Colored Appropriation of Comic Book Characters is Only Part of the Problem

The 1900’s were known for rapidly advancing technology and wars. What will the next century know us for?

Right now, in these 15 and 1/2 years that have passed in the 21st Century, we’re on track to be known for: decadence, disintegration and degeneracy.

In terms of popular culture, we know (((who))) the cultural commissars are and (((who))) runs the media. The sexual revolution that was started back in the 1960’s still continues through to this century – this decade. Mediums traditionally associated with children, comic books, have not gone unused to push readers and whom they come into contact further down the slippery slope.

Having read comics from about 2004-2014, I noticed a marked uptick in gay characters around 2011 or 2012. The uptick was so large that, not knowing about the chans, I began to write reviews on Amazon trying to convince people that the sudden appearance of all these gay characters were not a coincidence. Comic book readers are not gamers and I have my doubts that a successful Gamergate style revolt could be mounted.

A comic that could have been considered a trial balloon for testing readers passivity forĀ  perversion in comic books came along in the summer of 2011. As it turned out, the book met little if any resistance even having had it’s subject matter telegraphed through promotions well in advance.

“Our Love is Real”:


It does not get much worse than what is contained in the above comic. Without going too much into the hows and whys, let this description suffice:

Set in some dystopic future, the man on the left is the man pictured in the center queerly embracing his dog. The man is some kind of grunt “fascist” soldier and due to the circumstances, engages sexually with the dog. Somehow, the soldier meets the woman on the right. The woman engages sexually with the crystal via some technology. The two meet, and the man is disgusted by her practices. As it turns out, the woman is some type of techno-witch and therefore enlightened and able to make nice with the fascist zoophile. After the two perverts make nice, the soldier finds out more about the crystal fetish, that all the witch’s lovers are in the crystal – still alive. The story wraps up when the witch reveals that she is really a man. With this turn of events, the soldier is ready to basically kill his own mother to become imbued in the crystal. The warlock obliges and, that’s it.

The writer of this “comic book” is either a Jew or some kind of Mulatto called Sam Humphries:


As for Mr. Humphries, according to Wikipedia, “Our Love is Real” was the second book he had published. It had both advertising and media write-ups at least a couple of months before it was released. Humphries was liked for some reason. Less than a year after “Our Love is Real” was published, Humphries was working on a popular IP at Marvel Comics. Between 2012 and 2015 Humphries worked on secondary titles of movie worthy IP. As of last week he was part of a large DC Comics relaunch writing for of two new Green Lantern characters.

It is important that we fill the culture we reject with something else. Sam Hyde and MDE is a perfect example of entertainment possibilities.

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Marvel Comics House of Ideas pt.1

Gay America


There has been a lot of controversy about Marvel Comics Captain America in the last few weeks. First some filth decided to lobby online for a Captain America Homosexual relationship/boyfriend. Next, the original “Aryan” Captain America returned to comics basically as a Nazi. In the issueof Steve Rogers Captain America, ebil Nazi villain Red Skull gave a very sensible speech that is somehow supposed to be evil.

Like they said on TDS, The Red Skull Did Nothing Wrong.

Under the heading of Marvel Comics House of Ideas, I will be looking for the other degeneracy at Disney Company’s Marvel Comics.

First up is a brief analysis of a woman working in comics that could be considered (((comics royalty))). She is the (((third generation))) in a prominent comics (((family))) working the industry, the (((Kuberts))). A lot of you may know the brothers Adam and Andy from their well received work of the 90s on books such as the X-Men. These brothers are the sons of family Patriarch and Cartoon School Founder (((Joe Kubert))), he’s a 1920’s born Jew immigrant from Poland. As a family, they’re very well known in the industry. Kubert’s third generation in the industry is a fat Jewish slut, Katie Kubert.

Here are some samples from her twitter feed going back to the beginning of May:

An almost life-sized gay Captain America/Bucky Barnes Bust of the two characters kissing.

A tweet about NightHawk, a Black Super Hero fighting in a country “infected by racism.”

A homosexual looking depiction of DC Comics Nightwing.

A shaming of the Zim Zam for selling his Kel-Tec

A strange obsession with dinosaurs.

A notice letting users know she’s subscribed to (((Seth Rogen)))

A naked live action Wolverine

Anti-White NightHawk