“The Defenders” From Netflix Reviewed

Are we pretending this isn’t terrible?

Review by ElRon


Defenders 2



I was a fan of the first season and half of the Netflix show “Daredevil.” It had its flaws but was a relatable story of vigilante justice in a crime ridden city. Then Elektra showed up and it became red hot shit.  Supernatural elements came to the forefront and the avatar of the white man’s rage, Wilson Fisk, was essentially made into a bit player. I watched most of Jessica Jones (a coal burner who can punch real hard), some of Luke Cage (strong black man just wants to defend his neighborhood, of course) and barely any of Iron Fist (dopey Aryan who has yellow fever and can punch real hard). The inevitable superhero team came with this year’s “The Defenders.”


These types of shows/movies seem to take the worst elements of any given character, add in cheesy dialogue (because they never get along at first) and have them united in the third act to fight some big monster/monsters/immortal Asian gang. “The Avengers,” “Superman vs. Batman,” and the upcoming “Justice League” follow the same formula. It’s boring and seemingly made for adult toddlers and the developmentally disabled.


“The Defenders” is no different as the team comes together to fight “The Hand” led by Ripley from Alien. They crack jokes, beat up some people, and Elektra shows up as “Black Sky” to provide a romantic foil/antagonist for Daredevil and stink up the joint. It ends with “The Hand” being defeated and Daredevil seemingly killed in the process; but no, he’s alive, just like the last Superman movie. The action is very ordinary and special effects unimpressive.


Defenders 1


The modern iterations of comic book entertainment like to focus on the “everyday life” aspects of the characters. They drink heavily, engage in random promiscuous sex, and are shitty to their friends, neurotic, and selfish to boot. Gone is the wholesome idea of Superman and the American Flag, replaced by Jessica Jones banging Luke Cage after drinking shit tons of whiskey. Comics have been a “rootless cosmopolitan” creation from the start. It seems that any obfuscation of that message to the goyim has been completely discarded in favor of all out degeneracy. Where’s yenta Wonder Woman when you need her?


Editor’s Note: It sounds like another highbrow, high morality barn burner from Netflix. Be sure to subscribe today!


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As It Stands, Federal Law States Whites Can Never Be A Minority

The video below shows an exchange between a woman from Fontana, CA and some kind of Official. According to both aforementioned parties, Fontana, CA has a population where Hispanics are the Majority. As it is said by the Official in the video though Whites cannot legally be a Minority.

This is somewhat troubling to me and it should be troubling to you no matter your race or ethnicity. It seems in the race for equality and social justice, White people are currently screwed under Federal Law.

If not fixed, people who were once true numerical minorities in our Republican Democracy will get all sorts of advantages based on their skin color. Keep in mind that California already has an Hispanic Majority.

…I thought the cover photo kept it lite…

See Cultural Marxism

Turok, The (Black) Dinosaur Hunter – He Hunts Dino Fascists bc Slavery

Turok the Dinosaur Hunter may not have been the most popular property but the property has been around in Sci-Fi Comics since 1956. Turok was definitely nothing to sneeze at. There have been several volumes of the book and more than two video games made. Turok could hold it’s weight.

In 1956, Turok was a simply a “feathers” Indian that lived in a land amongst dinosaurs. Later on in the 90’s, the character was upgraded to hunt with fancy weapons and hunt more often. He was younger. In the beginning of August, a company that seemingly cannot hold its own weight, Dynamite introduced a new version of Turok.

It seems like not many stories can mind their own business any more, regardless of the format. They ned to interject theselves into the real world and do so with an agenda. It’s pretty awesome that in the age of ever increasing identity politics that we get a classic character so updated for the times. The Black Turok is now fighting against slavery and serfdom. Is he fighting against slavery and serfdom in the Middle East where Black are still slaves to Arabs?

Black Turok  actually is fighting “Fascist” dinosaurs. The kicker though is that the Fascist dinos dress exactly like Nazis. The Nazi dinos have both armbands and collar tabs.

Honestly, I was going to review this book but seeing there’s also normalized hot man on dino action in the first few pages, the above is enough.

nigger turok


Hucksters Are Bad Mm’Kay

At least once a day I take a break with some oddball stuff on Youtube.

To win this war, we will need to win the minds of a lot of everyday people. The thing is, the everyday people are drawn to the oddball stuff too and for the wrong reasons. Maybe the oddball stuff is entertaining. Maybe the oddball stuff has an affect similar to seeing a gory car crash. Maybe the fear instilled by some of the gatekeepers keep their viewers and patrons coming back enchanted in some weird Stockholm Syndrome.

We need to cleanse the minds of people brainwashed by misinformation by at least planting the seed. In many cases, I believe, deliberate disinformation is put out and for nefarious purposes. Both of the above types of information will send anyone who spends anytime on oddball or shill sites, those who are inexperienced >>>

Rabbit Hole Down the

These hucksters or disinformation artists can create nutters of varying degrees. False information is a terrible thing to believe in, especially nutter information. To believe in and talk about nutter information in our society can and will make people fear you.

If you listen to anybody on this list and think any of these commentators are super-serial or otherwise on the level, you need to reassess what you are doing and how you are thinking.

  1. Alex Jones is a shill
  2. David Icke is a shill
  3. Jim Marrs was a shill
  4. Jordan Maxwell is a fucking lying devil
  5. Michael Tsarion is the same
  6. Gerald Celente is an egotistical guene shill
  7. Paul Joseph Watson is a shill with low T
  8. Mark Passio is an impotent dork
  9. Walter Veith is a pompus kike
  10. Anyone on Infowars regularly is a shill
  11. Anyone who says it’s the Jesuits is fucking weird
  12. Anyone who says White People are the true Israelites is deranged and possibly dangerous
  13. Renegade Broadcasting is pretty odd
  14. Rebel Media is shit
  15. Astrotheology is a trick and you need to read your Bible more
  16. Texe Marrs hocks too many books
  17. Freeman is a dirty hippie huckster that always talks about the same shit

Stay away from the rabbit hole!

Rabbit W-AK

There are more of them people. I am sure.

We need to start doing everything we can to wake motherfuckers up.

A Lovely Young Lady’s Tale of UTR Charlottesville

Presented as it was written.


Double, 18 twice.