We May Often Forget About the Animals



Elephants and Lions and Tigers are disappearing in their natural habitats. Their natural habitats are not here in the states or any other European Nation. Why then do I have to hear about it and be made to feel bad about it on the TV and Radio. It’s not my problem. If the people in the places where those animals live were smarter, maybe they would take care of the situation.

Here in America, we have things backwards. A lot of our problems are polar opposites to Africa etc. People go out of their way to hurt themselves and others because of animals. I like animals and I like parklands and fresh water. That doesn’t mean I’m ever going to be hysterical or cultish about animals or their welfare like Pam Anderson and Peta. Pam Andreson has a filthy disease and still she flaunts her privates at the public in the name of mosquitoes or some such.

Mosquitoes are bad and so is flaunting your hyper augmented and chronically diseased body to get oversexed and impotent men to lust after it so people will eat moss instead of cattle. This kind of weird veneration of animals is something that isn’t really at the fore of SJWs Agendas but it is always lurking somewhere. That Jew who owns Whole Foods has made a lot of money off the people Pam Anderson and her buddies have helped move into the concerned column on animal issues.

What’s really interesting is that in the Bible, one of the last signs of the Second Coming of Christ is people forbidding others to eat meat. The movie Bladerunner was based upon, “Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep,” which took place in a world where no one ate meat.

As for these animal rights SJW lurkers, they have reared their screw-loose heads in Manhattan’s Central Park to protest the cruel and disgusting treatment of the horses that pull the carriages around the Park. To be clear the only “abuse these animals suffer is that they work. The fucking SJW weirdos have gone so far as to get an electric car, pull up beside the horse and buggy and filch fairs from the operator in mid tour.

Getting rid of the Hansom Cabs as they are called was part of the day one action plan of New York City’s Communist, Race Traitor Mayor. He doesn’t really seem to care now that people are driving a car through Central Park where it is not supposed to be.

Remember when John Mclane drove through Central Park with that Greasy Nigger Samuel L. in “Die Hard With A Vengeance?” They weren’t supposed to be doing that either.

Final Points:

The Mayor besides not wanting the horses there because of imagined animal cruelty also does not want the horses there because he says it is a traffic hazard. The thing is, in the place where the horses cue, there is not a lot of traffic. On major streets, the right most lane is blocked for parking. On the street that runs along the south side of Central Park, there isn’t even any thing to park for on the Park side. On the other side is the Plaza Hotel where Home Alone 2 was shot. No one is really going to Park for that place either. The Plaza Hotel has no bays or anything in opposition to the horses.

Finally, the horses that are used to pull the hansom cabs are a product of hundreds of years of guided breeding. They were bred to pull shit just as a race horse is bread to run fast. Getting rid of horse drawn carriages in NYC will have an effect on the gene pool. If nothing else, those strong pull horses genes and stock will be removed from our collective stock.

Bottom line, this is somewhat analogous to an eating disorder while in Africa they are starving or eating each other.


Eat da Pee Pee

When we heard “they eat da poo poo” from an African Minister, that Minister was trying to keep his children to away from homos. If that Minister is still at it teaching his country’s children, a shocking homosexual sodomy story took placeĀ  recently in the Bronx.

A homeless man was prostituting himself. He still had friends though. He prostituted himself out to a friend. His friend was an older man and probably on a fixed income. Not everyone can afford high end prostitutes like some members of our government or Tiger Woods.

Even though the old man knew the male prostitute for some time before engaging in some type of perverse sexual acts with him, the old man met his end in that encounter.

The prostitute, the alleged murderer, while he looked like a pretty happy guy being led out of the precinct by police, is reported to have become incensed and enraged by his friend the John. This led the homo-prostitute to allegedly strike the John over the head with a hammer then stab him up with scissors until that old John expired.

The Homeless Prostitute was not paid. It is unclear if he tried to find restitution in the John’s Apartment in his belongings. It is reported that the Homeless Homo Prostitute did come and go from the apartment for a few days so he had that as a plus.

Besides the brutal death that the John experienced, his member was removed post-mortem. The Homeless Homo Prostitute is also apparently some kind of cannibal as he planned to eat the penis. I don’t think the term necrophilia applies but news reports did not note whether the Old Faggot-Ass John had food in his apartment.

The Prostitute Never had a chance to eat the penis. He now faces Second Degree Murder Charges.