The Most Degenerate Christianity

It’s no secret if you have been listening to the current Pope that a lot of his Catholicism or Christianity has to do with Social Justice. A Social Justice Message from Churches is most likely not going to be a Christian Message. “For the poor will always be with you.”

Like the Deists that were around the time these United States were founded, men cleverly cloak their non-Christian ideas and ideals in Christian rhetoric.

Unfortunately for Catholics, many of their leaders, and in fact their top leadership are working for Social Justice. As powerful as the Pope is and as many of his laypeople he can move further into the Social Justice/Cultural Marxist Mindset, there are still other people working the Cultural Marxist Con within Christianity.

I guess the Anglicans allow fags but,  it gets worse. Back when Russia banned Homo Propaganda, propaganda videos of a “Church” with a bulldyke “Pastor” sending a sermon about faggot acceptance to Russia. That was a few years ago. They did it through Craigslist.

As it turns out, there is now a “Christian” organization based in Wisconsin buying radio ads on major stations here in NY advocating for the tranny bathroom rights Trump took away.

I got to hear some human garbage tell me trannies are made in God’s Image. That piece of shit then went on to quote Scripture. Another high-note of the rhetoric in the ad was the old faggot trick of equating Segregation to Chicks with Dicks hanging out in the little girls room.

The wonderful organization that is promoting degenerate or “Modern” Christianity is known as the Forgiveness Institute.


The above website is relatively relatively large. The Institute offers a large number of services. Where do they get the money? Why are they so Satanic?



You can register for their International Conference in Jerusalem.

We should no longer call these people liberal or left.



Bovine Lives Matter

Live Stock running loose is not something you’d expect to see in the suburbs, let alone in the Borough of Queens. A bull was on the loose though in Jamaica, Queens and was a big story in Greater New York City yesterday.

I heard on the radio today that a group was going to be holding a candlelight vigil for the animal tonight. As if a bull running through Queens wasn’t odd enough.

The top two Google News results for the bull’s vigil were two local NYC sites, and The Gothamist. They are linked at the bottom of the article. Both reports are highly sympathetic to the animal, too sympathetic for an animal that was nothing more than live stock. In fact, both local sites let their narrative be molded by the group holding the vigil, Vegans of New York.

A Jill Carnegie was quoted in both articles for the Vegans of New York. She dramatized the bull’s tale and she personified the bull as a “boy.” The bull, in reality, was a fully grown dangerous animal with horns and someone’s property and probably delicious. Now dead at the hands of a police tranquilizer gun, the animal was probably destroyed.

The Vegan described the bull’s would be fate on the chopping block as “hell.” The slaughterhouse where the animal escaped from as a “prison.” A few other choice words were used quite liberally to really try to instill that the bull in and of itself was a real miracle.


Animal Activists have not really been in the news for some time. It is not uncommon that these people get more worked up than Antifa and Black Bloc. They will open the gates at zoos and research laboratories. They’ve probably killed people and animals at least inadvertently, and definitely done a ton of property damage.

Veganism, logically, is a stepping stone to that kind of radicalization for some.

All the stuff that the Vegan activists had a free reign to say is a bunch of garbage and destructive. Number One, there is no other protein source besides meat or animal by-products that give you 100% of the proteins you need. These vegans also want you to give up and really, get rid of all leather and products made from animals. Wearing leather shoes to a vegan is akin to having a Jew Skin Lampshade. It’s “somebody’s mother, daughter, sister.”

Personally, I think the whole “Meat is Murder” is just another plan cooked up by (((globalists))) to fragment society and families, weaken those who are fooled by the propaganda, and give those on the verge of mental illness a push – an outlet – for their ingrained overdriven obnoxiousness to run amok.

Like lots of other left wing lunatics, these people’s positions, if imposed would be untenable. No meat would lead to malnutrition and starvation on a grand scale and “animal freedom” on a grand scale would lead to a really odd Apocalypse.

Note: for some reason, Seven Day Adventists advocate vegetarianism.

The nuts have a Facebook page.





Are you Entertained?

As an older Millennial, long term enemy of degeneracy and dedicated AltRight Traveller, I find it very hard to find some entertainment to unwind with. In the last 6 months I think I found 3 movies to enjoy:

  • Blood Father With Mel Gibson
  • The Informant With Brian Cranston
  • Parts of Imperium with (((Harry Potter)

Keeping up with the general news gets easier the longer you do it, especially now that the Presidential Election is over. I used to think Twitter was somewhat like a video game but it too has become a lot less exciting now that the Election and Election Run-Up is over.

I have given up on comic books which were good through most of the the 00s. Near the end of the 00s though, it became obvious that the gays and the multicult was being pushed in an industry that was once considered All-American albeit Jewish.

TV sucks. My theory is that at any given time, there is no more than two or three good shows on the thing per Season but more likely per year. I think the last good shows that was on there were:

  • Fargo S1
  • True Detective S1
  • Breaking Bad

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is usually pretty good and I hear good things about The Man in the High Castle.

I guess the other traditional form of entertainment are video games. They are pretty much all the same though.

So what are the problems with entertainment? Well, the media is pretty much under (((Ethnic Monopoly))) control. A show like House of Cards which was never really good but had some high spots in the first season quickly degenerated into a show showcasing serious degeneracy including, open relationships, faggotry, cuckoldry, faggot cuckoldry and race mixing and more. The acting on the show also went way downhill and the characters became caricatures of themselves. One of the big problems is that the (((producers))) are always pushing unhealthy propaganda and always pushing the limits of how far they can go with it.

The AltRight making it’s own entertainment has been successful and made Cable TV even with the cancelled, “MDE Presents, World Peace.” We, The AltRight, has somewhat of a presence on Youtube as well. We have a fledgling music scene and a few upstart multimedia producers.

A big challenge for the movement is to make more and more professional entertainment OC. The stress that comes with the nature of the world we live in, especially for those of us who live in more pozzed parts of the country would be better mitigated with more cultural outlets and/or escapes for our travellers.


To Better Serve You

Writing about the symptoms of Cultural Marxism and the more mundane affects that it has brought really does very little. Aside from sensational stories that stick in men’s minds, I believe that most of the stories I have spent my time on and most of the stories that my readers have read are largely inconsequential. More or less, they take some time out of the day. Maybe they galvanize.

My time can be spent better as can yours.


The AltRight as a movement has made great strides in the last two years. Going forward, I am going to try and step up my game, step up on the stories on my sites, so that they are more original and zoomed out to the larger picture.

For the few people that have been coming by, if you have a story you want me to look into, lemme know. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the new layout.