German interests did everything they could to warn any and all ships from the territory. While Americans were outraged that the ship was sunk by the Germans, outraged to the point of war, they may have been at least somewhat comforted by the fact that the munitions that the passenger ship was smuggling probably ensured a quick death for the passengers with questionable judgement.

In WWII too, the British again promised the Jews much. About three years after the war Israel was created. Many wars were fought and many wars were won. Israel and other Jews stabbed us and other allies in the back, even for nuclear secrets.

Most of the world now knows, the Jews do what they want. Whoever their god is is no god that I am interested in but it sure is interesting for to watch those Jews pull themselves up from their bootstraps with the help from their god.

The Jews only want a little more. Their god is definitely going to have to take from America and other European Countries to sate them. They’ll probably take everything. I think they’ll take stuff from most if not all of us personally too.

Do The Rothschilds Own Jerusalem?

The Rothschild Family has been famous or infamous depending on who you ask for generations.

Today in both Conspiracy, Truther and AltRight circles, the Rothschilds are thought of as big movers and shakers that are able to make the world move. They supposedly fueled much of the prominence of the British Empire, instigated the American Civil War and had a hand in creating the Federal Reserve through proxies.

Some even say George Soros is a Rothschild proxy, actually the head proxy for the Rothschilds presently.

The Rothschild Family are clearly movers and shakers. Their names have had too much prominence for too many years. On November 29, 1829 in a paper called The Niles Register it was reported that Baron Rothschild actually bought Jerusalem. 1829 is over a hundred years before the modern day nation state of Israel was founded.


Rothschilds Buy Jerusalem Niles Register 11-28-1829


Having been into politics since around 2001, I have never heard the above. I just found it today. I believe it is a fact that the Rothschilds paid for the Israeli Supreme Court. I also believe that The Rothschilds have a lot to do with Central Banking.

I have heard rumors that the Rothchilds own Israel. I have read in a book called “The Transfer Agreement” which is about the first Jews to Modern Israel from Hitler’s Germany before WW2 started, that one of the plans was to have the land under central ownership. Could it be a play on the dividing of the land as when the Biblical Aaron led the Ancient Israelites into the land?

Something is going on. Hopefully other readers and researchers here on Steemit can use the information I’ve stumbled upon.



Julian Assange Is Studying Up On (((What))) Now?


Assange 1


There was a popular far right internet meme that was the work of the Alt Right. Parenthesis arranged like these ((())), triple parenthesis around a name or some such denoted Jewish, ex. (((Albert Einstein))).

This meme and marker devised by the Alt Right’s became so ubiquitous that eventually even “The Paper Of Record,” The New York Times did a small weekend feature on it. I believe the Anti-Defamation League or The Southern Poverty Law Center added the triple parenthesis otherwise known as the “echo” to a list of Hate Symbols.

Jews as they are want to do banded together against the “echos”. Some Jews reacted by tagging themselves with the triple parenthesis. Those Jews ranged from everyday men and women to public servants and everyone in between.

As coincidence would have it, Wikileaks Founder, Julian Assange was prepping one of his 2016 election releases as Jewish Twitter users were marking themselves with the triple parenthesis. Assange, according to his word, did not know what the meaning of the triple parenthesis was or know about the controversy surrounding them. He was asked if he did after he Tweeted wondering about the “echos.” What he Tweeted was to ask why so many establishment social climbers were using the denotation.

The story on that from The Jewish Daily Forward is here.

These past few days, it looks like Mr. Assange is releasing information on the state of Russian Surveillance. Today Assange is very focused on a secession vote in Catalonia, Spain.

The thing that is very interesting is that he was asking about Jewish influence in the U.S. a few days ago as evidenced below:

Assange Jews 1

Assange Jews 2


The answer is right but the bigger questions are why is this an interest now, is he going to go after Jews and Zionists and is there a bigger Trump/Jewish/Zionist connection?

Depending on how Assange moves forward and what he finds, he could be in the most danger of his career.

Weev’s Call For Violence, WTF? For What?


weev white shirt


After the Unite The Right Rally violence in Charlottesville, VA “The Web’s Most Popular Pro-Genocide Republican Website,” the DailyStormer found itself out of a home. It’s domain registry was revoked by GoDaddy and subsequently it’s domain seized by Google. For three or four weeks, The Daily Stormer had no other home other than the dark web.

In the meantime, Gab.ai, a pro free speech platform akin to Twitter became the sounding post for the publisher of the Daily Stormer, one Andrew Anglin.

Right away he got into trouble for being involved with a post very similar to the one that got his site’s registration revoked and seized. Complaints by those watching Anglin were made to the Gab.ai site. The site’s CEO Andrew Torba asked Anglin to remove the post. Upon that request, Anglin made a big stink but the matter was resolved amicably.

The resolution to the above was come to publicly and Gab.ai’s terms of service including prohibited content was made clear to everyone watching the exchange by Andrew Torba.

Several days went by. Things normalized. The thing is Gab and Andrew Torba had another problem with another figure on the far right named Vox Day who apparently was in the process of or who still is in the process of filing suit against Gab for a reason I have yet to figure out. It has to do with alleged defamation by Gab users against Vox and his readers.

Vox clearly stated last Friday, 9/15 on his blog that he was sending the information on the defamatory posts over to the Asia Registrar, the registry at which Gab.ai was registered. It seems that with the public in the know Vox Day’s plans, Gab was in trouble.

Enter weev:

Andrew Aurenheimer, aka weev is a weird moody and angry little guy. He’s very good with computers. He’s so good that he once figured out AT&T/Iphone code. He did get caught doing that though and spent a few years in a minimum security prison before ironically, Jewish Lawyers got him out on appeal.

weev right now, is basically the right hand man to Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer, he’s the backend tech guy. Having spoken to him online numerous times, he seems like he is very weary of the law. In being as such, you wouldn’t think he would be so stupid as to write a call for violence on any website let alone Gab, the website that helped out him and his employer.

Here is what he wrote:


There are a huge number of persistent rumors about this guy. He is a liar and cagey. The Daily Stormer was and is back up, they don’t need Gab anymore. As I stated earlier, it was public knowledge that Vox Day was launching a legal volley against Gab to days before weev made the threat.

Being well connected, could weev and maybe even Vox being paid to take Gab.ai down by someone? Gab has been on a hot streak lately. It is one of the few places where you can “speak freely” I don’t get it.

Honestly, I don’t think Vox is involved in some plot with weev but I do think it is weird that weev, the guy that is supposed to be super smart is going to shit where he eats. Something is not right.

The publisher of The Stormer seems to be involved in this too. Mr. Anglin from my perspective is covering and obfuscating for weev. He is also making what seem veiled threats or taunts against the Gab CEO and swaying his diehard knuckle-dragging follower’s opinions against Gab.

Either way, all the people crying about weev can shove it up their asses.

Conspiracy: The Mandela Effect; It’s Bullshit

Biff Tannens

This Mandela Effect thing seems relatively new. You may have “experienced’ it.

The Mandela Effect is named after Nelson Mandela. It is supposedly a phenomenon that some people remember him dying in jail in the 80’s even though people now remember him dying a few years ago. A broader example of the Mandela Effect is that of a whole lot of people remembering¬† something that never was.¬† In the hot new conspiracy videos I’ve watched, examples of things that are remembered differently are the same in seemingly every video I’ve watched. In Back To The Future 2, Marty from the alternate timeline would be the “Mandela.”

Having watched more than several Flat Earth videos a while back, I can tell you that in all of those videos, all the speakers talked about the same aspects of Flat Earth and, gave the same proofs for Flat Earth. The only things those videos did different was give different explanations why we didn’t know the Earth was flat and/or attach different meanings to the flat earth “truth.” Add some or lose some, the proofs and basic stories were the same.

These Mandela videos are all very similar, and just as with the non existent dearth and diversity of information in Flat Earth videos, if you don’t buy what they are selling, you too will notice the similarities.

I guess I’ve watched three or for Mandela videos. Now I am wondering who is pushing these videos. I mean, four videos with strikingly similar content?

All of the videos were well produced, and half of them got into Christianity and quoted the same Bible verse. Three or maybe all of the videos went into C.E.R.N. Three went into mind control, they all went into time travel and it’s effects on the universe, some had Flat Earth and one was done by a guy who would be clinically considered mentally ill. He did touch on similar archetypes as another speaker though.


Why tho???

Does this stuff trigger people, tinge people’s personalities and infect their brains going forward? If it’s meant to keep people occupied, anyone who is paying attention is going to catch on, I think…

In closing, for anyone who thinks it is real, here’s an anecdote:

My Brother worked at a record store. Some guy came in looking for “Sex In The City.” The person who was helping the customer asked the customer if he meant “Sex And The City.” Asking that caused a big hub bub with the customer embarrassing himself.

The Show is called “Sex And The City.”

You can Google it as either.