Now That Churches Have Become Converged by Marxism, the Left is Wringing It’s Hands That Christians Are Bailing

Grandpa Lampshade's Semitic Truth Center

In news that should come as a shock to absolutely nobody, as establishment churches have embraced Marxism, Zionism and feminism people have been leaving in droves. As a Nazi and a Christian this news isn’t surprising at all. It’s like they thought that all they had to do was to get preachers on board with promoting all of the things that the people know deep down inside are total bullshit and the people would suddenly embrace them because the guy passing around the plate and his wife with the new face lift and boob job said so. I discussed this somewhat on the latest show this week as to what exactly, constitutes “the Church”. You see, the Church isn’t a building or some guy sweating on TV while telling you all about how God will bless you with a new house so long as you always support Israel, the Church…

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