Black Monday: An Infamous Day For Global Markets; Next Downturn When?

Trump Surprise

I think President Donald J. Trump would be none too happy with an economic downturn.


Every incoming Presidential Administration in the U.S. has it’s own scheme for jobs, prosperity and the like. If implemented, those plans never seem to bear fruits for too long.

President Reagan, President Clinton and President Obama to differing degrees each entered the office of President with a problem economy. They each dealt with the problems in the economy differently and to varying degrees of success.

In particular, President Reagan entered into the Office of President with the problem of stagflation carrying over from the Carter Administration. Reagen fixed that problem and is widely lauded by at least Republicans and Conservatives even to this day.

Assumedly stagflation was an economic problem seen as impossible under the paradigm the Federal Reserve operated under to solve and Reagan did.

Even though Reagan was able to lift the economy up, the U.S. economy and the World Economy faced another massive problem before his tenure was up. The problem was known as Black Monday.

Black Monday was a world-wide downturn in the different stock markets. Yesterday, Oct 19, 1987 marked the 30th Anniversary of that stock market “Happening.” The Dow Jones Industrial Average(DJIA) in particular, fell more than 20% on that one day.


Black Monday Dow

As I was only a child when this happened and having gone to University that is generally well regarded in these modern times, I have only heard about this event in passing. As expected, Wikipedia doesn’t seem to know why Black Monday occurred either.

It doesn’t seem like many popular sources ever know why an event such as Black Monday and other like economic downturns occur. People though, whether professional or amateur over time usually like to claim they know what happened. Some of those same folks like to claim they see the next one coming.

What I know is that there is a “business cycle,” and that with the historical frequency of the peaks and troughs in our “business cycle,” we are overdue for another market correction/plunge as, they generally occur every five to seven years.

Blistering heights on some of the market indexes fell fast during the Great Recession. Wall Street seems to like Trump’s economic plan and tax plan. It is said by many that faith in those plans are are why say, the DJIA is just about at an all time high.


Thinking Emoji


Will Trump get his plans enacted?

Will they live up to their hype?

And, will they ever be enough to continue to the end of his term(s)?




Twitter Has An Employee That’s Frankly, A Real Problem

It has been a big week for Twitter. They have announced new censorship programs to keep everyone safe.


Safe Internet


Twitter Safety is a real problem. There is a runaway epidemic of micro-bloggers in the Twitterverse blowing there brains out. Other times it’s hanging. Even more still, some micro-bloggers are found dead in traffic.

Luckily, The ADL, Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (The Jews) has seen fit to partner with Twitter. I’m not sure what The ADL has ever done besides complain but, I was told to paint their involvement in a good light.

Now, that the Head Twit of Twitter, Jack Dorsey is working to is working with his super partners, some of us here in the Twitterverse have a problem we need addressed.

There is one of the bad-awful-nasty man on Twitter that Twitter needs toNo Platform from their service. Shockingly, he is a Twitter employee:


Warning: If you are faint of heart, please do not read this Tweet…

If that wasn’t enough to terminate that belligerent, and it isn’t, you can totally see that @Jack is an impartial and non-political man, here.

This is bad news, like really bad. The first question I asked my team when they uncovered this Bestial Tweet was, what does this tank man do?

What my team told me was so disturbing that it got me out of my lavender-soy-crunchies bubble bath and onto my PC to write this article immediately.


Animal Thug


Everything about this guy screams “animal thug on a power trip.” If I’ve seen one of these guys, I’ve seen them all. He’s in security no less.

Did you see the police car and the bicycle icons below his picture? I don’t doubt that he wanted to put a young Black youth on that bike, nor do I doubt that this tank caveman fantasizes about running over said Black youth in his “Big Man” Police Car while he’s at his “Big Man” security job…

Bottom Line, this is disgusting. We need to either watch this “Mans’ Man” very closely by following him (online or irl). Try to talk to him in DM him too. Let’s see if we can get him to say something about Blacks on bicycles, be creative. We need to get as much dirt on this “Maniac” as possible.

A man like tank working at Twitter, in the position he’s in, could really fuck up my “Tuck Frumpf” hash-tagging…

I’m trying to bring it back 🙂


Identity Evropa Creates Jobs

“What? What makes a cuck, Mr. Lewbowski? Is it a man doing the right thing?”




Hysterics and a shriveled pair of testicles can make a cuck. Identity Evropa, the clean cut American Identitarian Group have shown doing the right thing does also make for cuckoldry.

Identity Evropa Flyers were posted at Westchester University, North of NYC in Valhalla, NY. I was unable to ascertain when the posters were posted but, according to WCBSNY, the posters were removed right after they were posted. It seems like the posters were put up yesterday, Tuesday, 10/18/2017.

Bravo to the IE men in the Valhalla area. The news is lit up with this story. I personally have heard it twice now between 7:30 AM and 1:30 PM on the 880AM in muh car and have only made two short trips.


ADL Background


Surprisingly or not, an Evan Bernstein with the ADL already came down from his Jew Tower on the Red Carpet to issue a statement. His statement that was the original cut for the radio said something about how IE was not the typical White Supreme-ists – looking like they came out of the movie “Deliverance.”

I’m not sure what that means, I’ve never seen the movie. I have seen the IE Flyers though and, they are dank:




IE has the posters. We have a lot of talented people in the movement as a whole.

IE’s presence and posters on the Valhalla, NY Campus has spurred hiring at the school. IE is a net job creator. They and we all are helping to make America great again.

The University is now hiring someone to work the diversity beat. No doubt the school is going to hire some asshole POC. That’s gross. There are plenty of people in the movement who could do the job way better. We are huWhite after all.

We must keep fighting.

1500 Year Old Jewish Illuminati Pyramid Art?

I am not sure when the “Illuminati” symbols of the eye and the pyramid became popular. I assume it was when “Pop Culture” became a thing. The pyramid and the eye, as seen below, were added to the dollar bill as part of “The Great Seal Of The United States” in 1935. What you see below is on the left side of the dollar.


All Seeing Eye Coin


Nobody in the Conspiracy Circles really talk about it other than to say it comes from Freemasonry and Freemasonry has mythical origins.

However, I did find an image that bears resemblance to the to today’s pyramid and eye on a copy of “Selected Writings From The Talmud,” the Babylonian Talmud.


Talmud Penguin


The Babylonian Talmud was the original Talmud. It was first developed while the Jews were in captivity in Babylon. As far as I know, this was the first time they codified the mixing of their religion and laws with another nation’s.

Amazon here, says that the picture is a piece of artwork in the pavement at a Synagogue called the Beth Alpha Synagogue. It has been there since the 6th Century.

What it means in the grand scheme of things, that will have to be further researched

3 New Early Audio Readings Of Joseph Goebbels Works

The first two readings come from the first year Goebbel’s Der Angriff was published, 1927. The first selection from Der Angriff was published in it’s fourth issue. The third selection was written in 1928 and pertains to the NSDAP’s quest for seat of Parliment in the Reichstag.

We Demand:


Hail Moscow!


Why Join The Reichstag?


More to come,



Rant: The Vaster Wasteland

It is my contention that while we have access to more information than ever, we’ve never had access to more junk than ever. If “TV was a vast wasteland,” the internet is even vaster and more of a waste. If you’re on the internet chances are, you’re in it.


Wasteland 2


I think most people would agree. I also believe that there are plenty of different forces running counter-intelligence on us while we search for the truth. I have to say I think “they” fuck with us across a broad spectrum too and probably even in teams. I cannot and will ever be able to say how much junk information I have sifted through on Youtube, let alone everywhere else. There are so many basic bitch NWO videos, I couldn’t even count them.

If we go back to 9/11, a conspiracy most everyone can probably agree is a conspiracy, think how many conflicting stories there are and how many videos deserve to be combined.

The big problem is that plants have been on the internet from the beginning. It is my assertion that the big three are Jones, Icke and Marrs. Not that there isn’t a new generation with new tricks and honest people that just fuck up. One of Obama’s advisors proposed that the Government create fake conspiracies. I think they have been for a while.

I would recommend that anyone who wants to get to the actual truth take advantage of social media like Twitter and Voat for starters. Secondly, I would recommend that everyone read news they think they can see through and read primary sourced and books that are older than our ubiquious propaganda society. Whereas 1984 and Brave New World are on the tip of everyone’s tongues, H.G. Wells has at least two NWO books, New World Order and The Open Conspiracy. He seems to have been a weird guy.


The Open Conspiracy


Please don’t become waste among the waste. Don’t get caught up in the trends or be fed by the shills. Don’t get caught up in stuff that you are not going to incoporate in your worldview and do something with. Flat Earth videos all give pretty much the same proofs.

Social Media Platforms are going to be the only place that has some semblance to an oasis.

The Jewish Messiah


Jews Concerned


Before he was crucified, Jesus proclaimed that Jerusalem would be destroyed and that not one stone of the Temple would be left upon one another. That prophesy came to pass. The Romans by 70 A.D. did what Jesus said was going to happen. As it was also foretold, the Jews were dispersed to all the world. I think that happened some years later.

Just as Jesus foretold the destruction of the Temple, Daniel prophesied of the Jews return to Judah and Jerusalem and the coming of Jesus. He even spoke cryptically of the ultimate destruction of Jerusalem.

Daniel lived in Babylon. He was just in God’s eyes though. Other Jews however did not keep themselves justified. In fact, they started combing through the laws that were handed down and expanding them, reinterpreting them, stretching them, adding and taking away from them.

The unjust Jews in Babylon created a new tradition. They created the Talmud and over time, at least 32 volumes of new law were created from the four relatively small books of the law, the Torah.

Jews during Jesus’s time and Jews from the time of the Babylonian Captivity until now follow the Talmud. Each Jew follows it to a varying degree but, don’t ever let them tell you they follow the Torah. When they say that they are just shortening the answer because you don’t need to know and they’re not trying to convert you anyway.

Jesus didn’t care for the keepers of the new tradition, He also said that those under their tutalige become twice the child of hell for their lessons. If you think about that number and transformation over time, you should watch your step.

The Jews had had it bad for a while. At this point though, they are doing so well that I believe if you ran the statistics, those statistics would point to something else, something extraordinary going on.

The Talmud with all it’s laws and wisdom has truly elevated the Jew. The power they have is too much to list.

They got the land they claim is theirs back. They have “Christian” Preachers proclaiming and fooling 10s of thousands of Americans into thinking the return of the Jew is some kind of miracle. In reality, some kind of deal was struck by Jews for the land in 1917, during WWI. It was called the Balfour Declaration. It set aside the Holy Land for the Jews eventhough it was currently held by one of the war’s belligerents, The Ottoman Empire.

What’s funny about the Balfour Declaration was that the Germans, The Ottoman’s and the others of that alliance were winning… by a lot.

Well, it must have been a miracle because soon after the Jews secured the Balfour Declaration from Britain, Woodrow Wilson was persuaded to send the U.S. to the war. Unfortunately, passenger ship sailed into hostile waters even after German interests did everything they could to warn any and all ships from the territory. While Americans were outraged that the ship was sunk by the Germans, outraged to the point of war, they may have been at least somewhat comforted by the fact that the munitions that the passenger ship was smuggling probably ensured a quick death for the passengers with questionable judgement.

In WWII too, the British again promised the Jews much. About three years after the war Israel was created. Many wars were fought and many wars were won. Israel and other Jews stabbed us and other allies in the back, even for nuclear secrets.

Most of the world now knows, the Jews do what they want. Whoever their god is is no god that I am interested in but it sure is interesting for to watch those Jews pull themselves up from their bootstraps with the help from their god.

The Jews only want a little more. Their god is definitely going to have to take from America and other European Countries to sate them. They’ll probably take everything. I think they’ll take stuff from most if not all of us personally too.