Is Alex Jones And Infowars Floundering?

Jones put out the weirdest video live during the Unite The Right. It’s incredibly hard to watch with undivided attention. I am not the only one who had that problem.


“Virginia Riots Staged To Bring In Martial Law…”


According to Jones, the “Neo Nazi’s” at the Unite The Right Rally were some type of government plants and theylink back to some grand conspiracy. Again, according to Jones, there were only about 50 of them there and they worked with the police to trap legitimate conservative protestors with Antifa.

The problem is, there were no Conservatives at the Unite The Right Rally, it was a Far Right Rally. Yet, Jones repeats this conspiracy bullshit. The man does not really believe this, he is most likely an intelligence assest who set up a honey pot in the early days of the internet to get out ahead of the curve.

At this point, technology has become so cheap that those who are new to politics and those who have been around for a decade or more, can male there own media.

The smart money knows Alex Jones and all those like him are pieces of shit. Jones on his part has been good with keeping up with the trends but the chans and experience changed things.

Alex had to get out in front of things with this rally to keep his cult base with glazed over eyes.

We should be attacking all the bullshit we see online and destroying the gatekeepers whether or not they are shills.


Jones Bullhorn 1


Woe Unto the Gatekeeper

Woe Unto the Gatekeeper for He Leadeth Many Off the Cliff


10 Best Memes 6-25 8


It has often been said that TV is a vast wasteland.

In America, we have freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

To control the freedom of the press, the power of the press had to be bought out.

It has been.

Pretty much all the channels on TV are owned by six companies.


The internet is potentially a problem here in America, we cannot be arrested as our Brothers in Canada and Europe can be for what we say.


While there are promising websites emergent and blooming, many tares have been spread among the wheat.

These people are Gatekeepers, they run the romper room and they are there to keep you occupied with nonsense.

The big three gatekeepers are David Icke, Jim Marrs and Alex Jones.

Jim Marrs is dead.

He never really had much of an internet footprint, Marrs was more of a writer.

He did do a decent amount of videos and interviews and it will be interesting if someone takes his place.

There are not a few lower level Romper Room Referees that lie through their teeth.

A replacement for Marrs will not come from them though.


In terms of capability, we are sort of in between generations at this point in time.

Many people can create content now.

Too many stupid people have money and have been able to make copycat conspiracy content.

Alt Right content is proliferating but still in it’s embryonic state.


The Alt Lite is another wellspring for content but, the Alt Lite or New Right is a fad.


The Alt Right and White Identity politics is the future, get on the train and dump the Gatekepers, Kooks and Fads.

Anything that is worth wild from the other groups can be brought forward.

Someone like Jay Dyer could be a model of that model.

An Inconvenient Sequel, Truth to Power

I randomly caught Al Gore being interviewed on NPR on Friday night. I’m sure a lot of people heard that. The guy is about as interesting he’s ever been. Some of his phrasing while answering friendly questions was truely bizarre. Par for the course I guess.

ManBearPigHe tried his hand at Cryptozoology but, he’s back to his first love.

I know Gore was on Anderson Cooper. Cooper didn’t give him a warm or sympathic interview. Mark Dice covered that. I think I saw a clip of him somewhere else too.

In the NPR interview, the man was still super-serial about fighting Global Warming. He said he updates his presentation everyday and even once had a three carousel slide show.


I mean what a fucking asshole, right?

All Gore would be nothing but a conspiracy theorist if he wasn’t at one time the Vice President.

Gore claims he has access to brand new satellites sort of like Alex Jones has all of the “White Papers” and Elite friends.

The man is certainly full of himself and most definitely a sociopath. Remember he invented the internet? Not only that, we all know NAFTA resulted in no jobs leaving the country for cheap labor in Mexico, just as predicted by Gore.

World Economic Forum, WEF, in Davos, Switzerland - 18 Jan 2017He’s getting pretty old and his face is looking pretty ruddy. I don’t know what his descent is but he looks like an ugly Italain with constipation. I hope he dies soon.

It seems like no one even knew his sequel for An Inconvenient Truth came out. On the movie posters, he was trying to get a hashtag going, #truthtopower. I’d be surprised if 50 people used that hashtag since the sequel came out on 7/2817. Most of the people who did use it are blacks or shitlibs tweeting to Whitey and Trump respectively.

Nobody saw this shit tier movie except for loons.

From the Washington Times:

“An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” drew a lukewarm response from moviegoers, ranking 15th at the box office in its first weekend of wide release”

Lukewarm is being kind. Al Gore is basically a whining, nagging wet blanket. Bill Clinton probably just needed a boring loser for VP to help cover his sex swinging saxophone lifestyle.

“The sequel to Mr. Gore’s influential 2006 climate-change documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” has earned about $1 million since its limited release July 28”

The film is in full release now, as of 8/4/17. It got pretty mixed reviews across the top three movie review aggregator sites. In the two articles I’ve read though the narrative for why Gore’s film failed is as follows:

“In a Monday post headlined “Al Gore Gets Ripped Off Again,” he said Paramount had botched the nationwide release with its two-weekend platform strategy, instead of seizing on anti-Trump momentum to whip up enthusiasm with a splashy one-weekend launch.”

It wouldn’t have helped. Who is thinking about The Paris Accords?

Anyway, this “Climate Change” and “Global Warming” stuff is mostly bunk and it was largely debunked shortly after Gore’s first film.

It will be interesting to see Gore interviewed 10 years from now so we can see what he is occupying himself with.

Ding Dong The Gatekeeper is Dead

Lying Conspiracy Scumbag Jim Marrs is Going in the Dirt

To me, Jim Marrs is probably the most famous conspiracy guy/truther a lot of people have never heard of. If there are a big three shills, it’s Alex Jones, David Icke and Jim Marrs. Jones does radio and a website, Icke does mostly lectures and books and Jim Marrs did mostly books.

Marrs had his big break when Oliver Stone optioned his Kennedy Assassination book for the movie JFK. Marrs was also a mainline reporter before he veered off into working for the system. He sold a ton of books after the JFK book, most if not all were NY Times Best Sellers.

One of the stupidest things I’ve seen him do is to give a presentation telling his audience and the camera that the media, including books, are controlled by six companies. How his audience did not realize that his publisher, Harper Collins is owned by one of those six companies, I’ll never know.

Marrs rode a lot of trends and spread disinfo argue info for the unthinking about all of them as far as I can tell. He had a distinctive style and was one of “those” TX guys. I don’t have a problem with TX though I have a problem with assholes. Marrs also had what I believe was a practiced charm. There are some presentations on Youtube where he makes the same jokes and even laughs at them. Someone who does that and someone who gives the same presentations over and over again are more often than not scam artists.

Topics Marrs covered were aliens, kosher ancient aliens, a fantastical Nazi narrative, the financial crisis and population control.

For a man that was supposed to be a great researcher, he didn’t know the correct name for the Nazi Party. He also made a lot of money incorrectly teaching that the largely Jewish Neocons were modern Nazis setting up a Fourth Reich. He was also Anti-Christ and Anti-Bible.

I hope to one day soon debunk his garbage.