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Sweden loves Soros. Leaked document shows 65% of Swedish politicians are “loyal allies” of George Soros 

Stop White Genocide.

This is why Sweden has become a living hell for white people.

Alex Christoforou — The Duran Oct 15, 2015

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which EU country loves George Soros most of all?”

SorosIt’s the extreme progressive, neo-liberal, uber-socialist Kingdom of Sweden.

George Soros’ Open Society Foundation hired a consulting firm to evaluate members of the European Parliament, in an effort to gauge support for the foundation’s core “values” until the end of their tenure in 2019.

Here are the “mapping” results of The Open Society Foundation’s study, into how much influence it wields in the European Parliament.

The mapping results of the study entitled “Reliable Allies in the European Parliament (2014-2019)”, reveal that Sweden tops all lists, as the country most loyal to the core values of billionaire George Soros.

How loyal are Swedish MEPs to the policies of Soros, which to name a few are open borders, regime change wars, and banker profiteering? 13 of 20…

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15 yr old boy hung himself after being repeatedly raped by muslim social worker in the UK

Remember The 14 Words

A 15-year-old boy who suffered years of sexual abuse at the hands of his carer was found hanged weeks after reporting his evil crimes – an inquest has heard.
Aaron Leafe, from Nottingham, gave a harrowing 93-minute statement to police detailing the heinous abuse he was subjected to by Anwar Ismail.
Just six weeks later he was found dead in his bedroom at Ivy Cottage Children’s Home in Tupton, Derbyshire, in May 2010.
His beyond the grave testimony helped jail Ismail for 18 years after the 31-year-old was found guilty of of two counts of sexual activity with a child, three of child abduction, a rape and sexual activity with a child.

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Alex Jones is Not AltRight, Alex Jones is a Fraud Pt1: Alex Jones Y2K from

Party Like It’s A Nuclear War !!! By Mason I. Bilderberg (MIB) Who is old enough to remember Y2K? I remember it well (translation: i’m old). Y2K is an acronym for “Year 2000,̶…

Source: Alex Jones Y2K