What’s Up With That Online Betting



Until very recently, I had not heard much about online betting except through a few advertisements.

I remember back before the Nasdaq Internet Stock Bubble burst, my Dad had invested in online BINGO. That investment turned out to be a disaster for him.

These days, there are plenty of places online to place bets. You can at least bet on a wide range of politics, sports and in ever more realistic online casinos.

Way back last year, if you got in at the right time, the odds of Trump for the win were very profitable for those who bet. Those winners made a lot of money.

Even still at this time, you can bet on Legislation and happenings that are more creative.

I was very tempted after the Trump win to bet on things I did not understand. When betting though, patience and knowledge are key.

After hearing on the radio many many times how bad McGregor was going to get slammed by Maywether, I looked around online as to what kind of bets I could make.

I wanted to bet on McGregror. I wanted to bet on the long shot if the payout was potentially yuuge. What I found though was that the odds really weren’t that great. $30 would win me $100.

There were plenty of super duper introductory odds of 40 to 1. In fact, these odds were offered for both fighters. There was a catch though, the catch was that those odds only counted on your first dollar.

On all this stuff, you can’t really win that much. Not over time. Occasionally, you’ll hear of a guy or meet a guy who can make his living off of poker. That seems to be the game with the best odds in the long run unless you can count cards and go undetected.

If you are a real political guy, someone like Twitter Celeb @RickyVaughn99, maybe you can make money on those books.

Whatever you do, don’t play the scratch off lotto cards for any length of time. I can tell you if you win $20 on $2 then play a little here and there for the rest of the month with the money you won, you are most likely going to have none of it left by the end of the month.

While I have to advise against most of the betting mentioned above, if you really are political, google that gambling. It’s pretty interesting.


Mining the last Bytecoins


I’m still a newb when it comes to mining. I feel I should load at least caged Linux onto one of my rigs in order for the one of the mining programs I use to actually work properly. I use Minergate and I feel it will work properly if I run the Linux version.

I could mine with NiceHash all day everyday. Their new software works well. ‘You set it and forget it” as that guy who used to sell his ovens on infomercials used to say.

The thing I don’t like about NiceHash is that you know what you are going to get for the day. The program gives you an estimate actually. With Minergate, you can mine about ten different Cryptocoins. Almost all of them are coins of low value.

When I started mining with Minergate, Monero was around $40. Now it’s hovering above $130. Between the excitement of gains like that and having enough capacity to mine Bytecoin for the long haul in concert with Monero, I like Minergate. I like the ability to choose the coins I mine.

I was looking over the charts today and I noticed that nearly all the Bytecoins in circulation have been found. As of today, August 30, 2017, there are 1.15 billion Bytecoins left to be found. The total amount of Bytecoins in existence is 184.47 billion. That means that only ~ .623% of the entire pot is left to be found.

After hovering around .005 cents for about two years, starting in April of this year, Bytecoin ran up to .4 cents on May 22. It has since dropped back down to about .25 cents.

It should be interesting to see what happens to my stack.

More research need be done on my part but I believe finding all the coins bodes well for the price of Bytecoin and those that hold Bytecoin especially since it is still very easy to mine.

How To Try And Get The “Sold Out” Super Nintendo Classic

According to a news story that came out from Forbes.com, the Super NES Mini pre-orders sold out in less than eight minutes. Apparently, last year’s NES Classic was also very hard to get.

I have fond memories of my NES days from Mega Man 1 to Battle Toads, Mario and Final Fantasy. However, I never did get an SNES. My Brother and I were both adolescents or tweens around the time that the SNES was big. My Dad was all “there’s no difference between these games and the NES ones, they just look better. You play too much and I’m sick of the music.”

The release of the SNES Classic/Mini was announced several months ago now. It’s an opportunity for a lot of people for various reasons. I picked up the story that the machine was dropping pretty much right away for animeright.news. For 70 or 80 bucks, the SNES Classic is a pretty good deal as it’s packaged with over 20 games.


At this point, I am of the mind that my Dad was right and pretty much all the games are basically the same. I’ve had the XBox, XBox360, PS2, PS3 and PS4. By the time I got the PS4, I was pretty much over games. I even went into denial and bought a second PS4 after selling the first.

I think it’s telling that no one was able to sell the XBox One or the PS4 on their respective release days for any real markup.

To get and play the SNES is a tempting proposition but I’ve heard the old games can only really be called affordable for top Steemit Users, the ones making bank. I think the 20+ games bundled would probably last pretty long. On the other hand, the Nintendo Switch looks pretty different and interesting.

So, do you want an SNES Mini/Classic ASAP but are locked out of pre-orders because of the low allocations and hype?

Back when the XBox one came out, I found that even though everyone who took pre-orders was sold out, there are stores that don’t take preorders. Check your local electronics stores and small regional chains on the day of release. There may only be four stores of a chain located in 200 sq miles but a call or trip may be worth it. Chances are, they don’t and didn’t take preorders. The store that had the XBox One still had it in stock iirc between 1 pm and 3 pm on the day it released.

On the other hand, you could build an emulator with the Raspberry Pi platform for about the price of the SNES Classic with thousands of games from multiple consoles. There are guys online, I believe on sites such as Ebay where people will sell you preloaded SD Cards with the games and operating system for the emulator.

SNES, Switch or Emulator, whatever you choose, be safe and have fun.

Small Time Miner; A New Phone and Minergate

Mining wit a phone?

I just bought my first smartphone. It’s a pay as you go. I am obviously a very late adapter being that we’re on 7 or 8 Iphone models. I don’t really think I’m going to use it much or for much.

The phone is an LG has a really good battery and a 1.8GHz Octa Core processor.

As it works out, I do have good Wi-Fi. I am also trying to learn and build up a cryptomining presence.

Stone Gate

I have been using Minergate.com for Monero mining while I am at the computer because their miner program turns off on average every fifteen minutes. And it’s Minergate’s newly released mining program.

IDK what the deal with Minergate is. I have tried it with two computers now. As it so happens though, it does work on the new phone. It’s a different program. The phone has been running for about 18 hours.

Over the last 18 hours, the little LG phone that can is putting out about 16 hashes per second and has yielded about 900 shares. It produces about the same hash rate as an original run Intel i5 on mining setting 2. That old i5 produces about 5 more hashes per second when Minergate is turned up to 3.

For the time being, with my $90 “Pay As You Go Phone,” I’ll be mining at least until my contract is up for my dumb-phone.

Just for a point of reference, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a 2.35GHz Octa Core Prcessor.

I just wish I had bought the phone a month or two ago when I was first thinking about it, before the price of Monero had those two spikes. This is only my third or fourth month of mining though.

KR Reviews: Taylor Swift’s Creepy Assed Degenerate Video

The Official Video for Taylor Swift’s new single, “Look What You Made Me Do” is pretty much repulsive.

What I know about the song in general is that the music and the vocal aspects are both tight and well done – the girl can definitely sing. The best thing about this official video is the Taylor Swift’s legs, and face.

Glamorously Devilish is generally what the the video is though.

The video is definitely not Alt Right as I joked in this review: Taylor Swift’s Alt Right “Look What You Made Me Do”

The video has Occult aspects which are going to spur tons of videos like those guys over at Vigilant Citizen and Vigilant Christian make. The sad thing is, I have yet to see a video by anyone who is a self proclaimed decoder of the Occult make a video decoding the Occult in a way that wasn’t in part laughable or nonsensical.

The other problem with this video – for those who have yet to succumb to degeneracy – is gaggle of fags dancing in cut off tops with Taylor towards the end of the video.

The big quote that came out from Swift in regards to the single was something like “after she does (creates) one thing, she moves onto the next. To me, that’s uncomfortably similar to how The Grand Whore, Madonna works. Taylor Swift is still young but, like most performers is moving into territory that is going to trip up many of her young fans.

Through the video, Miss Swift seems generally pissed. Maybe the reviews and the fighting between her and other stars are things she really takes personally. There are at least two scenes where past iconic versions of herself fight with each other adding to the strangeness.

The first such instance revolves around a scene where a Taylor on a three sided cross has her iconic selves fighting to get up to her:

Taylor Cross 2

Throughout the whole video, it’s as she’s showing off as the bad girl. Maybe she is standing at a T for Taylor instead of a Masonic Brazen Serpent Cross or some such but, this symbol below is a well know Occult Cross used down through the centuries.

Brazen Serpent Cross

I’m not trying to be that guy who doesn’t know what he is talking about but this video is definitely a spin on rebirth as a bad girl. In the opening scene, Taylor rises from the grave. In the second major scene, Taylor is on a very opulent Vatican Style Throne being served by a serpent while wearing a serpent choker.

Notice the serpents wrapped around the throne:

Taylor Snakes

What does all this shit mean? Why are there tons of costume changes and other versions of Swift fighting amongst themselves? IDK. Like I said in the beginning, most everything about Tay Tay in the video is glamorously devilish excepting mostly short scenes or scenes that tease.

Speaking of teases, it took me a second to realize Swift was dancing with a bunch of raging homos in crop tops who probably all fucked each other in between takes. The fags iirc danced pretty feminine too.

I’ll spare you the pictures of those freaks and leave you with the Official Video:


If anyone can decode this video, I’d be impressed.

I think my eyes and writing on it were fair.

Note: I think her voice while speaking is pretty fucking baudy for a woman. IDK if I could date a girl with a voice like that.


KR Review – Generations: The Unworthy Thor & The Mighty Thor

Thor generations

The book is a one shot but part of a series of “Generations” books. It’s longer and because of that it costs more.

I think if you bought this book knowing what goes on with the “Thors”, you would be missing out on your money.

Reasons to buy the book are few. Obstensibly, Marvel is showcasing of the “Thors,” the young Thor and the woman Thor. Again, there nothing really goes on in this book. Marvel is selling it to sell an Odin related book and to create intrest in their reboot.

As for the book itself, the younger Thor who plays the misogynist to the woman Thor. They make the younger Thor really look stupid. They also make him out to be a party boy and he’s kind of douche.

The storyline is simple and makes you wonder why some villains, the villains involved in the “Generations” were so hard to beat in the other books.

The art is subpar, complimenting the story but not the price. Anyone could have writteen the book so long as they were able to make the female Thor sympathetic and the male Thor a dopey misogenist kid.

They say Marvel has an agenda. Hopefully any kids reading don’t identify or emulate with the characters. Hopefully no one does.

KR Reviews – Dishonored 2: Be The Black Demon Chick

The hero? Diversity Hire. An ugly, androgynous and pissed off Black Character.


She’s named Billie and here she is in the Cinematic Trailer:

The game looks great but it’s a “Cinematic Trailer.” The last game sucked and wasn’t near where it should have been. Now you’re in a steampunk world playing as a Female Black Cyborg with fancy fancy weapons.

What happened to Gamergate?

Who Cares? Let’s see those new effects:

Oh wait, you can also play as a White Woman, maybe a White guy and invoke Black Magic.

If you can’t play as a White guy at least the Black Woman has a White guy’s name.

“I am the Real American, Fight for the Rights of Everyman…”