Full Sodom and the Coffee Colored Babel

Women’s Suffrage gave way to Women’s Liberation. The Bra Burning of Women’s Liberation led to feminism. Jews showed the Gentile Women along the way from the begininning. Now women are trying to literally become men and be Mothers and Fathers at the same time.

Our History here in the States has been a never ending liberalization. When I say liberalization, I mean degeneration. The Constitution is bullshit. It is largely to blame for our ills. Lovers of Freedom and the Constitution like (((Mark Levin))) and other prominent Conservatives who have jumped on the American Exceptionalism Badwagon are cultists. 10 years ago someone like Sean Hannity was against the gays. Now, Sean Hannity is on their side and wants them on his.

This country is always fighting, always slipping more and more towards a Utopian Free-For-All exactly because we have those that dig their heels in where the Constitution and Flag stands proud always fighting those who hate the country. Those that hate the country can broadly be called Cultural Marxists.

The problem is that the Conservatives who draw their line in the sand never defend it, not enough. Their weapons are largely rhetoric and reason. They don’t see or don’t care that the defensive wall that they think is holding the “savages” at bay is really just sliding backwards.

The other thing they don’t understand or don’t care to understand is that for all their talk and all their rallies, direct action is needed. Lynch Mobs used to provide that action. Police of a higher moral standard used to perform that action. Now, skinheads and the Based Stickman provide that action.

Things are coming to an end. Liberalization cannot go much further before we are a full blown Sodom. The race realism needs to go mainstream if we Whites are going to survive as a nation. The Jew needs to go or be broken. Trump will not do enough. We need to band together.

The money men always need their money. They will slow the process of Full Sodom. Generational Bias has to be worn down too for Full Sodom to come upon us yet. My guess is by the time the Millenials are dead Full Sodom will be here.

We must do everything we can to prevent Full Sodom and a coffee colored Neo-Babel.

I commend all those that work toward our goals but,

we need more people doing more.


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Hispanic Child Fosterer Charged With Abuse

About ten days ago an Hispanic Man who has fostered over 140 Children since August 1996 has been charged with diddling at least 5 of them. Is this a case of racism? Prosecutors say he diddled a dog too.

Is this just case of racist White brats trying to take out their frustrations on a pious Hispanic Man. Attached is the report from the NY Times(they’re probably rayciss too.)

Faggy Comics

It was not until 1992 when the first homo comic character came out of the closet. It’s name is Northstar. Comics had a “Code Authority” back then, I wonder what happened to that. Northstar is a Canadian and the writers wanted to give him the AIDS. A comic book billed as the Canadian X-Men obviously needed AIDS, and a faggot.

Northstar was an ancillary character and actually didn’t do much from his introduction in 1979 until it was “cool to be gay.” The Character is pretty much a one trick pony. He is also known as the first faggot comic to get married. Not only did the faggot marry, it married some type of colored billionaire.

Since 1992, there has been an explosion in Sodomite comics characters. In 2015, Comic Book Resources, a blog and print paper, celebrated 57 Sodomite comics characters. A lot of the queers are new but surprisingly, there are a few they retreaded. More men than women too so it seems.

Notably, a young Iceman was brought into the future with the rest of the 60’s X-Men in a story by a Jew. I wonder if the Jew has some pedo tendencies. Assumedly, the Iceman stayed in the future so as not to cause some homosexual singularity.

The Catwoman is also now a Sodomite as well as a Batwoman who was one of the earlier Lesbo characters. She was marketed as the Grown-Up Woman Lip Stick Lesbo. Another old staple is Mystique from the X-Men who seems to be dating a teenager.

The big joke to all this is that most of these GRIDS characters did not exist until they started making the movies. Kids see the movies, like the truer to lore characters and some pick up the comics. Now, there’s a fag in every other book or so it seems. There must be with all the crossovers.

These fucks plan this shit. They knew they were going to make the Northstar character gay before it was made public. According to Wikipedia, the excuse they used to keep him away from women was that he always needed to work on his skiing…

Boycott and Pirate.

Don’t Look at this:


Do You Love Hitler

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Hail Victory



Now That Churches Have Become Converged by Marxism, the Left is Wringing It’s Hands That Christians Are Bailing

Grandpa Lampshade's Semitic Truth Center

In news that should come as a shock to absolutely nobody, as establishment churches have embraced Marxism, Zionism and feminism people have been leaving in droves. As a Nazi and a Christian this news isn’t surprising at all. It’s like they thought that all they had to do was to get preachers on board with promoting all of the things that the people know deep down inside are total bullshit and the people would suddenly embrace them because the guy passing around the plate and his wife with the new face lift and boob job said so. I discussed this somewhat on the latest show this week as to what exactly, constitutes “the Church”. You see, the Church isn’t a building or some guy sweating on TV while telling you all about how God will bless you with a new house so long as you always support Israel, the Church…

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Kids Choice Awards and the (((Redstone))) Pipeline

There is a Teen Choice Award’s Show and there is also a Kid’s Choice Award’s show. I guess when the kids and the teens get old enough, they are supposed to move on to the MTV Award Shows then the Grammy’s and the Oscars. I remember seeing a few of MTV Award Shows and that there was a buzz about them with people I knew in High School.

MTV is owned by the alleged pervert (((Sumner Redstone))) who was confirmed last year to have two girlfriends who were probably in their early 50s. Redstone is 93, it’s nothing too ostentatious, right?. Redstone, his Daughter and the two 50 year old’s he was dating were in the news last year squabbling about money.

The Kids Choice Awards is run by Nickelodeon which is owned by an MTV Umbrella which is in turn owned by Viacom. All of those companies are Sumner Redstone’s.

                      Sumner Redstone

Needs two bitches. Brainwashes and debases children. Jewish.

Note that the Teen Choice Awards are a Fox Production. Monopolies are no good, even if they are Jewish run 🙂

Redstone, for his part, through Viacom does own all sorts of MTV Channels, all sorts of BET Channels, The Country Music Channel, several other Nickelodeon Channels, VH1, Comedy Central and a slew of other shit. Depending on how much TV a child watches, by the time said child is 25, they may have been reared mainly on Viacom which is the parent company of all of Redstone’s above holdings.

The Jew definitely wears many masks and Redstone needs one.

As for the Kid’s Choice Awards, here are some notable winners.

  • (((Ellen DeGeneres))) film “Finding Dory” won ten awards and Ellen herself won additional two or three…mothers lock up your daughters. Finding Dory also featured Disney’s first Trans Character, a trans stingray.
  • 21 Pilots and The Suicide Squad Soundtrack won the music categories which seem appropriate for the rootless cosmopolitan dolts Viacom will help produce.
  • The Best Movie Award was the gender bending Ghostbuster flop that has as one of it’s keywords on IMDB “feminism.”


Looking over the website all the promos have probably over 50% colored kids. I always thought this Nickelodeon shit was kind skeevy, I never watched it. Rug Rats might have been cool, idk.

People talk about oh, this child star and that one turning out shit. Above is a basic albeit outline as to why.

Raven Simone started under the tutelage of Bill Cosby, the man with the pudding pops and ludes, moved onto her own show on Nick and now that nigger twat is spouting off on The View.

Don’t let your children be a part of this system and don’t let them be Black.







Grandpa Lampshade Finds Himself Incredulous

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