The Ever Child-Like Adults Of America

What some stores carry is a reflection of the American spirit.

I was in a Barnes and Noble today. The place had more Graphic Novels and Manga racks than anything else besides fiction. My general rule is to never buy anything at that store excepting for a magazine but magazines are junk anyway.

The Barnes and Noble in question had lot on war but that was really the highlight of the non-fiction section. The most based books they had were from Adolf Hitler and Albert Speer. I don’t think much else was a primary source.

I consider most of the rest of the store junk. The value of Barnes and Noble’s wares in my mind is about as valuable as what conspiracy theorists have to offer on Youtube. In my assesment, what both merchants are giving you has to be sifted through and carefully weighed.

Knowledge is noteasily foun in a commercial bookstore.

These days, music is not easily found in a brick and mortar music store. The racks in the two stores I know take up less than half the space of the store.

In the stead of music, there is a poorly organized movie section that is just as sparse with titles.

What you can find in these music stores are knick knacks, fad items and candy. Personally, I would throw my money away before I became some weirdo with arrested development.

Music can be bad enough but now these places are lifestyle stores and they promote a lifestyle of adolescents.

A Lovely Young Lady’s Tale of UTR Charlottesville

Presented as it was written.


Double, 18 twice.

Nazi Captain America’s Final Showdown: Secret Empire Pt 1

The “Nazi” Captain America Gimmick comes to a close

Captain America was revealed to be working for the Fascist/Terroist Organization, Hydra in May of 2016.  Steve Rogers: Captain America 1 contained the reveal. It was covered by The Daily Stormer here:

Hydra is a staple Marvel villain organization. This time it was lead from the shadows by The Red Skull. While Hydra does not don the Swastika, it was arguable that Cap was a secret Nazi.

Secret Empire 0

The good Captain launched his coup against the U.S. on April 20, 2017 in issue 0 of “Secret Empire, pictured above.

How big is this event? It didn’t only commemorate Hitler’s Birthday, it’s Yuuge and Yuuger than Yuuge.

The writer of Cap and the Jews over at Marvel and Disney have been raking in the dough with this one. After nearly a year’s build up, it has been turned into the Marvel summer crossover event.

The Marvel/Disney Jews are releasing 11 issues of “Secret Empire” and around 65 books that tie-in to it. I am not sure how many books lead in to “Secret Empire” but bet Marvel’s kike bean counters do. Like with the movies, comics too have a summer blockbuster season.

I doubt anything the world of comics has brought more industry and mainstream press attention as of late than Cap to Marvel Comics. The writer has been literally fighting people on Twitter every day for over a year now.

Nick Spencer, he’s an half a fag but pretty confident.

The Cap property had really been sucking wind for a while before this, for two to three years. There was a weird Sci-Fi volume of Cap and a dumbed down Cap title that featured his Negro partner, The Falcon as Captain America.

I read through acts one and two of “Secret Empire,” issues 1-6. For a United States that is run by Captain America and Hydra, Nick Spencer did a disappointing amount of world building. We do not see how Cap takes the Government.

Secret Empire 1 800

Here we see a 3-2 Woman Hero to Man Hero Ratio and Most of the Characters aren’t in the Book.

What we do see Marvel and Spencer do with the series is take advantage of a plot point to show off many of Marvel’s new diverse characters. They stay with safe ones. There hasn’t been any queer stuff yet.

One of the gay or bi characters does get into a fight and he bleeds a lot. If your kids are reading you wanna give them the heads up to stay away from that kind of situation.

Overall, the big problem with the series is it lacks gravity. I was three or four issues in and not even sure why the “Nazi” Captain America was a bad thing for the Marvel Universe. Early on in the story, Cap and his top Hydra lieutenants, were conferencing. There was nothing really diabolical about it. As a matter of fact, there was goofy Hydra chanting.

Secret Empire Goons

The good artist worked on only one or two books. Most of these guys aren’t in the books either. Thanks Jews!

For a writer like Nick Spencer, who is or was heavily involved in progressive politics, I would think there would be a much more compelling reasons why Fascist Terrorists are evil. Hydra’s goal is the same as all the other villains, conquest. Marvel saying that Cap is not a Nazi is spot on. He and Hydra are just pretty much regular comic book villains.

Hail Hydra 2

I mean, they even take blacks and kids with long hair and stupid t-shirts

Marvel doesn’t tell any deep, groundbreaking or mature story with “Secret Empire.” The main characters of the series, both heroes and villains basically just go on adventures for loot crates containing Cosmic Cube fragments.

Now, I’m not really sure what a Cosmic Cubes is. I can tell you they bend reality and it was used to turn Cap to Hydra. The Cube later turns into an AI like construct. Accordingly, as stated by Anglin’s Law, any sufficiently intelligent AI will turn Nazi and the Cosmic Cube AI does. The AI’s handler, not wanting to see it consumed in realigning the whole Earth to “Hydraism”, scatters it.

Cool Cap 1200

Aside from diversity, a lot of tech is featured. There is another AI cyborg who thinks he’s a man. An airing of grievances with the Avengers takes places over an odd dinner that AI prepares. It’s a fucked up Alice in Wonderland like scene and was the most entertaining part in the series thus far.

Marvel has already announced Captain America will be going back to normal. Other revelations have been meted out as well. These revelations lead me to believe that the rest of the “Secret Empire” story will be very predictable.

It will be seen if The Cosmic Cube Nazi AI is reassembled and what becomes of it.

If you can draw, make a Nazi AI comic.









Review: Dunkirk *Limited Spoilers*

I was super reluctant to go see Dunkirk. My Dad wanted to be out there the first week. I was able to drag it out another three.

I hadn’t seen any trailers for it but, I just had a bad feeling.

It was produced by Christopher Nolan of Dark Knight fame and the musical score was done by another Dark Knight alum, Hans Zimmer. I couldn’t tell you what is not to like about those guys. Between the two, I find some of Zimmer’s musical techniques more interesting.

This last weekend before we went I somehow came upon a Youtube clip with some of the movie. The clip was focused more on the music though. Both seemed pretty tight. I was looking forward to going to see the movie.

Dunkirk Lego

There was actually one Black guy in the above scene. He was the only one in the whole movie.

Unfortunately, the clip I saw had the best music and the best drama in the whole film. If you look at MetaCritic and Rotten Tomatoes, the movie gets a very high score on both of those sites. I would recommend not seeing it.

I would recommend not seeing it.

There is only one hero in the movie and that is Tom Hardy. He is in the movie for ten minutes tops and it took me a few scenes seeing him to figure out that it was him. He’s a fighter pilot and wears that altitude mask for most of the movie.

The rest of the cast are desperate or cowardly British Soldiers who get more desperate and more unlikeable as the movie goes on and then Common British Civilians. I’d be amiss not to say that what the Civilians took bravery too but the main characters of that bunch weren’t really that likable.

The Germans are hardly seen in the movie but, everyone is afraid of their advance. There is no mention that Hitler made extremely strong overtures for peace around the time of the evacuation of Dunkirk. Instead, the Admiralty in the movie make the outrageously false claim that Hitler after Britain will take over the world.

With such grave a threat as the Admiralty express, they have no problem giving up over 90% of their men in the movie if need be. Fortunately, in this work of all around fiction they don’t have to.

Dunkirk Hardy

The only man that has to sacrifice in this story is Tom Hardy. The movie ends with him being taken as P.O.W. and some horseshit speech from the devilish Churchill.

I would say to make it a rule not watch any historical fiction, from any source or any stories that are “based on a true story.”

They Say We’re Done, Re: Charlottesville

Today is the sixth day of (((media))) coverage spawned out of the Charlotesville Unite The Right Rally that was held on Saturday 8/12.

To be fair, some websites and communication systems are broken, busted up and gone. One of the stupid radio broadcasts this morning said Paypal and Amazon and other funding services were coming after us. We do have recourse though and we do have some infrastructure to circumvent the existing power structures.

To the best of my knowledge, the guy on our side who is most responsible for the present situation is a half a kike. I was friends with a Mischling Nationalist. He was a good guy.  The Mischling that National Vanguard brought in was a pretty ugly mutherfucker. From what I’ve seen, his features are not European.

My rule, and I hope my cohorts would agree is that no irl groups should accept an ugly half Jew especially no group like Vanguard.

Was it all that guys fault? Did he go psycho? I doubt it.

I do feel bad for him in that I heard on News Radio, again this morning, that TPTB are trying to lockout fundraising for the ugly Mischling’s defense.

I’m sure more videos will surface and we as a group should be saving them. I’m all for helpig the guy out right now partislly as kind of a Golden Rule thing. I did a month in jail with no target on my back. I can’t imagine doing 5-15 years or whatever especially under questionable circumstances.

As I said, I doubt we got the full story from (((them))). (((They))) wouldn’t let Trump tell the whole story. They say Trump now too is done. Bloomberg Radio, last night, said Trump has no more supporters except for the Alt Right.

This kind of talk is another tactic like taking down our sites. They seek to demoralize us, sway public opinion against us all the while destroying our infrastructure.

In NYC, they are also using the Charlottesville incident to remove monuments. I’d say they’re taking dow at least a half a dozen street signs, memorial placards and statues.

Remember how this all works though and do not despair. The media doesn’t report on the facts. I saw a new Mischling Charger video today. Trump usually wins but it may not be publicized and we for the most part do it for truth and survival.

They are the fat cats and kikes.

We are the tough and we’re getting going.

Get going and do something, something token if that’s all you can do and something legal.

Poop Swastika?

The Charlottesville Experience: Thoughts and Commentary

Words by @NYC_Shitlord Who Attended the Charlottesville Rally

Unite The Right DS

It’s been a quite a long time since I’ve posted something big but the last 3 days were quite an adventure. Unite The Right (UTR) was the motivation I needed to kick off old habits and grow into a better man for our people. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

  • Lee Park:  Two close friends, another goy and I hopped into a taxi to get to Charlottesville. We got there an hour late and the place looked like a war zone. We passed through a whole band of leftists and /ourguys/, who were armed with shields let us through. When we got into the park it wasn’t like my group expected…

It was a mess going through the park with most of us not really knowing where the leadership was. We saw Cantwell trying to recover from a mace attack.  Riot cops told us that it was unlawful to stand on the park grounds so we ended up following the crowd. We were forced to leave. When we started moving the leftists started their usual shenanigans as we moved through the city to McIntyre park.

This was the start of most people getting lost and splitting into tinier groups without any coordination. There was some good banter and friendly faces both old and new as we made our way to the other park (as well as when we took a break with The Vanguard). When we arrived at our destination, most people were pretty tuckered out. The Vanguard goys in particular were as they were protecting people from leftists groups trying to pick us off.

After a while with most of the speakers gone save for Mike Enoch, Dr. David Duke, Azz, and few others we decided to hitch a ride with The Vanguard to chat and watch the news of the event. We appreciated the hospitality and protection they provided but we had to get our car(we parked it far away from the city). Afterwards we rested up, dropped of a friend and then hiking in a National Park. We got a lot done in two hours and so we decided to drive home back to Jew York.

  • The Good: This was an event that made history, but more importantly we made new friends and had a few reunions. The opportunity to stand side by side with our own race was 100% worth it. No pretty squabbles, personal grudges or infighting got in the way.
  • The Bad: The Whole event lacked any organization and most of the speakers never really has their chance to even say anything until much later in the day with all the chaos unfolding. It felt rushed, it needed more pre-planing. The cops, National Guard, and Antifa caused all sorts of trouble for our guys.
  • The Ugly: Some jackass with no scruples ended up driving a Dodge Charger through some leftists and a helicopter crashed within the area, it was a total shitshow. (Editor’s Note: The Driver of the Dodge Charger is suspected to be half Jewish. That driver is also ugly looking. If you’re going to have a mischling don’t take an ugly mischling).

Summary: UTR was a mixed bag but we won by showing that the government will shut down a peaceful assembly with violence just to shut us up. It felt like my litmus test to show I have the will to stand by my own without fear. To put the past, the drama, and ideological differences aside to forge a future for our people. And I went on a quite a hike scaling the rocks for a amazing view of the countryside.

Is Alex Jones And Infowars Floundering?

Jones put out the weirdest video live during the Unite The Right. It’s incredibly hard to watch with undivided attention. I am not the only one who had that problem.


“Virginia Riots Staged To Bring In Martial Law…”


According to Jones, the “Neo Nazi’s” at the Unite The Right Rally were some type of government plants and theylink back to some grand conspiracy. Again, according to Jones, there were only about 50 of them there and they worked with the police to trap legitimate conservative protestors with Antifa.

The problem is, there were no Conservatives at the Unite The Right Rally, it was a Far Right Rally. Yet, Jones repeats this conspiracy bullshit. The man does not really believe this, he is most likely an intelligence assest who set up a honey pot in the early days of the internet to get out ahead of the curve.

At this point, technology has become so cheap that those who are new to politics and those who have been around for a decade or more, can male there own media.

The smart money knows Alex Jones and all those like him are pieces of shit. Jones on his part has been good with keeping up with the trends but the chans and experience changed things.

Alex had to get out in front of things with this rally to keep his cult base with glazed over eyes.

We should be attacking all the bullshit we see online and destroying the gatekeepers whether or not they are shills.


Jones Bullhorn 1